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Comment Re:Missing option: None (Score 1) 133

Yeah... Try that in a multilingual environment.... I dare you. I routinely work with five languages in a day, but my phone only knows one. Okay, it knows four of the five, but I have to select one.

It also assumes it does understand what you said. My experience is: it doesn't even when I do talk English to my phone. Obviously that is my fault. I'm not going to deny that.

Where I live, you see/hear no one use these systems.... For good reason.

On a decent keyboard, all of those are -by the way- faster than what you say. You conveniently omit the "Sir/Alexa/OK Google/Cortana" detection phrase, then your inquiry, then the processing, then the verification of what has been detected, then the acknowledgement of the fact that detection has worked correctly. Otherwhise you get such things as "When date LGBT closet tonight". Not really acceptable.

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 160

Yes Sir, that's another one of our great hits! Between you me and the fence post, we're also looking into commissioning a pilot for a new show called NCIS:Cyber, featuring the Naval Criminal Intelligence agencies that protect our brave Marines from hackers.

Also, I don't know if you like to laugh (who doesn't?) but we're looking for some top notch comedy writers for our humorous look at the "science" world, The Big Bang Theory. If you think you have what it takes, and are familiar with the kinds of shows nerds watch, like The Star Trek, and Firebug, send us your resume and some samples of your work, and maybe you can join our writing team!

- LM

Comment Re:Still a dream (Score 1) 128

It's almost certainly a hell of a lot easier to build a self-driving flying car than it is to build a self driving regular car. Regular cars have to follow roads, watch for people in unexpected places, adapt to road works, etc. Flying cars just need a rough direction to go in, and the ability to detect obstacles, with three dimensions to move around in to dodge them.

If that weren't the case, and we weren't able to create a self driving technology, I'd still question the logic that it's somehow more difficult to manually control something like this than it is a regular car. Why? What makes it harder?

Comment Turing (Score 1) 608

My first 'formal' computer programming training was in High School, using a language developed at the University of Toronto called Turing.

It was a cute little language, and I remember doing some fun stuff in it, including some basic 3d wireframe engine work. Which was pretty exciting stuff in high school computer programming in the early 90s on a 386.

Comment Re: Systemd! (Score 1) 323

systemd is resource control, which it does a hell of a lot better than any of the alternatives

I am not aware of an advantage there. In what way? It's not a challenge I just want to see what is so good that it's got you are advocating it so strongly.

Personally I've had some very bad experiences with people setting up machines that wouldn't boot and services that wouldn't run but as far as the logs indicated they were (so it's not just me to blame in a kneejerk reaction here). We keep on telling people that linux is reliable and having to go in an fix things that won't even start up is not a good look, I haven't seen so many problems like that since before 2000. Having to tell someone "unplug the mouse and plug it in after you see the login screen and it won't hang forever" sounds really unprofessional, so that machine was rolled back to an earlier OS.

User Journal

Journal Journal: A geeky, Catholic, pro-life plan to reduce GCC 1

They tell us global climate change is caused by atmospheric carbon. Based on plant ability to sequester atmospheric carbon, I suggest the following methodology for sequestering carbon away from the environment for long periods of time.
  1. Plant native, drought resistant, edible plants on every available surface with sun. They need to be native and drought resistant because they will only be watered with rain.
  2. Have lots of babies. At least 10 children per family, whenever possible

Comment Re:Wow. (Score 1) 160

Hi, sorry to butt in but I'm Leslie Moonves, the President of CBS. After reading this, I'm convinced you're the right person to become the new showrunner of our hit show "<\Scorpion". You obviously know the cyber, which makes you more than qualified. Please email me as soon as possible.

PS: You guys like being paid in "Bitcons", right?

Comment Re:El nino would cool Great Barrier (Score 1) 90

Indeed, and keep that system discovered over a century ago in mind when science deniers keep on telling you that climate science is "new".
However, the reef is in shallow water and blocks a lot of water flow so local air temperature drives the local water temperature more than currents, so other stuff matters more.

Comment Re:Finally (Score 1) 323

it is far superior to what was before otherwise it wouldn't have been adopted

You should be old enough to know about office politics. Office politics at RedHat is how this happened and not the superiority of the solution to the "problem" that all the init software was not under the control of a single person.

Comment Re:Now that is a ridiculous example (Score 1) 152

So you concede that your example is utterly ridiculous?
Then stop fucking using it to pretend that something is useless unless it meets that unrealistic benchmark or you will be taken to task for the doubt you are spreading by cranky old bastards like me.
If you can't push an agenda without deception then perhaps you should only push it on political sites where that sort of underhanded shit is expected.

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