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Comment Re:Hard to read (Score 4, Insightful) 148

You mean they should stop reporting on the President of the United States when he does something with serious consequences if whatever he did happens to be a bad thing?

That's... not the way the press is supposed to act in a free society, FWIW. The Press is supposed to cover what the government does and what the impact of that is. You might not like that, but the rest of us prefer it that way.

Comment Re:Kowtowing (Score 1) 148

People have been claiming newspapers are obsolete in some shape or form for 50 years, ever since television became everyone's primary method for keeping up with the news. In practice, newspapers, while hit, never went away, while TV news has become supplanted by the Internet.

And who is dominating news on the Internet? Oh, yeah, the newspapers. Most of us have at least one newspaper's website that's on our rotation of sites to check every day, despite the attempts to get us to use news apps or search engine news aggregators - both of which suffer in that they mix the latest from, say, the Daily Mail, with that of The Guardian or Washington Post.

As for this:

Few people spend the time to read the entire article when they are looking for headlines and sound bites

Few do, But few have ever done. You think, if you teleported back to a New York Subway car in the 1940s, every strap hanger was reading the New York Times on the way to work? Go to a London Underground Tube Train in the 1950s, and every passenger was reading The Times, Guardian, or Telegraph?

There's always been a range of newspapers providing news in different formats for different readers, and the most popular have always been the ones screaming headlines that today we'd call "clickbait", and whose articles are scarcely a few sentences long.

The New York Times is an exception, because it caters for the market of people who want more. It's always been a small minority that reads it. The difference between the days of paper and today are that all of a sudden the NYT can have an engaged audience that spreads far beyond the range a printed, time critical, newspaper can be delivered within, and that without page limits, its no longer limited to coverage of the region it serves.

Which is why the New York Times is doing very well right now, when 20 years ago it wasn't.

Comment Re:"Taxes applied to worldwide earnings" (Score 2) 129

Your mistake is in assuming Apple isn't abiding by all the local laws.

Since that's what the EU has ruled it's not really a mistake unless an appeal rules otherwise. Other businesses in Cork were paying the taxes just not Apple.

EU thought they could change the laws

Not what happened. It was a simple as Apple bullying a local council into letting them avoid taxes or they would move and take all those jobs with them. I've got no idea why you are pretending otherwise, I thought Apple fanboys hated the Pepsi guy who replaced Steve Jobs. The tax evasion was implemented back then.

Comment Re: Who cares? (Score 1) 270

So all the water on the moon that could be used as fuel for Mars missions has no value?

None at all until you build an industrial city to make use of it.
Despite the cheesiness the initial premise of Space 1999 got that right. A huge base several years old with hundreds of people preparing to launch a manned ship to the outer reaches of the solar system.

Comment Re:Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 270

The general list is things that would have been invented anyway

Good point. The Russians also have a space program and could have invented all those things and sold them too you instead.

We've managed to invent things like transparent aluminum

WTF? Aluminium oxide is in nature as a gemstone you tool. Why are you going all Star Trek on us?

Comment Re: Great idea... But there is a problem... (Score 1) 270

Implicit in saying that is the premise that the moon has an industrial base

I think that's the long term dream (not plan yet) of the people who are seriously making these suggestions after a bit of thought. Others mistake it for something that can be done in the short term of a few years.

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