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Comment Re:Busses, Street Sweepers and Garbage Trucks (Score 1) 58

I think sweeper cars would be perfect, nobody would care if they drive at 10 mph with the yellow warning lights say 01-04 AM, if they get stuck or have a breakdown you have time to send a mop-up crew to collect them before the morning rush.

Especially since a human already has to go in front of the street sweeper already to write tickets.

Comment Re:Support High Speed Rail (Score 1) 376

This sounds like typical city dweller talk, where no one outside of SF borders matters and no one outside of LA matters, and all rural people are just those too stupid to become baristas in the big city while trying to get an acting job.

No, it's typical country-boy talk, where everyone I know has a car (or two or three).

Comment Re:One can hope (Score 1) 115

complete operating systems from multiple vendors such as HPUX, Solaris, IRIX, etc

Using HPUX and IRIX as an example of the unix way only shows you don't understand what the unix way is. Suggested reading here.
Hint: it's significantly more sophisticated than "each tool does one small thing." For people who think that's the Unix way, they need to read the afore linked to page.

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