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Comment Re:Nonsense question (Score 1) 404

Speculatively we can say hyperbolically that hypothetically the tree did in tautology fall but when we talk a step back and deconstruct the epistemology and if we address it from a concrete standpoint as opposed to hyperbolic (which proper deconstructionists of course always do) we can't say that the tree didn't not not fall.

Comment Re:The management unit in all intel processors (Score 1) 108

The story talks about UEFI/EFI attacks, which allows access below the OS. I see your point though.
Is there an API that allows you to talk to the ARC (or to reflash it)? How do people program it (surely not jtag; or rather, there must be some way in addition to jtag)?

Comment Re:One more time? (Score 1) 122

somebody will figure out how to pirate the film from their living room with much better quality and have a full resolution torrent up within 3 hours of the film's release.

Even if that happens, pirating weirdly hasn't seemed to cut into the movie studio's profits. So, they probably don't care about that (exception being of course when they're asking for tougher copyright laws).

Comment Re:So, it's not only the Russians that hack, huh! (Score 1) 108

Prior to this, I'd have thought America and especially its government agencies do not hack.

The US has a long history of hacking spying. One of the recent complaints against the NSA is they keep exploits for their own use, instead of finding them and fixing them (thus they potentially leave everyone exposed).

The Stuxnet attack was a difficult one to pull off because they had to go over an air-gap, and attack very expensive equipment (most of us don't have access to that equipment, and can't afford it).

Snowden reported quite a bit of hacking. It's also known that the NSA was monitoring Angela Merkel's phone, presumably through hacking it.

In a very cool hack, the US sent submarines to spy on Soviet underwater cables.

I've read reports that the US had a corporate espionage program in the 80s and 90s, but I can't find any reference to it right now somehow.

Comment Re:Losing Battle (Score 1) 257

A lot of your post is good, including the advice to profile before optimizing, and looking for bottlenecks. However, people who think that compilers produce excellently optimized assembly are invariably people who've never looked at the assembly output of a compiler.

It is in fact quite easy to produce better assembly than a compiler, although certainly time-consuming.

Comment Re:Nonsense question (Score 1) 404

You could argue, for example, that the reason quantum mechanics is indeterminate is that the simulation doesn't actually calculate the location at particles at the smallest level until that level of accuracy is needed. It's a neat idea, but indistinguishable from "That's just the way physics works."

Soooooo......then if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, does it still make a sound?

Comment Re:In Other Words (Score 1) 404

It's like every New Age fruitcake using the word "quantum" in sentences to make the word salads and bullshit they spew somehow sound "sciency".

Quantum mechanics has discovered action at a distance and that's why I can see your aura will benefit from homeopathy. Don't try to argue, it just turns your aura green.

Comment Re:Production server (Score 1) 231

Yeah, even when I am the only person working on the project, I still don't give myself access to production. All it takes is a deploy script and a jenkins server, and you never have to touch that thing. Maybe to get logs or something. If you deploy more than once or twice in the lifetime of the project, setting it up will save time and make things easier.

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