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Comment Been using Linux since 1.something, and Really? (Score 1) 265

Why use Linux? Because of security! Because of control! Because of privacy, community, and a general sense of purpose! Because it’s fast! Because it’s virus free! Because i’m dang-well used to it now! Because, heck, I can shape it to look like pretty much anything I want it to using themes and widgets and CSS and extensions and blingy little desktop trinkets!

Security - unless you screw up one of a million subtle things. Control? Not only does it allow you control, it _requires_ that you understand how to control every damned thing (90% of the time it just works, then the other time everything is broken). Fast? Unless you configure something wrong. Virus free? Granted. Can make it look any way you want to? Well, yes and no - you can make it look many different ways, but you end up swearing at whoever forbade the particular combination you actually wanted, and every few years and upgrade screws everything up because new-GNOME has no relationship to old-GNOME.

because it’s better

Well ... I was dedicated to having a Linux desktop for over a decade, then one day I realized that those hours and days of things being broken every time I pulled the upgrade trigger were avoidable. Now I have various Linux devices around as infrastructure, but my desktop machines are pretty vanilla OSX. Which maybe was more expensive in dollars, but my desktop hasn't been comprehensively busted for years, now. Minor bustage, of course, but not xkcd "being circled by sharks" levels of bustage.

Unfortunately, now that my desktop is set, I get cranky about my infrastructure services breaking every six months when I do an upgrade. Unfortunately, there isn't an alternative that I think will beat Linux for what I want to do. But at that point we're well into nerdville, so if you want to get into a heated discussion about Linux versus FreeBSD, great, but that isn't going to drive installs for normal users.

Comment Re:Gratuity should be illegal (Score 2) 97

It's also hard for tourists who come from a non-tipping culture. When I go to the US tips are clearly expected, but I have no basis for judging what the should be, or which industries deserve / expect them.

Why do you think it's easier for people who live here?

I just mostly only bother to figure it out if it's a service I use frequently, like restaurants or haircuts. If some bellhop or shuttle driver really really really wants to get $5 or something for lifting the luggage I just shuttled across the country all by myself, well, sorry.

Comment What would you do if malware tried to break out? (Score 5, Interesting) 1042

What's your first response to seeing evidence of malware on your system? Reimage the shit out of that thing.

This is even ignoring the likelihood that the simulation even simulates anything related to the world the hardware is in. I mean, at the end of Tron Legacy the gal gets to come to our world through ... the power of boners? I mean, I can see how the simulation can simulate a real-world person (I mean, his meat body would have died meanwhile), but the real world isn't setup to actualize a simulation, you can't just wish things to happen.

Or maybe we break out into a cold dark universe where all matter has been converted into computational elements in service of the simulation. Hell, maybe it's running in sound-wave interference in a black hole. That'll be quite fun! Or, again, maybe the enclosing universe has no relationship to our universe, so not only do we have to understand our universe so thoroughly we can break out of it, we have to understand the enclosing universe thoroughly enough to break into it.

And then, of course, when you come down to it, if you prove that we live in a simulation by breaking out of the simulation, now what you know is that it is possible to simulate a universe detailed enough to be thoroughly believable. So how the hell do you know you broke out of the simulation, as opposed to just running a new scenario in the simulation? If you actually did break out, how do you know that the new level isn't a simulation?

Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 137

Shouldn't we be spending that money to save humanity by stopping global warming?

5 billion?

That's a drop in the ocean compared to (eg.) the military. One F35. A few days in Afghanistan. Why don't we start there instead of cutting the sciency things??

Making people interested science isn't a waste and NASA are the ones who might actually save the planet.

Or, worst case, when the aliens get here and see Venus and New Venus, maybe they'll see our abandoned outpost on Mars and ponder what went wrong.

Comment Apple approach McLaren about buying FT? (Score 1) 136

Current title is:

Apple Approaches McLaren About A Potential Acquisition: FT

It's hard to read this as not being about Apple approaching McLaren about buying FT. Then:

Apple has approached British Formula One team owner McLaren for a strategic investment or a potential buyout

So Apple is investing in ... McLaren? Formula One? The British Formula One team? British modifies McLaren, maybe?


Comment First article has what to do with the second? (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Maybe the editors should also just group together other articles? Like you have one article about Stallman wanting to allow anonymous payment, and another about Apple approving certain crypto-currencies - just lump those together, they're about the same thing.

Comment Sony is the one I want protection from, though. (Score 1) 42

I'm not really sure what the point of this would be. I'm currently unable to purchase new games using my credit card on my PSN account, because of some undefined error I'm not allowed to know. Adding a new credit card fails. PayPal fails. Tech support tells me I've entered my information incorrectly (without telling me what information is incorrect). Basically after years of working fine and no changes from my end, Sony has decided my money is no good. So if some Russian hacker wants to walk to Walgreens to buy a PSN cash card to upload to my account to purchase me some games, well, they should just go for it.

[And Sony leaks all my information in bulk, no need to crack my login for that.]

Comment Re:When did the mother gopher die? (Score 1) 225

I didn't actually use Gopher that much, though I knew about it. My main memory of Gopher was around 1995 when I was a research student again. I was interested in such search tools, and I remember searching on usenet for relevant groups. I was actually expecting a different one to be more important, though now I can't even remember what that system was called.

Possibly WAIS and Z39.50.


Comment Your computer changes after you turn it off! (Score 4, Funny) 62

Sometimes, after you turn your computer off, activity does not immediately cease! There are various thermal adjustments which continue to happen for hours after power down! Sometimes random electrical signals can be sent for no apparent reason!

Seriously, the human body is a complicated chemical plant without centralized control. Some stuff keeps happening. Other stuff doesn't. Big deal.

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