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Comment Re:Waste of money (Score 1) 134

Shouldn't we be spending that money to save humanity by stopping global warming?

5 billion?

That's a drop in the ocean compared to (eg.) the military. One F35. A few days in Afghanistan. Why don't we start there instead of cutting the sciency things??

Making people interested science isn't a waste and NASA are the ones who might actually save the planet.

Or, worst case, when the aliens get here and see Venus and New Venus, maybe they'll see our abandoned outpost on Mars and ponder what went wrong.

Comment Apple approach McLaren about buying FT? (Score 1) 136

Current title is:

Apple Approaches McLaren About A Potential Acquisition: FT

It's hard to read this as not being about Apple approaching McLaren about buying FT. Then:

Apple has approached British Formula One team owner McLaren for a strategic investment or a potential buyout

So Apple is investing in ... McLaren? Formula One? The British Formula One team? British modifies McLaren, maybe?


Comment First article has what to do with the second? (Score 4, Insightful) 84

Maybe the editors should also just group together other articles? Like you have one article about Stallman wanting to allow anonymous payment, and another about Apple approving certain crypto-currencies - just lump those together, they're about the same thing.

Comment Sony is the one I want protection from, though. (Score 1) 42

I'm not really sure what the point of this would be. I'm currently unable to purchase new games using my credit card on my PSN account, because of some undefined error I'm not allowed to know. Adding a new credit card fails. PayPal fails. Tech support tells me I've entered my information incorrectly (without telling me what information is incorrect). Basically after years of working fine and no changes from my end, Sony has decided my money is no good. So if some Russian hacker wants to walk to Walgreens to buy a PSN cash card to upload to my account to purchase me some games, well, they should just go for it.

[And Sony leaks all my information in bulk, no need to crack my login for that.]

Comment Re:When did the mother gopher die? (Score 1) 225

I didn't actually use Gopher that much, though I knew about it. My main memory of Gopher was around 1995 when I was a research student again. I was interested in such search tools, and I remember searching on usenet for relevant groups. I was actually expecting a different one to be more important, though now I can't even remember what that system was called.

Possibly WAIS and Z39.50.

Comment Your computer changes after you turn it off! (Score 4, Funny) 62

Sometimes, after you turn your computer off, activity does not immediately cease! There are various thermal adjustments which continue to happen for hours after power down! Sometimes random electrical signals can be sent for no apparent reason!

Seriously, the human body is a complicated chemical plant without centralized control. Some stuff keeps happening. Other stuff doesn't. Big deal.

Comment Re:Flaw in the argument ... (Score 1) 951

When you think about it, there's a lot that's pretty fishy about our reality

  • The whole speed-of-light being a constant thing. That's just weird. Special relativity. Really ?
  • Wave/Particle duality. Yeah...
  • Quantum entanglement. Uh-huh ?
  • ...

Speed of light being non-constant is less weird? How about pi, is that being a constant weird?

With wave/particle duality and quantum entanglement, we understand them well enough to engineer useful consumer products based on them. What we don't understand is _why_ they are that way. But why is that evidence of anything? Complicated systems are complicated. Given current technology we can generate machine-learning systems which can successfully play at a high level in Go, but that doesn't mean we understand _how_ they manage this. That doesn't mean that they can't do it, and it doesn't mean that there's automatically magic involved. It just means that we have limits to our understanding.

Comment Re:I guess he's never worked on hardware or softwa (Score 1) 951

General relativity is a workaround/bugfix that preserves the old behaviour.

Is your argument that before Einstein formulated general relativity, the universe worked differently?

A bugfix would be where a creator changed something, not where the contents of the simulation changed their understanding of things.

Comment Re:I guess he's never worked on hardware or softwa (Score 1) 951

Singularities could be a bug.

Singularities are a feature, because it is generally agreed that they work pretty much the same wherever they exist throughout the universe. A bug would be if you could prove that one super-massive black hole was a singularity, but another was _not_ a singularity.

Comment Re:I guess he's never worked on hardware or softwa (Score 1) 951

How many bugs have we seen in reality?

Given the percentage of a population that are about to vote for someone who's running on a platform of building a wall around the country, I'd say the bugs are in the 100s of millions :)

They all arrived at their decisions using the same underlying systems of operation. Just because one chaotic system has different emergent properties than another doesn't make it a bug.

Comment Re:I guess he's never worked on hardware or softwa (Score 1) 951

Yeah, but what if bugs are the result of living in simulation? What if "base reality" is so much more such that it is possible for mathematics to be both complete and correct and has solutions for the halting problem? That would actually make it possible to eradicate all bugs in a system.

That's way out there. Once you have that, just ask the question you want answered, why bother with a simulation at all?

Also, the incompatibility between Einsteinian, classical and quantum physics is a pretty big "discrepancy" in the universe, and there may be more exotic physics to be found to explain Dark Matter and Energy.

This applies equally to all reality, though, so it's not a bug, it's a feature. Just because your user cannot understand a feature doesn't mean you didn't intend it to work that way. A bug is a thing that the creators of the software don't understand and didn't intend, and invariably you have a ton of bugs which don't happen uniformly, and thus are really challenging to fix. Reality doesn't have those.

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