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Comment Re:Good (Score 2, Informative) 155

Remember everyone, the DNC can be hacked and the Clinton campaign can be hacked, but there's NO WAY IN THE WORLD that Hillary's homebrew email server was hacked. Nope. Not possible. Pure as the driven snow.

You mean that sarcastically, but it's basically true. Hacking a server is one thing. Hacking a server without leaving any tracks whatsoever is insanely difficult. Hillary Clinton's server was examined by top FBI forensic analysts, and no breach was detected. This is unlike the system she supposedly "should" have been using, OpenNet (the email system), which has been hacked so many times, they judge them by how bad they are Sources: State Dept. hack the 'worst ever'. Every other hack has been detected and analyzed - it strains credulity that of all these emails servers, only would have been hacked so perfectly that there was no trace left, even in the many backups.

This doesn't mean that the Russians don't have her emails, since anything sent to a email address was copied by them. But that's not Secretary Clinton's fault, and the sheer incompetence of State's IT department (their "solution" to her emails going to people's spam bucket wasn't to whitelist, but to turn off all spam filtering), lends credence to the idea that she was just trying to work around some very incompetent people in the bureaucracy to get her job done.

What is absolutely proven at this point, is that if she'd done things the "right way", then all her emails would be now in the possession of foreign intelligence agencies. Having didn't hurt, and may in certain ways, helped.

Comment Re:Game developer friend just left Amazon (Score 0) 42

No, I have not read the article. However, keep in mind, employees to Amazon are like potentially expanding or reducing your networking on a "cloud" system, they need them now, they lay them off later. Boeing has been doing this with worker bees for 20 years. Here today, gone tomorrow . A job at Amazon is no better than a job in a lonesome boiler-room call center. Oh, it's a job, it's job for sure, and people need jobs. But since we became a "consumer society" (that's a society that does nothing but consume), we better get used to "being the product", and being Jeff Bezo's nigger. And dropping fry baskets.

Comment Re:Absurd Pile (Score 1) 1004

OK, there are a lot of strange arguments you've made, but I have to get running soon. So here goes:

This is why I rank Woodrow Wilson as the worst US President of All Time: He really put into practice this idea that "Europe's problems are America's problems", and it's saturated the minds of Americans ever since.

Unfortunately it didn't. We stood by for two years while Hitler took over almost all of Europe, and it took Pearl Harbor to crack through our isolationism.

Your assertion that an Atlantic Wall is enough to protect us also makes me suspect that you're forgetting what happened in WWII.

The Russians are deeply pragmatic. What would they have to gain by annexing the Baltic states?

Russia just invaded Ukraine in 2014. What did they have to gain in that case? I hate to send you to a George Will article but it popped up in my first Google search and I have to go now.

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