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Comment Re: It's research... (Score 1) 116

Tee hee! Back in the day, one of the points I made to the old farts was that I had passed the 20 WPM exam and had my K6BP call to show for it, but refused to use the code on the air until the requirement was gone. Nobody spat at me or punched me out, the worst that ever happened was a poor behaving slim using my call and a postcard from the ARRL observer who thouht it was me.

Comment Re:It's research... (Score 2) 116

WSPR tells you when communication paths are open between two points at a specific frequency and S/N ratio. This is useful but does not span the extent of research that HAARP is directed to. One of the most interesting things about HAARP is that it can incite the formation of radio-reflective regions in the ionosphere. That takes a lot of power.

Comment Re:There's a better fix for this... (Score 1) 209

Yeah, but I had to use it when it was brand new and crappy. Fortunately, I didn't get one of those dubious "ready for Vista" computers, but it still had serious problems.

However, the point is that perceived popularity of a Microsoft operating system has very little bearing on how good it is. There's a whole lot of them out there because systems are preloaded with W10, and most people don't change their OSes. Most people want to run some software that is Windows-only or Windows-or-Mac, and most of them don't want the Mac. (There are people with simpler needs, but they've largely moved to tablets.) If Microsoft produces a crappy OS, hundreds of millions of people are going to use it. Given the extreme measures Microsoft took to deceive W7 and W8 users to go to W10, massive "acceptance" was inevitable.

Comment Re:Not responsible - it's a crime. (Score 1) 492

How is she in violation of the FOIA? What official information was she asked for that she failed to provide without a valid reason not to? I read the Wikipedia article, and saw no signs that (a) it applied to personal email not on a government server, or (b) that it assumed guilty until proven innocent.

I don't see how she can be guilty of FOIA violation for information not under the control of the Federal Government. She could be guilty of other things (we can probably agree on bad judgment, although that isn't illegal), but until someone can come up with actual evidence of something worth prosecuting she's not going to be prosecuted.

Comment Re:Only SOME Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 359

I wonder if it's that as readers got faster, they have less time to deal with errors from disks that were crap to start with, so errors that have been there all along are now causing visible issues.

I remember a study that found there were problems caused by writing CDs at slower speeds on hardware designed to write faster -- causing more write errors. I've always written disks at the fastest available speed, which might be why I never ran into that issue. (Tho I still have an old 4x unit should I ever run into it.)

Comment Re:Yes, Because Optical Media Is Durable (Score 1) 359

Commercial disks are pretty durable, as you say (unless exposed to weather, then they fall apart fairly quick). The only commercial disk I've seen fail were bad out of the box. But burnables, not so much. Mine have done well (my oldest ones are still readable) but I lived in the desert. Dampness and CDRs do not play well together, as they're not completely sealed around the edges, so I'm not surprised by tales of woe.

I still use CDRs and DVDRs for sneakernet to the DOS machine that doesn't speak network or USB, and occasionally for a specific type of backup (movie or album) but no longer routinely use them for system backup. I can get a whole stack of DVDs on a single 128GB flash drive (not to mention backup is much faster and needs far less babysitting), and per the torture tests I've read about, flash drives beat everything else for durability (retaining data through all manner of abuse; one even partially survived being shot).

And until recently I was still using them for live CDs for testing OS distros, but along came that bootable-flash-drive app and now I have 40+ distros on a single flash stick, plus a place to save files convenient to whatever I'm testing.

I never did acquire a Blu-Ray, tho I suppose now that prices have gotten sane I'll pick one up just so I have it if I need one. Which might be never at the present rate (I don't buy BR movies, so what is it good for? burned BR are reputed very unreliable, failing in as little as six months.)

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