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Comment Re:tired of this "control the internet for the kid (Score 1) 176

Thank you for a reply without being demeaning.

Point 1. To kill an animal for food is different than to kill for fun. Cats are considered household pets in this country and not a food source. This constitutes a crime via animal cruelty. The site didn't even bother to have a graphic warning because it isn't required.

Point 2. I don't want to change the behavior of the rest of the world. I would just like it if things were more clear as to what content was where so parents who do not understand technology don't have to fear turning on their computer just like they don't have to fear turning on their TV.

There might be some graphic material on TV but it's limited by time and there is a guidance system in place. That would be great for the internet. If a site is PG-13, you can set a basic filter up to block it.

I use OpenDNS at the router level and block IP addresses independently. Not all parents understand how to do this.

Comment Re:tired of this "control the internet for the kid (Score 1) 176

True. In fact anyone who is around children, like teachers and librarians, qualifies. They do not have to have children to have valid points to express.

Keep in mind, we are talking about an NOI. NOTICE OF INQUIRY. This is about gathering info. In this case, the info is about the affects on kids.

I don't want to regulate anyone's behavior, I would like web content to be much more clear and easy to separate than it is today.

Comment Re:responsibility is yours (Score 1) 176

Yet another response that didn't bother to read the subject. "opinions on how the evolving electronic media landscape AFFECTS KIDS"

This isn't about infringing on other people's rights it's about how electronic media affects kids. This NOI is "dealing with it" by gathering information. That's what its for.

Here is a excerpt from the actual NOI to help clarify things so you don't get your panties in a bunch.

"Through this NOI, we seek information on the extent to which children are using electronic media today, the benefits and risks these technologies bring for children, and the ways in which parents, teachers, and children can help reap the benefits while minimizing the risks.

Comment Re:tired of this "control the internet for the kid (Score 1) 176

Did you bother to read the subject?

"A recent Notice of Inquiry from the FCC is looking for opinions on how the "evolving electronic media landscape" AFFECTS KIDS"

You may have a valid opinion but do you really think it is MORE valid than someone who actually has kids? Kids are the subject of the inquiry and the inquiry is what this debate is about.

If you purpose to know more than a parent on this subject you yourself must still be a kid.

Comment Re:tired of this "control the internet for the kid (Score 1) 176

Yep. I know there are a lot of people who won't see it the same as I do especially on this site. That's why it makes a good place to discuss it. Granted most responses don't go all Paris Hilton and try to dismiss me. lol

Not all parents understand what a white list is or how to set one up. You and I as geeks do. I use OpenDNS at the router level and block specific IP addresses that make it through as I find them.

Some parents just don't know that much about the hardware or software. That is why I'd like to see a more simplified method than currently exists.

Comment Re:Mod parent +1 Absolutely Wrong (Score 1) 176

I believe you are helping make my point. Thank you.

That's why I said there should be a simpler method available to parents. There is plenty I do to manage the internet already. OpenDNS for one and actively working towards change as another.

You feel it is not my job to police the internet. Who would do it if I don't, "other folks"? As a parent, I do everything I can to make this world a better place for my kids. I helped bring down the Berlin Wall in Germany back in 1989 and helped liberate Kuwait in 1991. I'm not the kind of person who sits around waiting for "other folks" to change things. To you, I am those other folks.

Please understand. I do not want to take away anyone's freedoms. I would just like to see more discretion than currently exists and if that requires a new rating system for web sites or a new extension like a .xxx, so be it. I look forward to that.

Comment Re:How can this be legal? (Score 1) 176

This particular subject is The Electronic Media Landscape. I understand what you mean but please consider how much 'media' is in a modern video game. If you want, just relate it to the movie and television industry, consider the cut scenes contained in games. These cut scenes are short films and would qualify as a form of electronic media even without considering the rest of the game content. That is my guess.

The FCC are playing catch up. This concern didn't exist when the Media Bureau was created and they still do not cover internet broadcasts. If it's their job to regulate what is being broadcast (over television and Cable at the moment) how are they not responsible for things that can be watched that are broadcast over the internet?
Currently, the rating system for video games is handled by the ESRB and not the FCC. It does help to have some remarks on the box to quickly identify the recommended age and content type of the game for those who are not into the subject. But this is by no means a regulation.

Comment Re:tired of this "control the internet for the kid (Score 1) 176

I agree. The sheer level of vulgarity in content is so different. Porn isn't the only thing either.

I had a friend who's daughter searched for 'kitten' and found some sick site where they mutilate cats. Several parents in different associations bombarded the host of the site and we got it shut down.

There is some really disgusting stuff out there and it's all just 3 clicks away. I've said it before, I wish there were some plan in place to allow parents more control so people who just don't care are not bothered with this subject.

Speaking of which, for all those who are so vocal against this but do not have children... this subject does not pertain to you. Please close this tab and go back to watching porn.

Comment Re:tired of this "control the internet for the kid (Score 1) 176

Back when you were 8 it was much different and there was much less available. Today's internet is quite different.

I wish there was something better in place to allow parents easier control so the gov. doesn't need to get involved and people who just don't give a crap don't have to be bothered. Personally, I use OpenDNS but not all parents might know how to and it can't block everything.

From a parent's perspective, try to imagine having a 7 year old daughter who is having nightmares because she looked up 'kitten' while you were making dinner and she came across kitten mutilation and just watched someone butcher a live cat for fun. Some limits need to be put in place because there are really sick people out there. 'Click here to proceed' and 'you must be 18' just won't cut it.

Thanks to the internet, I don't have to drive my kids to the red light district so they can play in the park across from prostitutes and sex shops while watching drug dealers sell drugs and having other kids show them how to sniff chemicals to get high or become bulimic because it's beautiful.. The internet brings that all to my living room. Oh and I can check email too.

Comment Re:No more!! (Score 1) 184

You are partially correct. It is not being used as originally intended but it is not meaningless. Most people today use cloud when referring to the computers and resources available over the internet rather than the interconnections of the internet.

Back before the internet, server admins sending data over fiber channel would visually represent the connections as "the network". That's easy to visualize as a fishing net. Then as more lines, servers and jumps were added the term evolved to try to stay with a realistic visual representation. Web was next which was also easy to imagine. Net Fabric was actually used for a while too as the number of lines went up.

Eventually there were so many interconnections and links between computers and networks of computers that if you drew it, you would end up with a fine gray blob in between all the destinations. A net cloud. That's where the term actually came from.

Comment Re:And why is this important? (Score 1) 142

Unfortunately they are working on gaps and consuming higher elements to do so but you are right. Even though I think it's a waste to invest so much time and money to create something that serves no purpose and vanishes in such little time, maybe by accident someone will discover something useful while playing this billion dollar game of marbles.

If I drew a chart back in school where I omitted things and then had to go back and slip 2 rows of items where there were only 2 spaces, I would have failed. The fact that the periodic table is drawn this way means it is still wrong. There is something else at play that we don't yet understand.

I like Dr. Peter Plichta's findings. He looks at it from a different perspective. Look up his books on Amazon. They are an interesting read on this subject.

Comment Re:I've read physics papers by business majors... (Score 1) 78

I agree with your points but I don't think that's what the article is about. The article is questioning character 'creation' making players feel God like. It also asks if the unique characters take away from a good story because you can't write a "one size fits all." I think these ideas are simply wrong. I don't think I'm giving birth or creating a new life form. I'm playing myself in the game much as an actor is playing a role in a movie.

As far as storyline goes, look at Guild Wars and Aion. They render their cut scenes with your character so you are a part of the developing story rather than just watching a character from the story. And both World of Warcraft and Aion have moments where you play in an instance (solo or just your party) where you participate with a few NPCs as key elements of the story unfolds. Your character speaks to the prince, your character is cheered for saving the town and it's your character that fights side by side with Thral. The story is just as deep and you get to play a part in it through your character.

Rather than think storyline is dead because of unique character creation, the author should consider how these interactive stories improve on standard story telling. I've played enough "you are Dr. Freedman" games. I like what is being done.

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