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Comment Re:Let's take a look at the points, then: (Score 1) 115

I use Chrome. I don't have any plans to switch.

So just because you use Chrome, everyone does? I don't, for my use cases Chrome sucks donkey balls, so I use Firefox (and Edge in edge cases).

I don't use Microsoft Paint ( or photoshop works fine), and I don't create 3D models.

Good for you. Some people surely do. You are most certainly not a shining paragon of computer usage.

There have been apps to do this for as long as I can remember.

So? Is any given software allowed to exist only once in that little universe of yours? Is the purpose of an application used a primary key in the data base in your head?

I don't tend to lock my computer at home, and the large delay (30 seconds after the bluetooth signal drops) before it locks after you walk around the computer makes it useless for any environment that actually requirse real security.

You forget all the environments where real security is not a must, but locking the computer when away for lunch/making tea/going for a piss still makes sense and avoids pranks by coworkers.

Windows has had native support for surround sound (without any custom software) since, what, Vista?

Depends. Maybe this update brings a real time Dolby Surround encoder or something like that.

Nobody uses Bing Maps. People use Google Maps, or Transit, or even Apple Maps. But not Bing Maps.

Speak for yourself, kiddo. I use Bing Maps because it is 10 times faster than Google Maps.

I'm sure that all three people who mortgaged their houses to buy the HoloLens will be thrilled. For most people, headset (I presume you meant headset) based mixed reality is far enough away that Windows 10 won't be relevant by the time it's a thing.

Windows XP is still widely used, even though it was released over 15 years ago. Windows 7 is the most used version of Windows and is over 7 years old. Mixed reality can become a thing in a few years, and this way Microsoft avoids the chicken and egg problem.

Dude, grow up, seriously.

Comment Re:Flight Simulators and Computerized Calculation (Score 1) 317

Airports have exactly defined approach charts for every runway that might be so detailed that the pilot has to time every segment and every turn of the approach to the second. That would be really difficult with a circular runway and would add serious workload to what is already the most difficult part of the flight.

A circular runway might work for either GPS assisted fully automatic landing, or general aviation.

Comment Re:Real Question: Consensual or Non-Consensual? (Score 1) 618

Obviously. On the other hand, if the customer is nice to the girl, the girl might actually enjoy the encounter as well. Other girls actually do enjoy the sex and can get angry if the client is not performing (too tired from a long flight for example), even though they have been paid anyway, or they might enjoy the conversation afterwards (and this is by the way the reason why even if one doesn't need to speak the same language to have sex, it really is helpful).
This is not hearsay, but actual personal experience. People can be surprisingly strange and diverse.

Comment Re:They are concerned about lost tax revenue? (Score 1) 364

And yet these socialist societies were much more successful than many Christian nations. Matter of fact, Soviet Russia was far more prosperous than the Tsarist Russia, proving you wrong. in 1917 Russia was a century behind the most developed countries of the world and the majority of its population was illiterate - just like the Orthodox Christian patriarchs liked it. The godless communists went through that missing century in 30 years and the literacy climbed to over 99%. Nowadays Russia becomes more and more Christian again and fails more and more economically. Cuba is in every way better than Haiti. Here is more food for thoughts: the poorest country in the world is Christian. Out of 10 poorest countries in the world, 6 are predominantly Christian and two more are 50% Christian. A lot of that poverty is directly caused by religion, because, like I already mentioned, illiterate population makes devout Christians - they listen to everything the church says, no matter how much the church distorts the reality. Seriously, disavowing the church was one of the few things communists did right. Religion is a serious hindrance for progress.

Comment Sure, if they had the willpower... (Score 5, Interesting) 541

If I had a team of several million people, I could build a sustainable city on Mars.

As long as I could be totally devoted tot he task, and the willpower to follow through the billions of setbacks you'd hit on the way, especially including my own ignorance.

Trump fixing H1b? It's possible, but similarly absurd to expect.

The Trump coalition isn't the team to fix H1b. They're a wrecking crew, not a construction team. They can foist individuals to make plans, but they're philosophically aligned against, say, the kind of planning that would make a national constitution or something along those lines.

Even if theoretically Trump actually meant the half-dozen things he said on H1b, and DIDN'T mean the several things he said that contradicted that, he'd still need to coordinate with a team that implements it, and a political base to enable a political climate that will make disobeying the rule a bad idea.

Trump could GET folks on board to get all that done... but at this point, he'd really need to construct everything needed from whole cloth. I somehow doubt that enforcing and enlarging H1b rules on the nation's CEOs is going to be a high priority compared to everything else he wants done in the world. It's POSSIBLE, just very unlikely, unless somehow Trump is thwarted on literally every other big thing, and yet not impeached.

H1b is a horrible system. It's virtues are nice - getting qualified folks in to do needed jobs - but that does not justify a system of modern day quasi-indentured-servitude. The way it's used it horrible too, basically used to quash local workers wage increases. Trump speaks against it, but he's exactly the wrong person to choose as a person to crusade against it - he's basically the living avatar of the idea of shortchanging workers using sketchy legal tactics.

Don't expect too much from Trump on this.

Ryan Fenton

Comment Re:Let's put tons of ammo together in a massive pi (Score 1) 102

Ammo ages. When it happens the propellant leaks nitric acid which reacts with the propellant and the casing, heating it up, which accelerates the aging and leads to a positive feedback loop that ultimately causes spontaneous combustion, which was the most probable cause for that explosion in the Ukraine. Think again.

Comment Re:Privacy (Score 1) 207

Except that it is far easier to be left alone in a big city. in a village everyone knows you and bothers you. in a city even the next door neighbour doesn't give a shit whether you are still amongst the living. I have been renting this flat for 8 years, but I have spoken with other people living in the same house maybe twice.

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