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Comment Re:What is up with airlines IT structure (Score 2) 68

How exactly airplane accidents being at an all time low is a result of capitalism? Are you one of these crazy people who worship capitalism as a deity?
Airplane accidents don't happen that often anymore because of strict regulations and aircraft being generally more intelligent. Capitalism has directly caused a lot of accidents, like Alaska Airlines Flight 261 (airline was too cheap for proper maintenance), Turkish Airlines Flight 981 (manufacturer was too cheap to fix a known design error), American Airlines Flight 191 (again, airline too cheap to do proper maintenance), JAL Flight 123 (yep, again maintenance) and so on. Yay capitalism. Same goes for delays and lost luggage, by the way. Strict regulations making it difficult for the airlines to weasel themselves out have helped, not capitalism.

Comment Re:Old movies (Score 2) 252

Forget obscure, old is enough. Copyright should exist as a means of supporting creative works, not a way for large media corporations to sit on something in perpetuity and collect revenue with the only expense being 'investments' in congress to extend copyright.

I'm more than willing to pay for something new because that supports the production of creative works I like enough to give time and money to. Music, movies, books, video games, sure, I will and do buy them. But there's are many things out there that are several decades old and should have fallen into the public domain years ago, and for those I feel no such moral obligation. If the media companies want to avoid piracy, they've got options. I pay for Netflix, I pay for Amazon Prime, there's plenty of options for them to get a piece of the pie even with things that really should be free anyway. If they can't play nice and want to prove just how greedy they are, screw 'em.

Comment Re:Um, duh? (Score 2) 308

Not just that, but those with means have much more opportunity to do the exceptional things so-called elite colleges are looking for. Feeder schools with high rates of getting pupils into elite schools are a thing for a reason. An average kid with means is still much more likely to have an outstanding resume than an exceptional one student from a more modest background.

Apologists will say admissions at these places are money blind, but the reality is they just use proxies. It's the class equivalent of saying 'I'm not racist, but I won't hire people with funny names like Jose, Latasha, or Ahmed.'

The old saying 'Elite schools are where the wealthy launder privilege into credentials' once again holds true, and still no one cares. No one is holding them accountable for their classism. Point it out and some asshole accuses you of 'class warfare.' Far as I'm concerned, their should be an academic boycott of these places until conditions improve. It is baffling to me that, for all the progressives in academia, no one wants to touch this subject.

Comment Re:Not Surprising (Score 1) 273

Funny thing you mention Poland. Because Polacks were, in fact, the ones who started the war and annexed large parts of the USSR. So much, in fact, that both Kiev and Minsk suddenly were basicaly at the border to Poland. Soviets just took these lands back, which nowadays belong to Ukraine, Belarus and Lithuania. If you ask me, Poland had it coming. They like to cry about them being martyrs, but they themselves behaved like dicks the whole time - not only by invading the USSR, but also by helping Hitler destroying Czechoslovakia.

Also funny thing you write about Russian aggression and their troops in Balkans, because back in the 1990ies Russian troops only had a few peacekeeping missions there - they were not the ones who indiscriminately dropped bombs, supporting what is today the only state in Europe that is ruled by organised crime.

Comment Re:...Or Just Take Aspirin. (Score 1) 99

It still doesn't typically contain caffeine.
There are combination pills, but they are neither aspirin nor typical. And as for migraine, apparently you think that every headache is migraine. It isn't, and isn't even the most common type of headache (that would be tension headache). Using pills that are meant to combat migraine for tension headache would be like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut. This is why most ASA pills don't contain caffeine - people tend to abuse this kind of pills because caffeine makes them more alert, leading to stomach problems in long term. Standard ASA pills for pain and fever treatment are made of 325 to 500mg acetylsalicylic acid and filler like washing soda, silica, cornstarch or cellulose. That's it. Aspirin for blood thinning is the same, but dosed at about one tenth.

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