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Comment bye then (Score 0, Troll) 392

Goodbye wankers,

Maybe you think you aren't a wanker, but the sad fact is, you are !

I've been here nearly 10 years and all you've done as a group is descend into wankerdom. So fuck you, you deserve the world you're helping to create. If only I could go somewhere else instead.... (planetary speaking)

PS you can help the cause... add this site to your hosts file at 127.* and never visit again. Just by posting you are giving this place legitimacy. Sad fucks.

Comment Re:Repositories! (Score 0, Flamebait) 611

Why don't you shut the fuck up. You are determined to make linux out to be the most insecure OS for some fanatical reason, I'm guessing you've been pwned on windows and want to share the love. Here's a clue, most linux users don't download and run software they find on random internet sites. According to people like you and your cronies, people generally have to compile any software they want to run. But yet now we are vulnerable to idiot windows-user-itis. Like I said, Fuck off and die, all you ever seem to do is spout shit on any topic, and it is really getting tiresome. One of these days somebody's going to catch up with you in real life and kick your whining ass. (at which point you'll be running to the authorities complaining that you're only 14 and people are being mean to you).

Comment Slashdot - (Score 1) 347

News for nerds, actually a place for assholes to spout off. There are less than 5 comments relating to the actual event in the summary. Go somewhere else to talk shit, and preferably stay there. You are adding nothing to this discussion.

This is the premier science experiment on the planet and you lot would rather make shit up and talk about star trek. Fucking idiots. I'm ashamed to be associated with you.

Comment What Do You Do ? (Score 1) 970

Well I probably wouldn't have bought the damn ink from that store. I can get all 6 cartridges for my Epson R200 for less than £6. No, I don't buy genuine epson, my warrantee period ended years ago. It strikes me that in this case, an idiot just spent too much money because they're an idiot. On the other hand, somebody else's going to get a cheap half decent printer out of it.

Comment Re:You've obviously never used a real Linux disty (Score 1) 583

The question replied to was a troll. You cannot sudo in most distros, definitely without knowing the root users password anyway. Most linux systems come "properly configured" out of the box. You have to work hard to make them less than secure. Whereas, windows logs you in as admin straight away, until you create another less capable user. In Linux systems, you have to create a standard user before the install is done, and that's who you log in as. Any decent distro would disable root logins anyway. Anybody who wants a root login from the machine can reboot and add "1" to the kernel arguments rather than hacking the user login. You'll need to be able to handle the shell though ...

Comment Re:Future doesn't want to be discovered? (Score 2, Insightful) 338

I totally agree with your comment, but you didn't answer the question. The reason we have had to build the LHC is because we don't have control over observations. With the LHC, we can time it to the picosecond, and observe at the correct moment. With the cosmic rays, we have to watch 24/7/365 just to know it's happened at all. And then we can't reproduce it at will. This is science.

Comment Re:Is NASA suffering from mission creep? (Score 1) 55

Your comment was fine up until the last paragraph, then you made assumptions which you have no evidence for. Please make your assumptions fit the actual truth. Even if the truth doesn't fit, maybe it's something worth aiming for. Instead of the crap you have been used to up 'till now. This is what govt. was designed for...

<Now for a ramble> I've been drinking in a pub which has a new landlady. She's got nice tits, but this is irrelevant. One of the first things she does is put all the condiments in to buckets, for each table. I tried to point out that this meant MORE work for her staff, but she prefers to see it as "doing more for the customer". I cannot understand this. Sure we get to decide how much yellow crap we squirt on our food, but we can no longer guarantee what the yellow crap contains. Anybody can sneeze or cough on the bottles and it will never get cleaned off. At least with the individual sachets, you used it and no-one else did. But apparently, because I haven't done a 2 year management course, my opinion is worthless. Never mind that a) I'm a customer , and b) I've been drinking in pubs for the last 30 years. 2 Years management course rules the world ! Kids today !!!
We'll never get any credit when it all goes to shit and they have to come crawling for advice, will we get any notice ?

No, the world would rather die than listen to advice these days. As usual, it says more about you than it does about us. The world today is all about instant gratification and fuck the future. In case you haven't noticed, your future is our future too. Don't fuck with MY future ! [ or I'll fuck with yours ! - I mean it ]

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