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Submission + - Apple removes nearly all reference to ZFS.

Roskolnikov writes: Well, it would appear that Apple has decided that ZFS isn't really ready for prime time or even twilight; early on mention of Snow Leopard server and ZFS were hand in hand, a search on Apples site now for ZFS yields quite a few less results than just a few days back, in fact the only hits I got were for an Xserve (read only ZFS, looks like Apple missed one) and Apple Open Source, whice strangely enough points to Open Solaris ZFS doco, this used to point to the Apple ZFS binaries (1.19 release). See for yourself: Apple page: Google cache: Apple has done this kind of thing in the past but really I was hoping this was one feature promise that they would keep, I've been using it now for quite some time for data but it has all been command line; maybe they have decided that they bit off more than even they could chew? Time will tell, they've pulled this with HFS+, Time Machine and other not quite ready for prime time technologies but I certainly hope this isn't the first foot in the ground for ZFS on OSX.

Submission + - Unauthorized TSA Security checkpoint toy.

Roskolnikov writes: I thought I ran across a joke, Playmobil the maker of children scenario playsets has made a airport security checkpoint that could easily be at home on any travellers desk; what makes this even more entertaining (in a sick, yet somehow funny way) are the reviews posted for this defective toy; imagine what a little barbed wire and SS uniforms would do for this.

Submission + - Infrant purchased by Netgear

Roskolnikov writes: I've been sitting on the fence regarding the purchase of a ReadyNAS appliance recently and noticed some problems with their website (not available and such) usually this kind of thing implies doors closing or a buyout; looks like the latter as its been announced that Netgear will be purchasing Infrant for 60+ million. Purchased my NV+ yesterday, will see if this changes the usefulness of this product.

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