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Submission + - SPAM: Obama to sign "Cash for Clunker" bill 3

coondoggie writes: "That old car of yours may soon be worth more to you than you think. A $1 billion cash-for-clunkers bill has been sent to President Obama for his signature, after the Senate approved the bill as part of a broader $106 billion war spending package. The idea is to stimulate car sales by offering as much as $4,500 to owners of older cars who trade in older, less-efficient vehicles. The act will go into effect 30 days after the president signs the bill, and will run through October 31. [spam URL stripped]"
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Submission + - Google & Facebook rush out Farsi support for I (

blackfrancis75 writes: The Times Online is reporting that Google and Facebook rushed out Farsi versions of their websites and services today, emphasising the importance of internet based social networking in geopolitics, especially where oppressive regimes are involved. "The internet has played a key role in allowing many Iranians to communicate since last week's disputed presidential elections, and the international media has used web services like Twitter and YouTube in their reporting of the protests. Recognising the web's crucial role on events in Iran, Google added a Fasri dictionary to Google Translate, its online translation service."

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