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Comment Advice is one thing... (Score 1) 509

I always carry a camera and will readily use it, but before you take your newly re-discovered rights watch this....

Knowing your rights isn’t enough; I am not suggesting this advice is wrong but you need to fully understand that if you find yourself in a situation like this that you are risking a confrontation with an officer that has deemed him or herself ‘worthy’ of your camera. Police must learn to respect the citizens they ‘protect’ and stop this kind of behavior.

Comment Re:Assuming.... (Score 1) 540

Any number of scenarios could present themselves, dense housing with open space for development; or the soon to be vacant neighbors property, if they didn’t want the studios larger their reaction to ‘tract’ housing is going to be enough to make them reconsider where they should live. He might not be playing chess, but I don’t believe it is checkers either.

Comment Wish I had... (Score 1) 368

My last customer service 'interaction' with Comcast involved a rate offered for services when unbundled (not part of one of their phone/internet/cable 'deals')
Navigating their promotion site I found I could get my current package for 15 dollars less per month, I wasn't allowed to select it because I already had it; Calling them I asked for assistance, they insisted it was a bundle price and I couldn't, I explained how I got the idea, they followed the link and agreed; service rep assured me they could fix this but it would take logging a ticket and that they would call me back in a week or less.

A week later, no call back, I call and reference my previous call, they check and tell me it has been fixed; strange, they didn't call, so I asked when they would adjust my billing; what followed is how I believe Comcast treats all of its customers... what was 'fixed' was the website, they logged the back line ticket to the web developers to fix the clearly broken (to them) offer; to confirm I was satisfied the CSR asked me to follow the link and confirm that I was no longer offered the better rate.

I really wish I had recorded both conversations, brilliant and classic ZFG.

Comment Re:Wow ... (Score 1) 419

Well, maybe, but maybe the fault lies with the criminal, they printed credit cards that looked and felt real enough to fool a store clerk who handles them every day, what are the odds that clerk called the bank with the phone number on the back of the card? I have worked in retail, the check/credit card fraud was amazingly simple back then and still they got away with it, the rule of more secure less convenient does come into play but Apple understands this, each sales person is also a 'register' and the the clearing service they use needs to be explicit in dealing with all rejections, sometimes saying no is really a good thing.

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