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Comment Open Source Textbooks (Score 2, Interesting) 468

Open source textbook resources might be a way around dealing with uber-expensive licensing models. If even a fraction of the vitality seen on some open source projects were to be expended on open source textbooks, teachers would have some great resources at their disposal. The availability of a variety of approaches to explaining some of the basics (like middle school algebra) could make all the difference in the world to a kid who doesn't "get it" from the explanation in a single textbook. And those texts that need to be updated frequently, would be.

Furthermore, local control of the learning materials would be enhanced, as parents, teachers and school districts could decide what material is best-suited to their kids, rather than having some faceless group of ivory-tower bureaucrats in a far-off city deciding that for them.

Here are a few of the resources I found in a quick search -- I'm sure there are other projects out there.


Comment Re:EE (Score 1) 491

I just like adding comments, because the boxes around them are nested, and if you squint your eyes just right while looking at them, they give the illusion of depth. Whoa.

Submission + - Cyber Terrorism by Moscow against Estonia gov.

CyberTerror_Or_Freedom_Of_Speech writes: "President Toomas Ilves earlier informed, that cyber attacks on Estonia go and come from the computers belonging to Russian governmental departments, the Kremlin and FSB. They at all do not hide the IP the address at attacks.

The secretary general of NATO Jaap De Hoop Scheffer has assured the president of Estonia that the North Atlantic alliance supports Estonia and has expressed concern over the actions of Russia with the neighbouring states, the office of the president of Estonia has informed.

Carrying of a 2nd world war monument to graveyard is internal business of Estonia , — secretary general of NATO said.. Scheffer reiterated that Russia should unblock immediately the Estonian embassy in Moscow, stop infringements of the Viennese convention and guarantee safety of the Estonian diplomats. The secretary general of NATO also has expressed concerns of cyber attacks on the Internet sites of the Estonian official bodies. (later Nashi members attacked people from Estonia embassy Putin did not make any steps to secure the embassy)

Let's remind that Russian authorities and not notorious hacker-patriots are engaged in cyber terrorism on the world wide web of Internet, "Kavkaz Center" has declared repeatedly.

Terrorists with lubianka and the Kremlin for many years have attacked servers of "KC" , thus the Russian mass-media on a regular basis confirm that these attacks are carried out ostensibly by certain hackers-volunteers. Even it has announced the creation of patriotic cyber-commands for struggle with which is active with the Russian mass-media.

"KC" has warned for many years that if not stopped, Kremlins cyber terrorists sooner or later will attack western communications and computer networks.[/color] However in the West, the Russian oppositional mass-media all this time did not pay attention to the warning of "Kavkaz-Center" which has battled alone for many years against cyber terrorism of lubianka. "KC" has collected valuable experience in opposing cyber attacks.

Moreover, many editors and journalists tried to call into question the statements of "KC" of what the Kremlin and FSB conduct attacks to servers of "Kavkaz-Center". But today the message of "KC" will not be under any more doubt neither in Russia nor in the West. 5.shtml

FSB has created armed terrorist group in Estonia. — This news sounds kind of like a joke, but they say: "We will strike blows on all communication systems, electric maintenance, gas supply, and supply by gasoline, on rail communication, on aviation transport, on water supply of large cities. We will burn houses and property. Today, on April, 28th, we declare formation of groups of Army of Russian Resistance." 9.shtml

Russia's rhetorical onslaught has been ferocious. Ignoring the looting, media there claim that "anti-fascist schoolchildren" trying to stop Estonians "demolishing" the memorial were "tortured" by the "inhuman" police. Russia's foreign minister said Estonia was behaving "disgustingly". A delegation of Russian politicians, invited to see that the monument had been moved, not demolished, called for the government's resignation before setting off. On arrival, they (russian politicians) repeatedly insulted their hosts, while demanding that "political prisoners" be freed.

In 1940 a Soviet delegation issued similarly phrased demands. Weeks later, Estonia was wiped off the map.

[Waffa]Well, i personally do not think they dare to make any military actions — this would mean world war 3 — because if they attack Estonia this would mean they attack NATO and EU, unless China will back them up, i do not think they have a lot of chance to survive lol. comments: It is not customary in Europe to demand the resignation of the democratically elected government of another sovereign country," said President Ilves.

It is not customary in Europe to use computers belonging to public institutions for cyber-attacks against another country's public institutions.

In Europe, as well as in the rest of the civilized world, it is not considered possible to violate the Vienna Convention (on diplomatic relations).

"It is customary in Europe that differences, which do now and then occur between states, are solved by diplomats and politicians, not on the streets or by computer attacks," Ilves said.

Estonia's leadership has claimed that cyber-attacks that forced government websites to shut down temporarily came from computers in the Russian administration, including the office of President Vladimir Putin.

"Those are the ways of other countries, somewhere else, not in Europe," said Ilves.

[Waffa] The first "hacker" has been arrested, he is one of the moderators in He (Dimitri) discussed there ways to attack,,, etc. But he is just someone the Estonia gov will reach,no one can even think about bringing to justice someone from Russia, from Kremlin.

I just wonder, what USA or China.. Korea government would do, if they arrest one of the guys who planed to attack and successfully attacked local government & military servers whit a help of other country government. Guy is posting political hate speech about government who give him a passport and free education. In Estonia, MAXimum he can get is 3 years i jail...

Well, some say its just freedom of expressing how he feels, some think he should be just let go...? Why Russia gov does not give a damn if world knows they are hacking/ terrorizing other country networks and websites?

GNU is Not Unix

You Can't Oppose Copyright and Support Open Source 550

Reader gbulmash sends us to his essay on the fallacy of those who would abolish copyright. The argument is that without copyright granting an author the right to set licensing terms for his/her work, the GPL could not be enforced. The essay concludes that if you support the GPL or any open source license (other than public domain), your fight should be not about how to abolish copyright, but how to reform copyright.

Submission + - AeA Cyberstates report and media propaganda

Weaver writes: "Simple Analysis of the AeA Cyberstates Report.
(April, 29, 2007)

A lobbying agency, called the AeA, is attempting to paint a positive picture on the disastrous over-subscription of "Computer-related occupations" in the H-1B guestworker visa program. As usual the AeA report is getting press as evidence that an increase in H-1B visas is justifiable.

After a quick bit of research, I found some interesting facts that would indicate a reduction in H-1B visas is required."

Submission + - Work really can make you ill

An anonymous reader writes: A new report confirms what we all knew: going to work can make you sick. Poor understanding of computing ergonomics are responsible for millions of workers suffering bad desk health as a result of sick office syndrome, reckon monitor manufacturers ViewSonic.
Hardware Hacking

Submission + - Electric Motorcycle Plans?

David Greene writes: "I've been searching around the net for an affordable all-electric commuting option. I've found that electric mopeds are a little too underpowered for my needs. There are some electric motorcycle plans available but either they're too underpowered (30MPH max) or much more than I need (60MPH, bells & whistles, etc.).

I'm thinking about using the opportunity to build my own custom bike and learn something along the way. This will definitely be a long-term project as I'm a novice who will have to take welding classes, etc. But it would be a fun project and worth doing simply for the enjoyment and learning experience.

So can anyone point me to resources to start a project like this? I'm looking at the Etek motor that powers the kits mentioned above. Are there readily-available plans for frames, etc.? Perhaps a good stock frame recommendation so I can pull something from a junkyard? Guides on materials to use (light weight, etc.)? Good books related to the subject? Any and all help welcome!"

Submission + - EFF and Dvorak blame the digg revolt on lawyers

enharmonix writes: "Just a bit of an update on the recent digg revolt over AACS. Well, the New York Times has taken notice and written quite a decent article that actually acknowledges that the take down notices amount to censorship and documents instances of the infamous key appearing in purely expressive form (I was pleased to see the similarity to 2600 and deCSS was not lost on the Times either). More interesting though is that the EFF's Fred von Lohmann blames the digg revolt on lawyers. And in an opinion piece, John Dvorak expands on that theme."

Submission + - Inside Intel's Spring Analyst Meeting

An anonymous reader writes: InformationWeek has posted a bunch of PowerPoints from last Thurday's annual technology presentation from Intel to Wall Street about its quad-core and 45-nm plans. They also go a little bit behind the hype to ask about Silverthorne, the processor that Intel hopes will jump-start a market for lightweight Web browsers called Ultra-Mobile PCs (UMPC). Taking a lesson from its failure in cellphone processors, Intel may be going with a loss-leader approach here, promising OEMs it'll offer flexible designs in hopes they'll buy in. Do you think the UMPC is a viable alternative to iPhones or is Intel barking up the wrong tree?

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