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Comment Re:OpenVPN port tcp/443 (Score 2) 11

It's actually not all that difficult to spot vpn traffic. Run some DPI and just simply look at the size of the packets being exchanged. L2TP/IPSEC/etc will all have very regular size exchanges that virtually uniquely identify them. Doesn't matter how you encrypt or tunnel it if you don't change the payload sizes.

It's like saying "You can't block my bittorrent client if I just change my port!" Actually, yes we can. And we do. Quiet easily actually.

I haven't looked closely into TOR to see if it pads with random size data, (betting they DO) but that's what they need to do with vpn to seriously defend against traffic analysis.

Even with that, it's still not bulletproof, but it dramatically increases the work and false positives on the detection side of the fence.

Comment Re:I Stopped Using Custom ROMs (Score 1) 196

"your uncommon hardware may get burned out early (I've lost many wifi / gps / bluetooth / 3g-4g chipsets that way)."

This is the first time I hear smt like this. Do you have evidence?

The gps radio in my nexus 5 (with CM) tends to deteriorate over the months, but it turned out that tightening the screws of the rf shield restores the reception. Not a software issue.

Comment Re:Stock ROMs are shit (Score 1) 196

Lean does not mean there is a shitload of things I do not want, I do not want Gmail. I do not want Hangout. I do not want Facebook. I do not want Chrome.

I would like a device that only has Google Play and then _I_ decide what I have or at least have the ability to delete what I want.

Comment YES. (Score 1) 196

Because until we get unmolested pure android OS installs that allow us to remove all baked in crap the Carriers and phone makers try and sneak in there, Android users will need a way to get a smooth and clean Android experience.

Comment Re:Not a single time traveler? (Score 1) 1525

Trump does not have what it takes to be "the greatest monster in human history". Even as a villain, he is a joke.

Well his inauguration speech is basically the rephrased speech given by Bane in the last Batman. Then again, every populist pretty much sounds the same. They only differ in what atrocities they eventually commit.

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