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Comment Re:Kek (Score 1) 303

That's completely, utterly irrelevant. Unless the woman who made it is the Archetype who speaks for all women and whose opinion is globally considered to be the final word.

Well then, you can't claim feminists speak for all women either. Not when polls have repeatedly shown that less than one in four women is a feminist.

Comment Re:Where To Go From Here? (Score 1) 67

I recall 20 years ago when Deep Blue won against Kasparov, people said that an AI would never be able to brute-force Go well enough to beat a human master. It may not have used only brute-force techniques, but AlphaGo surely did win. I expect that arrangements are being made for the AI to face off against the #1 world Go champion (Sedol was #3 IIRC) and it may even take some tweaking for it to triumph. However this raises the question: where do we move the goalposts to next? What does AI have to accomplish to change how we fundamentally think of it, and consider it as 'real AI'?

Go is just a board game. It may be harder to brute-force than chess, but it's still a conceptually simple game with straightforward rules. An algorithm to beat it may have to be more complex and adaptive than a chess algorithm, but it still doesn't come close to what the average person would consider "artificial intelligence".

I'd be far more inclined to see it as a step towards "real AI" if we had a computerized system that could write songs, stories, or poems which met human standards for quality and originality.

Comment Re:educational user here (Score 5, Insightful) 542

the base spec at academic is more in line with the lack of power. recently we bought the 5k 27" imacs at a base price of £1245 I think. overpriced but compared tro the arse fucking that dell indulges in with its 'partners', not shocking.

It might be overpriced if you're only looking at the CPU, GPU, and RAM. But don't forget that the 27" iMac includes a 5K panel that supports wide gamut and is by all accounts excellent in calibration and color reproduction. A Dell 27" 5K monitor by itself is over $1,500 - compared to that, getting an equivalent monitor plus a whole computer for about $1770 US (based on the British price you listed above) seems like a bargain.

And if the university is full of creative types running the Adobe apps, then they probably really do need quality monitors.

Comment Re: It has been awhile (Score 1) 542

Apple has pretty decisively broken ranks with Nvidia. This was shown by their use of AMD's aging Cape Verde GPU in the 2015 MacBook Pro, even though a Maxwell chip like GM107 would have provided better performance and efficiency. Partly this is because of legal battles between the two companies, and partly because Apple is going all-in on OpenCL (which AMD supports better).

If there's a Mac Pro refresh this year, expect Intel Broadwell-E CPUs and AMD Polaris GPUs.

Comment Re:It has been awhile (Score 3, Insightful) 542

The Mac Pro. The old Mac Pros used to have the ability to use RAID. This one? One SSD, and that's it? For a computer that will cost you $4000 for something with reasonable specs, this is just unacceptable. It also is a bitch to rack, requiring a third party kit.

You're supposed to be keeping your bulk storage on a NAS, not the local machine. That's the modern way of doing things. About the only task this isn't adequate for is video editing, so that may require an external RAID box. But why should everyone else need to buy a massive, bloated tower when only a handful of workstations actually need it?

And why would you want to rack-mount this system? It's a workstation, not a server.

Comment Typical short-sighted MBA thinking (Score 1) 330

From a big-picture perspective, this is an incredibly boneheaded move. Microsoft has put a great deal of emphasis on "the cloud" in recent years, making it a major part of their business strategy, yet they are now sending a clear signal that their cloud offerings can't be trusted.

For that reason, I doubt that Nadella made this decision personally. This looks like the kind of thing that was probably done at the middle-management level. We know that Microsoft's internal corporate structure is highly siloed, with divisions often refusing to cooperate and even trying to sabotage one another. Probably the grand poobah of cloud services was upset that his quarterly bonus wasn't as high as he wanted, so he ordered his underlings to find any possible way to cut costs and boost profits, and this is what they came up with. I wouldn't be all that surprised to see Nadella have to walk this back in a couple days due to the backlash.

Comment Re:some interesting possibilities... (Score 0) 210

A movie about Drizzt Do'Urden (D&D Forgotten Realms) with a decent director, direct involvement by the writer R.A. Salvatore, and some decent actors (Game of Thrones cast?) could make it not suck.

That would probably be the best shot, but the Forgotten Realms violate modern Intersectionalist dogma, so it won't happen. (Good light-skinned elves and bad dark-skinned elves? The SJWs would throw a fit. Never mind that Drizz't doesn't fit that stereotype, they'll just say that is tokenism. Same reason that C.S. Lewis's The Horse and his Boy will never be made into a film.)

Comment Fundamentally flawed (Score 4, Insightful) 188

If you're going to take into account the whole supply chain for electric cars, you have to do the same thing for gasoline cars. This study doesn't do that. It calculates the CO2 cost of electricity generation for electric cars, but assumes that gasoline just magically shows up at the pump and doesn't incur any environmental costs in getting there. The CO2 emissions resulting from extraction, refining, etc. are completely ignored.

Comment Re:Congress Should Decide (Score 1) 88

Congress should make a decision about which laws should apply: I think probably some laws about employees and some laws about independent contractors should apply.

The laws are already quite clear on this subject. Misclassifying employees as contractors is nothing new or "innovative". The only reason we're hearing about this is that the Uber founders were arrogant enough to believe that the law didn't apply to them because they were running their gypsy taxi service with new technology. But the law doesn't care about that.

Comment Re:Car analogy... (Score 1) 88

This is exactly how the service departments work at automobile dealerships, down to the requirement that the mechanic provide a certain class of tools, codes of conduct towards customers, wear a dealership logo'ed coverall, collects time and attendance data (contractors are paid by hours worked in the contract, so this has to be collected), attendance data (reserving a bay is expensive, and you want contractors who are eager to be present; you also have to collect this information to know how much liability insurance to carry), maintains umbrella insurance for the worker based on worker liability for faulty repairs, or injury while on the dealer premises), and issues checks (they aren't actually paychecks unless the worker is on a payroll; they're just checks). All work products remain the property of the contracting agency (in this case, the auto dealership).

Under IRS regulations, mechanics working under these conditions are clearly employees and not contractors.

Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 1) 467

She didn't though, the clampdown was about using Reddit to organize harassment, not the viewpoints of the people concerned.

That was the official line. But in fact, every subsequent attempt to create an anti-fat subreddit was immediately banned, even if they were created by completely different people and hadn't ever committed any harassing behavior. There was viewpoint discrimination going on whether the management admitted it or not.

Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 1) 467

That's not really relevant. Your right to free and offensive speech does not impose on anyone else, person or corporation, an obligation to provide you with a platform for said speech.

It isn't about who has a legal obligation to do what. It's about the fact that Reddit was founded as, and run as, a platform specifically dedicated to free speech. If someone comes in and tries to change the culture so that the site can more easily be sold to a big conglomerate, it's not surprising that the site's long-term users are going to push back.

It's the same reason why people get upset about universities curtailing freedom of expression even when they are privately run and not part of the state government. Academic freedom is a major part of what a university is supposed to be. In the same way, free speech (restricted only by the handful of exceptions required by U.S. law) is part of what Reddit is supposed to be about.

Comment Re:Well, she was an interim. (Score 1) 467

Actually, it's not at all brazen. The facts of the case painted the firm as pretty sexist.

What facts? Most of the claims in that article are unfounded allegations. We only have Ellen Pao's word that they happened, and I don't believe that is worth much. Neither, apparently, did the men and women on the jury.

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