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Comment Re:Limit of Energy Density (Score 1) 139

An EDF is literally the closest electric equivalent of a modern airliner's engine, a big ducted fan driven by X, where X is an electric motor in the EDF, or a turbine engine in the turbofan. The range isn't equivalent due mostly to energy density.

If you had an electric motor and a turbine with similar power and similar efficiencies (plausible), and a battery with equal power density to jet fuel, they could put out an equal amount of thrust for an equal amount of time when used to drive an identical ducted fan.

Comment Re:riiight (Score 1) 352

The cheerleaders of late-stage capitalism believe that the 1% can provide all the demand the market needs. They'll just buy train-loads of stuff and pack it into warehouses, or commission pyramids to be built in their honor, or something. Presumably at this point workers would have zero leisure time and would not own anything other than what's necessary for basic survival - sort of like a cross between Manna's "Terrafoam" scenario and the reality of "Foxconn city." After all, there's no such thing as insufficient pay, just insufficient work hours and living beyond your means!

Comment Re:Bulldozer blade? (Score 1) 195

The Blade is canted to push everyone into the path of the Harvester. Which collects, grinds and processes the rioters into Soylent, which is then returned to the trailer of the dozer to be fed to the remaining rioters via the high-pressure cannon. Nothing dispels a riot quite like still-warm fresh Soylent.

Submission + - Prominent Drupal and PHP dev kicked from the Drupal project over Gor beliefs ( 1

An anonymous reader writes: Last week the Drupal community erupted in anger after its leader, Dries Buytaert, asked Larry Garfield, a prominent Drupal contributor and long-time member of the Drupal and PHP communities, “to leave the Drupal project.” Buytaert claims he did this "because it came to my attention that he holds views that are in opposition with the values of the Drupal project.". A huge furor has erupted in response — not least because the reason clearly has much to do with Garfield’s unconventional sex life. Buytaert made his post in response after Larry went public, outing himself to public opinion.

Comment SAS get sued so often it boggles my mind (Score 1) 155

Nearly every SAS customer I have heard of has either sued them or engaged in some serious name calling. How on earth does SAS not only continue to stay in business, but in many cases SAS will screw up royally, engage in a public fight with a company, only to have that company expand their SAS deployment.

When I see a company deploying SAS, I usually am seeing a company that has recently been taken over by MBAs. Maybe a big family company that is moving on to the third generation. Maybe a company where the founding engineers have retired. But it take a seriously shitty bunch of management to choose SAS. The sort of management that would believe some bullshit about this 60/40 thing without a few googles of how shitty SAS is.

Comment Hadoop is easly put to shame (Score 1) 150

I read a great article where one guy compared Hadoop to tools such as grep. I many fundamental ways he was able to use UNIX command line tools to wildly outperform Hadoop on what I would consider to be on the larger end of a typical company's data set.

To me Hadoop was the classic solution desperately in quest of a problem. The worst problem with that being so many people who jumped onto Hadoop and thought they were ass kickers for doing so.

The simple reality is that for most corporate datasets the tool of choice is a boring relational database and usually something like MySQL. The common capacity roadblocks aren't found within the tool but in the tool users.

But if you use a tool like Hadoop, or go NoSQL with a tool like MongoDB, you get to say (until people realize you are actually quite stupid) "my datastore is better than your datastore".

Comment Re:Sounds nice! (Score 1) 127

Okay, well, with a cut-down population, you also lose the labor required to produce to support the population. Then labor becomes a short resource. Without a labor reserve, you can't take advantage of technical progress, and so the economy becomes unstable and poverty becomes more wide-spread, rather than the normal model of developing better access to food, clean water, and healthcare as technology improves.

This flies in the face of history. Cut-down populations lead to boom times of reduced poverty and inequality (most notably after the black plague). A terrible way to get a boom time, but that's what happens.

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