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Comment Loss of control (Score 1) 85

When your entire revenue is dependent on quantity with minimal quality investment you lose control. When you lose control things go down hill fast (just see what MySpace and Geocities eventually became). And there is currently no AI that can discriminate between poetry, let alone what certain markets find offensive.

From the other end: Although I don't understand why a potential advertiser would not want to promote their product in front of any audience. These types of things are bound to happen when you depend on a single vendor serving an entire market spanning pretty much every human endeavor, you're bound to be servicing both the best and worst parts.

Ad companies and YouTube channels alike need to turn to smaller, controllable and direct revenue models. If you make a private deal with an ad company both sides get what they want. Now the revenue is just being distributed to primarily the worst portions of society and decent content which is a minority of the 400h/min streams only gets a stupidly small share.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

If the situation is exactly the same up to the point of your two options, then there is a "Self digging shovel" available at some level in both situations. In situation #2, it isn't for sale, and unless you can conclusively promise shovel in one year, for only $5,000 then option 1 is still the only valid consideration. Further, if option 2 says there are no patents (assuming that is the change) then I can build a shelf digging shovel today for whatever price, and as long as the value I get out of it is better than before, I'll get my $20,000 shovel either way.

1) 20000 for shovel get 30000 use from shovel in year one. Year two is how much (no answer in option 1) is it free, or nearly free? Does it cost 20K / year forever (unlikely) or what. Incomplete information leads to bad decisions.

2) Can't buy Self Digging shovel (unknown reason). Promise that they will be available in a year for $5000 (if you believe vaporware promises)

all the unknown variables make your assumptions useless, which is why I chose (and still choose) option 1. Based on the INFORMATION I have, it is the only real choice.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

Heck, you can still charge the same amount as a well-written patent, but can crank it out in an afternoon!

Legal profession robots coming soon for this reason alone. Yes, good lawyers will always be needed, but most "lawyering" today is boilerplate legal forms and processes that can be replicated by a series of questions that pick which process one needs. We can get rid of most lawyers and and streamline the legal processes.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 1) 242

In that world, do you think we'd successfully get rid of patents? Also, have you given thought to the implications of getting rid of patents?

No. And Yes.

We'll never because its in the Constitution, and that is next to impossible to change. And I have, and it is liberating of enterprise. I prefer "trade secrets" to Patents for protection anyway.

Comment Re:Conversely... (Score 4, Insightful) 242

They are written vague on purpose, because to be specific, would allow others to build upon your patent, and patent their improvements, locking you into a stale old way of building said invention, never able to improve it.

As a libertarian, I am all for the repealing of most patents, and the shortening of the term of protection. As it stands now, patents do not protect anyone from anything for very long. If something is popular, and patented, it will be cloned and ripped off anyway.

Patent abuse is like anything else the government does, it doesn't help many people, and hurts more people than it helps.

Comment Re:Can this be negotiated? (Score 2) 75

As with any contract, everything is negotiable. Just don't use company resources to do it, because then it can be either appropriated or considered theft.

In the past I just crossed out everything I didn't like from the contract and returned it. In most of my current contracts I have an agreement that everything I do for the company will be open sourced.

Comment Re:Much cheaper than the iPhone (Score 1) 103

Not just carrier subsidies but the radio in them is significantly different. Anytime you change a radio around (even if you're changing frequencies for different carriers or modulation), be ready to shell out big time for an FCC certification.

The iPad on the other hand just has BT/WiFi so much less strict regulations and as long as you keep the board and antenna's the same, putting a different shell on them isn't all that expensive.

Comment Re:SSD as cache (Score 1) 63

I understand the concept behind RAID, but there is no way the slow ASIC with slow 1-4GB DDR2/3 RAM compete with the same drives directly attached to the CPU and potentially 100's of GB in DDR4 RAM. In your case your BBU RAID controller is a single point of failure, when your controller, its RAM and/or BBU fail, your file system will be corrupted so I wouldn't trust it with any 'write cache' policy unless you have a complement of them.

A modern file system with SSD write caches should have at least 2 of them mirrored as well if you care about your data, so at least you know that whatever happens, the data fsynced is going to be there regardless of what happens, even if your controller goes up in smoke, you have a week-long power outage or you change hardware. You can get battery-backed RAM-based SSD's as well, they actually have been around for a really long time and they're about the same price as a high-end hardware RAID controller.

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