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Comment Re:At this rate... (Score 0) 261

It was under a half mile of Ice you say?

Well since you were there could you please provide evidence of this in some form?

People that say 'the science is settled' don't understand what science *is* and the fickle nature of 'facts' that in all actuality are really a hypothesis. Or in layman's terms; "An educated guess, subject to revision *at any time*."

Comment Re:It's about landmass (Score 2) 466

It's probably a daily drive for some people, a weekly drive for others, a monthly drive for a few, etc.

I'm not anti-electric by any mean, but we do have to admit that we have to drive a lot between major cities.

Me? I could probably charge an electric car with a small 50km range only once a week and be more than okay. But I'm not going to pay 20K$+ for such a car.

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