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Comment Re: Halfway There (Score 1) 417

This is why we can't have nice things.

Just because a few people behave outside the boundaries of society doesn't mean we have to ban the tools that those people use.

A truck was deliberately used in another country recently as a weapon. It was registered, the driver was licensed. Why haven't there been calls to ban trucks?

Because certain people that decline complex thought have marketed, or bought into the marketing of guns as the symbol of absolute evil.

Here's a place I think you would love:

Free Healthcare,
Free Room and Board,
Free nutritious meals ( 3 per day )
Free Gym Membership,
Free Education,
Only the Police have Guns,

Where is this you say?

U.S. Prison. Liberal Paradise.

Comment Re:You are wrong. Elon is right. (Score 1) 269

We were informing you of the simple fact that it wouldn't be on the news unless the odds were astronomically low.

You were doing good up until here. The line above is true. I get this.Your conclusion blow though is hideously false. This is what I am taking issue to.

if it's on the news it will not happen to you.

Comment Re:You are wrong. Elon is right. (Score 1) 269

Awareness of an event does not alter your chance of experiencing that event unless you are actively seeking, or avoiding it.

You could learn about a Tornado or Police chase and either go to, run from, or remain where you are. Overall the outcome is dependent on your actions.

Comment Re:You are wrong. Elon is right. (Score 1) 269

IF YOU SEE IT ON THE NEWS IT WILL NOT HAPPEN TO YOU. Unfortunately most people do not understand this.

It's more accurate to say 'seeing something on the news does not make it any more or less likely to happen to you. Unless you are watching tsunami coverage in a zone that's expecting that Tsunami, or you're watching reporting on a giant fire that's heading for your community.

The tone of your post suggested that all I have to do to protect myself from a forest fire is to watch it on the news. Then it won't happen to me.

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