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Comment Re:This is the same guy (Score 4, Informative) 368

Did you know that MP3 is nearly 25 years old?

And Apple never sold MP3 music files. They started with 128kbps AAC and they've upgraded to 256kbps AAC a few years ago.

iTunes also allows you to rip your own CDs in even higher bitrates and in Apple Lossless (Apple's equivalent of FLAC).

So no, bitching about the quality of Bluetooth audio is not pointless.

Comment Re: Linux. (Score 1) 399

Wow, way to over-think things.

What I am saying is my experience with a Mac was wholly under-whelming. You may have been able to make things work. Bravo for you. My experience with a Mac has been trying to get a square peg to go into a round hole.

Photoshop, some involves Maya and or Lightwave. Some involves PowerPoint, and some involves Excel

Everyone can do this. It's not hard. Hell my *phone* can do it. Altering text files to configure two disparate systems to speak with each other? Fantastic.

But what can your Mac talk to as far as equipment is concerned? Industrial automation? Sensor to shooter systems? IC2? PWM? High traffic network servers ?


Comment Re:When you run out of ideas.... (Score 2) 224

The fact that content jumps all around the place is the fault of the websites, not the browser. If the HTML/CSS doesn't tell the browser how much space the non-background images will take, the browser cannot determine the dimensions in advance and has to download the images first.

And since the dimensions are usually at the beginning of the graphic files, that's why the page rendering keeps jumping all over the place when the images start downloading one after another.

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