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Comment Re:-_- (Score 3, Informative) 329

A entire car line was recalled for catching fire for no reason earlier last year. People got in hi-speed wrecks and caused fires, happening to be in a Tesla. The latter gets coverage, the former gets hardly any. No spin from what I can see here, just a disproportionate coverage on a car that's already in the spotlight.

Comment Re:What's the difference? (Score 1) 462

What about genetic abnormalities? XXY? XYY? What about those who have Androgen insensitivity syndrome, where they exhibit superficially female organs and female secondary sex characteristics, but are genetically male?

Additionally, you've also mistaken sex for gender, which is a longer post that I'm too lazy to write.

Comment Re:He who archives my tweets (Score 4, Interesting) 88

Some of the most important historical knowledge comes from things that people at the time wouldn't consider important. Things like grocery lists can help determine the diets and agricultural abilities of a culture at the time.

For an example I just made up: In the future, the presence or lack of traffic reports could, alongside legal/budget records, help a historian verify the spread/development of roadways.

Twitter could be a huge source of topics and a wealth of information for historians in the future.

They may conclude that we were all idiots. This too, counts as useful information.

Comment Re:They had it comming (Score 1) 183

I don't see how that applies. I never pointed out a specific behaviour, for one thing; just that there is a certain minimum set of parameters to meet to be reasonably considered 'Anonymous.'

That is, my statement is closer to "No Scotsman doesn't have roots in Scotland"; if someone claims to be Scottish but doesn't exhibit the core of the definition save for affecting a bad accent, then they're just playing at being Scottish.

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