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Ask slashdot: Due notification

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  • Seriously, he usually responds to questions like that.
    • Yeah, I'd email this to CmdrTaco, and be sure to let us know what he says. I'm not particularly happy about it either, as I too use the "No Foes" option to keep out AC trolls and various people who have proven they can't be civil...
    • Last time I emailed him with some thoughts - including stuff about the fire hose - he responded that day.
  • And posting a bunch of VERY inflamatory JEs until this is fixed.
    • by nizo ( 81281 ) *
      ...posting a bunch of VERY inflamatory JEs...

      So ummm, what were you protesting before today? :-) Ok everyone go and thumbs up this journal. Maybe this is just a sneaky way to advertise the firehose, since I never looked at it before today.

      • So ummm, what were you protesting before today? :-)

        So far, I've been very serious about my Journal here- posting philosophical questions that actually matter to me. If I really wanted to troll, I could post all sorts of other interesting things- let's see, how about was the Prophet Mohammed's third sister's nephew really the chosen one of God or just another camel fucker?
  • The only firehose choice I had was "down"!

    Need to check at home.
  • I've seen some of the discussion on this already, but I am unclear as to what is happening.

    When I look at this story it shows it as being restricted. So is the issue, that if for some reason it gets accepted as a front page story and then put on the front page that it will drop the commenting restriction?

    I haven't seen it happen where a journal that wasn't submitted got posted to the front page yet so I'm not sure when that happened or who knows what goes on when it does. Can voting automa
  • But your JE's are not going to be accepted by a Slashdot editor for a front page story -- which would have to happen before the restritions come off.
    • Obviously it's unlikely that a random JE is published as a front page post.

      But the problem for me is that suddenly I'm not the one making the decision whether or not is is. If I pose a question to my friends, or just think out loud, an editor can now post it as YRO or Ask Slashdot along with a trolling writeup, making it appears as if I sought the advice of several hundred thousand strangers when I just wanted to vent.

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