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Comment Re:It's a shame (Score 1) 50

It's a shame that superbugs don't disproportionately infect darkies. I would support any type of superbug that mostly infects niiggers, kikes, or towelheads. It's a shame that a strain of HIV hasn't evolved to be carried by white women, but infecting only niigger bucks that attempt to rape the white women.

Mr Bannon, you're needed in the Oval Office.

Comment Re:Sorry. Do you not have this???? (Score 1) 50

I mean seriously? Do you not have a mandated system of reporting super bugs, infectious disease breakouts, and other nasties?

This is the United States of America, and I'm sure there are tons of congressmen who have taken lots of money from the health care industry to block any such regulation. The same congressmen who push laws that investigate women who've had miscarriages because of the possibility that they were really self-induced abortions.

Here in Texas, there's a woman doing 20 years for aborting her own baby. We're a nation governed by savages who wrap themselves in "God's Will". Here in Texas, it's easier to open a gun superstore than it is to open a free clinic for women.

Comment Re:IANAL, but (Score 2) 445

doesn't the hard-working small business owner, who is now getting death threats and business disruptions, have a really good libel case?

I don't know how you go about suing a Reddit user called, "u/DumbScribblyUnctious" but there have already been legal actions filed against certain websites that pushed the stories.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 2) 445

The MSM has basically taken to saying "this is false" without bothering to actually explain anything. The NYT did a little, but kind of ignored that the images came from the jimmycomet instagram (not random places on the web...).

Literally none of the story is true. Not only did the whole thing start as an online hoax by pranksters, but the images in the supposed Instagram are from people who "liked" the pizza restaurant's page. None of the "FBI charts of code words" are from the FBI. None of the information that the #pizzagate morons point to is true. It is 100% false.

Here is a comprehensive, detailed rundown with citations on the history of this hoax and whether a single fact or assertion about pizzagate has been proven true or is possible to be proven true:


Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 2, Informative) 445

HOLY SHIT! You fell for god damn fake news. You think you're so fucking smart. Good Job, you fuckin uneducated moron.

That reminds me. Trump's nominee for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development also believes the pyramids were built to store grain and the mummies were just put there to act as scarecrows.


There's also an embedded video of him actually saying that in case you think this is also fake news.

Comment Re:Michael Flynn Jr believes it (Score 4, Insightful) 445

Even worse, Michael G. Flynn, member of the Trump transition team and son of the next National Security Adviser might be a 4chan shitstain and is spreading this story just for the keks.

Either way, it does not speak well of the Trump transition team. I see this morning Trump nominated a medical doctor who thinks dietary supplements can cure cancer, AIDS and multiple sclerosis to be the next Secretary of Housing and Urban Development.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == alt.right (Score 1) 445

Apparently, we should all agree that because one nutcase believes a highly contrived internet rumor and acts out, we should be against anyone investigating misbehavior of our elected officials.

If you own a semi-auto rifle and several handguns, and carry them into a pizzeria in order to "self-investigate" government corruption (and you actually use the term "self-investigate"), yeah, then it's probably best to leave the investigating to someone else, Jethro. Even if you do consider yourself a double-naught spy.

Comment Re:Unclear (Score 1) 319

So you are claiming that Blacks are inherently superior and that their special genes set them apart from other, less, races?

Not at all. In fact, I claimed just the opposite: that we have ineluctable proof that the blue-eyed aryans are NOT superior.

Neither is superior, which is why it is so wrong that white people cling to a privilege based on the idea of superiority. And why it is so interesting that white supremacists and neo-Nazis flocked to support Donald Trump and serve as his advisers.

Comment Re:Why air gaps? (Score 2) 207

If you're talking about things that happen with p < 10^-5 you can can't test to any kind of reasonable confidence level. Engineers have to use the collective experience of the profession as a whole as a guide, in addition to actual testing.

Since phone design is interdisciplinary -- involving marketing, industrial design and engineering -- engineers will just have to push back when the designers and marketers try to take that half millimeter away. This case will be a touchstone for future generations of EEs, the way the Tacoma Narrows Bridge is for civil engineers and Therac-25 is for software engineers.

Comment Some don't know how good they have it (Score 1) 157

I know the point of this is that there is a significant cost to not having reliable high speed access. However some of us remember the days when your computer connected by a modem at 300 baud and that was pretty good. I recently found myself trying to explain a modem to a high school student... that is one exercise guaranteed to make you feel old. I could have just as well given up and said we sent everything by certified pterodactyl.

Comment Re:Unclear (Score 2) 319

Trump won because Clinton

You miss my point. Here's a thought experiment. Imagine a black candidate, even a very conservative one, if a tape were to come out of him saying he could grab women by the pussy. Do you think he would have been cut slack by the people who voted for Donald Trump? Do you think his candidacy would have lasted one day after that tape became public?

That's white privilege.

Virtue signal some more

I think we're done here.

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