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Comment Next step: Premium Passwords (Score 1) 83

For our security, one can go buy passwords from HP for 40$ each. They'll be encased in boxes about 6" x 6" x 10", and printed on plastic cards in case you ever need to log into your printer during a downpour. You'll be able to obtain HP-Certified passwords, produced using premium random string generation systems to be able to access your printers. They last six months, then they expire and you need to buy another in order to get your printer working again.

Comment Re:Surprising? Not so much. - they're stupid (Score 1) 134

yes. obviously. that such an exemption only increases the excuses for data collection "we need to know who people are in order not to spy on them!" It's just unbelievable that they are that stupid. It's a useless thing to ask... If they are going to ask for something it should be something about greater transparency, more oversight of the collection, watching the watchers is the only thing that might be helpful, if you are going to have watchers.

Comment Re:Surprising? Not so much. - they're stupid (Score 5, Insightful) 134

They clearly do not understand how these technologies work. How do they expect to be excluded from mass surveillance? In the words of Edward Snowden, "Security is a binary state" if they are collecting metadata on everyone, for example, there isn't going to be a tag on particular phone numbers to to say "this is a politico", either they are gathering for everyone or no-one. The only way to implement this is to gather all the info, and then annotate it with metadata about all the numbers that belong to politicos, you end up keeping a list of all their phone numbers, social media accounts, etc... so that you can remember that you aren't allowed to look at them. All such identities need to be registered with the government some how, so that they can be excluded. In reality, all the information will still be collected and indexed as that will be the only way to be able to use the information if the PM ever provides permission. In other words, on top of the data being collected, it will also be tagged as especially interesting.

I don't think this achieves what the people proposing the amendment intend. They're being stupid.

Comment Re:Wow, all the way back to 1979... (Score 2) 313

we are talking a little warmer for a few days in the Antarctic at this point

In this case a few days is roughly two months. I agree we have to start adapting now, but this is because politicians failed to act 30yrs ago. We are now at the stage where the longer you work on adapting to the problem the less resources you have to fix the problem. For example, sea walls don't work if they are built on limestone, so you can save some money now by kissing Miami goodbye or start calling it Venice.

So yah, your professor did a great job of teaching you what to think and never got around to teaching you how to think. Sorry you didn't have me in college, I would have at least given you a fighting chance to think critically instead of regurgitating what your echo chamber of friends and you all think.

Feeling insecure? Need a hug?

Comment Re:Neural Nets (Score 1) 44

That's pretty awesome, its one thing to use a machine to do something faster than a human can, its completely different thing do use a machine to do what human doesn't know how to do.

Indeed! I would go so far as to say that if the IBM's Watson/Jeopardy stunt doesn't impress you, then you haven't understood the problem.

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