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Comment Re:Western Digital Still in Business? (Score 1) 78

Western Digital seems to have been on a downward path for quite a long time....I'm not sure why they are still in business.

Seagate had a real rough period a few years back. Their 1.5TB models especially had a lot of trouble. A lot of people are still boycotting them for that reason. Not sure how long your "long time" is.

Boycotting manufacturers rather than models is pointless, but it's like banks. People get screwed and vow never to give money to X again, even though Y and Z are equally likely to screw them.

Comment Re:Changing nature of 911 (Score 1) 80

choking child

I don't think that's the intended use at all.

I'm guessing they're expecting texts more like "someone broke into my house, and I'm hiding in the closet", or "my husband is abusing me, and thinks I'm just cleaning up in the bathroom, but I need help", etc. Situations where being discreet is important, situations where people currently try to text 911, and often get no response.

Comment Re:Hipsterism at its finest (worst?) (Score 1) 288

The local power company sells "Green Power" but, as best as I can find out, they just shove the "Green Power" into the lines and everybody gets some of it. The people who pay the inflated price don't actually get "Green Power"--false advertising and a bait-and-switch.

Do you expect them to track the individual electrons or something? This is exactly how a system like this should work.

Users purchase x kWh of 'green' energy, so the company produces x kWh and puts it on the grid. Sure "everybody gets that energy", but it was funded by and produced for those subscribing to the 'green' power service.

It's about producing power the way a customer wants, not tracking individual joules as they float through wires. That would be madness of the highest order.

Comment Re:Minimalistic smartwatch (Score 1) 381

That's where I am too. I love the idea of smart watches, but I don't want anything clunky, or with poor battery life.

Simple notifications or apps (compass/GPS, weather, sunset/sunrise, heart rate monitor) that are useful when out and about, but not too clumsy on its tiny interface.

And ideally some sort of interoperability with various phones.

I don't have very high hopes of this type of device existing any day soon. So for now I'll stick with my Citizen WR200 atomic.

Comment Re:I donâ(TM)t suppose... (Score 1) 622

most people, journalists included, barely even know what encryption is, let alone how to use it properly.

She doesn't need to know how to use it, really. She just needs to know that its possible to "put a lock" on files (and probably a good idea, considering her subject matter), and then ask a tech-minded individual to help her implement it.

Hopefully this news story makes at least one journalist ask about that process.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: Do I need a JVM on my computer ?

An anonymous reader writes: I use Linux, Mac, Windows and recently I was annoyed by JVM updates on all three platforms. Considering the death of applets and most of the browsers come with a Javascript engine or support HTML5 and other technologies. Is having a JVM installed on my computer still relevant ?

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