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Journal Journal: mod points 1

/. always gives me mod points, but right now, I really have no time to spend them properly. Anyone want to point out some deserving comments?

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Journal Journal: Yet another journal complaining about Slashdot changes 2

Overall, I have OK with the changes to Slashdot. I like D2 except for a couple of issues, namely no chance to confirm or undo a moderation, and the silliness of the overlays for moderation history and some options. But these latest changes destroy the usability the user pages and even the front page. If I only wanted to see headlines and # of comments, I would go to Fark.

There are all kinds of useful changes that could be made to /., so why are only unhelpful changes being made?
I guess I should get serious about learning Perl and start submitting patches...


Journal Journal: [Ask the Circle] Introductory DB/SQL book? 5

I am taking a beginning Database/SQL course, and while the teacher seem to be pretty good, the book (which he did not pick out) does not seem to be that good. I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good basic book (or books) for Databases and/or SQL. Thanks in advance.


Journal Journal: OSCon and Steely Dan 3

Tomorrow should be all sorts of fun! First I am going to spend some time at OSCon. I am just going to the expo, because I don't have the $ for the main part. But it should be fun anyway, what with all that Open Source around :-)

After that, I am going to see Steely Dan and Michael McDonald at the Clark County Amphitheater! I only "discovered" SD last fall, but it has become my favorite band, as one glance at my profile will tell you (wow, changed the look of the website). When I discover new music, I always listen to almost nothing but that for several months and then it just becomes another band that I like. However, this seems different because I have been listening to lots of SD for 9 to 10 months, with several interruptions for other music. I keep coming back to SD, which is why it is officially my favorite band. Kind of like how my "default" reading material is Tolkien + the Valdemar series + Pern (no, PERN, not Pr0n) + Wheel of Time. If I don't have anything new to read, I re-read one of those.

I really need to get as much live music as I can, because most of my favorite bands/musicians are a fair bit older than me, and I am afraid they will retire before I have a chance to see them live. So far I have only seen the Doobie Brothers and a couple local Montana bands live. Actually, I saw the Doobies twice but the fist time I was in... Junior High, I think. Anyway, I was young and had a much stronger social phobia back then, so I didn't enjoy it properly. But this summer is great, I get to see this concert and in August Blue Oyster Cult is coming to the county fair.

Journal Journal: One shiny new /. , coming right up 1

Well, I see the new Slashdot look is now active. I like it, although I think it will be a while before I stop thinking "Hey, what happened to Slashdot?" every time I look at it.

No real point here, just looking at what the sections look like now and I said "What the heck, I'll write a quick JE". I have been meaning to write some real entries; hopefully that will happen soon, now that I have moved my ~/doc/ into Subversion. *kicks self into gear*

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Journal Journal: "Good news everyone!" 6

I just saved a bunch of money... oops wrong line. I meant to say: Futurama is back!
They will make 4 direct to DVD movies that will probably be out in early 2007.

I am amazed this does not seem to be on the front page or Fark yet.

Also, since this is my first journal, I want to say Hello and thanks to everyone who friended me.


I have only made a few comments (I'm a bit shy), but I follow the Circle with great interest. If I can find halfway interesting things to say, and if I can work up the courage, I will try to do more journals. Partly I want to become more at ease "talking" to people (and online is easier than in RL), partly I want to interact with a great and interesting group of people, and partly I want do my small part to combat the impression some people have that is dying. I have a feeling that arb is on the right track about the circle being healthy but different, although I have not been around long enough (about a year I think) to be sure. In any case it seems to me to be as healthy as when I found it.

That's enough for one entry. Good [night|morning|afternoon|evening] everyone.

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