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Comment Re:Translation (Score 3, Insightful) 156

I've never seen a public school in the USA have a uniform for anything other than sports teams. Hell dress code has only gotten even laxer since I graduated in 2000.

I don't know where in the US you are located, but where I live, pretty much all the public schools require uniforms, it was put in to keep the poor kids from feeling bad next to the better dressed wealthier kids.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 1) 156

Just try to apply to my job without a masters or PhD in a relevant field.

Err....being qualified for a job is not considered part of overcoming a barrier to a job. Being qualified for a job is a GIVEN to even be considered for a job, geez.....please have some common sense.

Barriers as discussed above are artificial things keeping folks out that are all qualified for the same job or activity.

Comment Re:this is really getting tiring (Score 2) 156

Those that don't have diversity tend to wither and die due to stagnation.

I"ve yet to see that ever.

I suppose if the business is catering to a specific market where no one is a part of or knows that market it could be detrimental (all white guys trying to see black women gerry curl, or whatever it is called).

On the other hand...throwing out or not hiring people due to their race and ONLY being interested in meeting quotas for diversity sake, I have seen tank a company's abilities.

I have no problem with hiring whomever is the best for the job.

Hell, why is it no one complains there aren't enough white jewish men playing in the NBA? I mean, you look at those teams....no diversity there, just a bunch of tall black guys, with the occasional token tall white boy in there.

Comment Re:Translation (Score 2) 156

1. Dress codes (outside of safety) have little to do with working hard and more to do with enforcing unnecessary conformity.

They also promote the image the company wants to project publicly in many cases.

I hate the dress codes too, but they can be there for a reason.

I was at a place that started out having all men wear ties, women were dresses, or if in pants they had to be pretty formal looking.

After a few years there, they relaxed the dress codes to much more casual when in the work place when not meeting or being seen by customers.

But if we had to meet with customers or they were coming into our building, we had to go back to ties and formal looks those days.

And hell, for the times it is for conformity, I'd think the snowflake generation would be used to wearing the "school uniform"...don't most public and private schools today require uniforms?

Comment Re:Tradeoffs (Score 2) 520

This isn't "globalist", it is exiting a regional trade pact. I have misgivings about free trade, but almost none of those apply to countries with similar standards of living, similar product safety requirements, similar financial rules, easy migration, and similar worker protections.

We don't have similar standards of living, worker protections, educational attainment, or health outcomes across the 50 United States. What makes you think the EU can claim such outcomes between members? The anti-EU crowd was bitching about internal EU migration years before they started bitching about the Islamic "invasion." Imagine a New Yorker getting pissed because someone from Mississippi moved next door and took his job....

Comment Wrong Way (Score 1) 280

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled in AT&T v. FTC that the FTC has no authority over common carriers. This FCC rule that Republicans got rid of filled the gap from that court decision.

So instead of going to the supreme court to fix yet another boneheaded decision from the 9th, someone decided to plaster over the bad mistake with an FCC ruling.

Which as it turns out is like patching holes in a roof with cotton candy - one wisp of rain and the protection is gone.

If someone wanted real protection why not try and pass a real law to do so, instead of jiggering the FCC to patch something wrong?

Comment Re:Okay. (Score 4, Informative) 280

Because if you hit a site using Google Analytics,

I block Google Analytics and most all other google pieces, without any problems. The only ones I generally have to let in is the occasional google api bits....but for the most part you can block most all Google bits and the sites will work just fine.

Comment Speaking of Canadian Trash (Score 0, Troll) 520

as a Canadian I agree! We don't Americans coming up here and ruining this great nation with their bizarre, trashy world views.

Counterpoint: Yesterday when walking along a trail in the U.S. I had to pick up a Tim Hortons bag and various boxes inside. Americans may have some "trashy views" but you Canadians are spreading LITERAL trash in America. Yet again Americans are left to clean up messes other countries make.

So I'm more than happy to support that wall into Canada, I'm not so sure all the Canadians that cross over to shop in the U.S. from Canada or to get real health care would be all that happy.

Comment Doesn't harm women, harms respect for women (Score 1) 512

To be fair, handing out jobs to women for being minimally competent doesn't really sit well with people that earned their position with years of effort.

For sure, they get annoyed.

It harms women

But here's the thing - it doesn't harm women. It harms people's respect for women as competent developers.

But think of it from the standpoint of the woman. Were I a woman, and people thought I was incompetent because of diversity quotas, I would laugh and wave my arms wildly in my pit of extra money I was making.

Respect of others is only valuable when you can use it as leverage to get things like jobs you enjoy. But currently being a woman has far more leverage in getting hired at technical jobs than does respect or competency. So why care what people think about you?

Plus honestly in the end after a while people will respect you for what you have done anyway, no matter what they think at first. So it's not like I'd slack off if it were me, thinking about it from a very long term standpoint, not to mention maintain an internal measure of respect which is important for a strong feeling of self-worth.

Comment Why spread lies?? (Score 2) 512

Remember that stat, that 25% of women in colleges have been sexually assaulted? How initially it seems unbelievable because, hey, you wouldn't, and I wouldn't, and most men you know wouldn't, so how can that be?

And then you found out that it was unbelievable because it was a lie?

One office I worked for had such a person

Nothing helps a lie along like a nice little one-off anecdote, am I right?

But the idea it's limited to SV is absurd

It's not limited to SV but it's rare outside of there. In SV it is pervasive. If I were a woman I would stay far away from SV if I valued my mental health. There's plenty interesting stuff going on outside of SV, and then you also avoid being in a huge bubble of groupthink that has fifty Snapchat clones getting funding.

But if you are a women and want a lot of money, suck it up and take SV for all they are worth. After 5-10 years you could probably retire for life if you play your cards right and change companies often enough.

Comment Apple (Score 1) 198

It is absolute madness if you do not recognize the steadfast refusal of Apple to adopt Flash, along with the ensuing rise in the number of people who used phones and tablets to browse, as the #1 cause of The Fall of the House of Flash.

Flash had other problems sure but it persisted and grew for years with those same problems. It was only wen someone came along that took user experience and security seriously in a way that was popular, that Flash finally met its long-overdue demise.

Comment Re:Let it begin! (Score 2) 244

Yea right. The chances are once the H-1 problem is fixed the skills American will have to do the job at H-1 rate.
Companies don't want well paid middle class. They want rich executives that they can play golf with. Or the poor or near poor working class.
Us tech guys who are educated, experience and have our fingers on the companies vital components are a thorn in their plans.

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