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Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 155

Most people don't. We currently have a conservative democrat and a liberal republican running this term.
The liberal vs conservative is about trying to intact change vs keeping things as they are. Democrats vs republicans are roughly divided in larger central government vs smaller decentralized governments (both with a set of social goals)
Trump is trying to change everything into his own image (IMO a scarry world). Vs Clinton will try to conserve the progress we had made without too much drastic progress.
Clinton may not be progressive but Trump is regressive.

Comment Re:I think it's pretty obvious (Score 1) 155

Snowden did what he did because what he saw was wrong. Wiki leaks did what they do just because that want to stick it to the man. As for those trumped charges I feel that may not be so trumped. There is a personality that wants to be aggressive and focused on what he want with little to no value on the consequences. That personality type is ripe for causing other crimes.
Still with all this stuff I don't see the US other than a few ranting house members really caring much about Assange they got Manning who stole the data she was the criminal against the US Assange just reposted it, just as how many of the US news companies then covered was was leaked. He just thinks that America is out to get him. While his only warrent for arrest is from Sweeden for rape charges.

Comment Point is that GPS not useful for driving, only nav (Score 1) 128

The point is that that data means nothing when there's construction, or the edge of the road is washed out, or a car (or truck...) is stopped in the road... I would expect self-driving cars to use GPS only for an idea of where they are and what roads to use to reach a destination; for actually driving GPS is utterly useless because anything about a road can change any time, you have to use some kind of sensors to figure out how to drive on the road you are on, not the road as fixed GPS data in a database somewhere imagines it might be.

Comment Re:Skinny? (Score 1) 108

You call $30/mo skinny? $30 for a lifetime is skinny..

Well, compared to the average US cable bill which is WELL over $100/mo.....$30 a month is skinny!!

Don't get me wrong, I like a bargain as much as anyone and am always looking for a good deal. Even though I make a healthy living, I try not to over pay for things. I look for bargains on everything I, clothes, toys...etc.

However, most all LEGAL things have a price, and you decide what is and isn't reasonable.

I don't mind paying for things that are valuable to me, as that I know other folks have to make a living too.

However..if $30 a month for a TV service is too MUCH for you to afford, then I suggest your time would be better educating yourself or working harder to get a better paying job so that $30 isn't a burden for you to pay a month after necessities of life.

Comment Re:Insane premise cannot expect an sane response (Score 1) 469

From my standpoint you are far more insane than I am, thinking Trump is hiding anything when he's been conducting public business in years.... ignoring the many, many donations the Clinton foundation failed to reveal until caught.

What's really sad is you truly think you are the sane one, when all you consume and believe are lies fed to you. SMH.

Comment Re:Router Failure? (Score 1) 91

Well how many institutions actually have a proper IT Infrastructure?
Having a company having to embarrassingly show their inadequacies when a problem effects customers should be public. Because if their value in their IT systems is so low should we trust them with their data? Also being self serving: That embarassment will make sure they hire more staff and put more money in IT funding.

Comment Opposite is true, AppleTV is great for TV (Score 3, Interesting) 108

All of the things you mentioned you can play on an AppleTV. Most have AppleTV apps, the few that do not (like Amazon Prime) I can if I wish Airplay from phone to the TV...

It's been especially nice for some things like HBO Go and Starz, because there is a good AppleTV app I could fire up to watch content - but the absolute best aspect by far is that I can sign up for service on those apps through Apple as subscriptions, which means I can *easily* cancel them and just buy in month intervals... HBO bored me by the time Game Of Thrones was over, so I just cut off the subscription until something compelling leads my to subscribe again...

In that way Apple actually has provided the "thin bundles" they wanted, only even thinner - because most channels have individual AppleTV apps now or are building them, so I can truly pay just for content I find interesting, for the period of time that suits me (in monthly increments). I could get an MLB app too if I cared about baseball and get every game instead of the cable bundles which come with restrictions or don't offer all games...

Comment Typical no-content response. (Score 2) 469

Failed to see a single actual counterpoint, just attacking the message instead of considering any of the points. But then I guess that's expected because you are a Democrat, and all you know how to do is vilify anyone who does not vote Democrat (for the record, I am a stringent Libertarian and have been my whole life). You don't even care anymore what the Democrats do, how they operate - you just support them because they exist. How sad!

I personally cannot reconcile my own support of minorities, law, and the gay community with the words and actions of Democrats (especially Hillary, just read what she used to say and thus still deeply thinks about the gay community and minorities) compared to those of Trump (note I do not say Republicans, because Trump is not really a Republican - which is why he will win). Trump has always supported gay marriage, because he actually believes as I do - that people should be free to live their lives without government control. Hillary pretty much is the opposite of that mindset, assuming that the government should control every aspect of your life because they know better than you do.

Comment Just goes to show why more will vote Trump (Score 1) 469

Just another reason many people will vote for Trump - he's a Republican that supports the LGBT community, instead of spitting on them even as the Democrats do because they "know" most in the community will vote for them regardless of actions... Trump has said he's fine with gay marriage, while Hillary in the past has said she was against gay marriage

Your message is just another example of how the Democrats are full of gay-hating bigots while the Republican party has grown as the party of real tolerance.

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