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Comment Thanks for helping but I prefer the original (Score 1) 153

Its more like 100 Billion in debt.

Yes I know that (with long term factored in) but I was trying to present the worst possible number or my argument....

If you factor in your debt estimate to my original numbers, then the percentage the EU is asking for is more like 14%, not 7.5%, making the EU's request even more absurd and unreasonable...

I think you for the support but really like I said, I prefer to show that even the worst case is still too high a percentage, rather than showing a more accurate number that is more open to debate.

Comment Re:Umm (Score 1) 233

Many of those private schools are only interested in providing thought silos so that kids cannot ever get honest opposing views.

Kind of like how the public schools and colleges have been doing for decades now with the progressive views and agendas....?

Hell, you try to espouse anything remotely conservative in one of the public school "thought silos", and you get shouted down and silenced. At colleges, the situation is even more harsh where you risk violent protests and physical violence at worst, or possibly expulsion and bad grades at the least.

Comment Not theory (Score 1) 145

Unless you have actually tried to build a rotating space station, your answer is also theoretical.

They have tried to extend tethers in space, and run into multiple problems caused by them being not-rigid. Gemini 11 (which was tethered to it's Agena to test just these things) encountered problems with spin-up due to this and other dynamics issues. The problems I cite spring directly from experience, mathematics, and engineering.

So no, my answer isn't theoretical.

Comment Re:Artificial Gravity (Score 4, Insightful) 145

From what I've read, it can be done cheaply with a long tether and a counter weight at the other end.

It can be done cheaply in theory... In practice, there's all sort of complications with tether deployment, spin up, and stability. Plus you can't dock with a station spinning like that, so now you encounter the practical problems with spinning down. (All these problems are caused by the fact that tethers aren't rigid.) Any time you need to maneuver the station (for re boost or to avoid debris), you also encounter the spin-up/spin-down problems. Then there are the problems the spin causes in keeping your solar panels aligned with the sun, and your radiators aligned away from the sun. Any directional antennas also suffer from the same problems. Etc... etc...

Easy in theory, difficult in practice.

Comment Way more than that (Score 1, Troll) 153

If you got a letter saying you owed a buck and a quarter in taxes

Apple's cash after you remove current debt is roughly $200 billion (conservative estimate as they have over $50 billion in debts).

!4 billion in Euros is roughly $14,814,100,000 billion US, or almost fifteen billion...

That means that what the E.U. is asking for is 7.5% of Apple's cash. I don't know how much you make but I assure you that in my case 7.5% of my house and savings comes to quite a lot more than $1.25, and in fact I would be taking that up with the tax court if I felt they were wrong.

Regardless, you're on Slashdot shilling for your favorite consumer electronics company.

It's a new definition of shilling to claim that fighting injustices is equal to promoting a company. I'm not promoting Apple - I'm saying what the E.U. is doing is theft, and would say the same thing about any company the E.U. s trying to illegally steal money from.

Look, they know they're tax cheats.

You "know" that, but then you know so many things that are not so...

Let it go, man. Let it go.

That is what I'm advising the E.U. to do. And you; why do you care about what the E.U. and Apple are doing in Europe? I am interested because I have a small financial interest, I own some Apple stock (big surprise). But what is YOUR deal that you care so much to post so fervently on the topic? That is super creepy man.

P.S. by your own argument you cannot care that I own Apple stock, because the amount you claim is so little it would have no effect on Apple cash and therefore share price to give it up, right? Ha! We'll see your tune change soon enough I'm sure.

Comment U.S. profits too??? (Score 1, Interesting) 153

The EU is applying the back taxes to worldwide profits, as Apple is choosing to transfer those profits
to the EU

Apple doesn't transfer U.S. profits to to the EU, so how is it fair for the E.U. to tax Apple on U.S. profits again exactly?

That, kids, is why they play this game.

There are $14 billion reasons why the EU is playing this game but legality or fairness is not one of them.

Comment No, something more advanced (Score 1) 124

I would say what they are looking for is not cost per impression, but rather cost per ENGAGED impression. That is, making CPI actually mean something by noting how likely it was someone paid attention to your ad - like as they mentioned, scroll speed slowing to view the space an ad is in, or perhaps a mouse moving closer to an ad and lingering (a good sign they are paying attention).

Comment Re:Snapchat is super focused. (Score 1) 72

Every time I hear this "discoverable" thing I wonder, "Why the fuck should I have to 'discover' what the app does...shouldn't there be like, oh, I dunno, menus and shit that tell me?

There is a menu but it's rightfully way hidden because you don't need one 99.9999999999999999991% of the time. The rest you are either:
* Taking a photo/video
* Looking at photos/videos
* Chatting
* Adding new Snapchat friends.

Which are all simple and easy to use without any menus, while as I said maintaining full screen content.

I had zero hunting required to use Snapchat, Once you figure you you swipe to go somewhere (which the optional buttons teach you the first time you sue them) the whole app is dead simple.

People these days place WAY to much emphasis on fear a gesture is not discoverable even if it's easily learnable and brings a massive improvement to UX speed.

I still expect apps and programs to have crazy shit like "menus" and labels" and "buttons"

Snapchat has all those things still. It's not like it doesn't have buttons, there are buttons that correspond to any of the gestures (to help you learn to use them as I said). It does indeed have a giant menu, where most modern apps place it which is under an account screen.

Comment Re:How much to re-create Apollo? (Score 1) 290

If you can get - for the same launch cost - not 70 tons, but 1400 tons to orbit, even if they are in 54 ton, not 70 ton lumps - it starts being really questionable what the benefit of the 'shuttle derived' heritage is buying you.

It stops being questionable when you stop comparing prices - and start comparing what you get for those prices. Splitting the payload increases the amount of parasitic mass, I.E. non payload mass such as the support systems the payload requires until joined up in the final assembly. Splitting the payload also considerably increases the total risk of the mission - both by increasing the number of launches required and by adding rendezvous, docking, and assembly steps not required by a unitary payload.
Seriously, while I can't and won't argue the SLS is a good idea - there's a lot more to the equation than simply price. My minivan is much cheaper than a full sized pickup truck, but nobody sober and in full possession of his senses would ever confuse one for the other. No sane person would ever send one to do the other's job.

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