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Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 338

Child labor laws prevents kids as young as five-year-old from working 12 hour shifts seven days a week.

Err...ok, c'mon, use a little common sense, no one is talking about the child labor laws for kids under 15yrs going away....

All those trust fund babies need to get off their lazy asses and work in the coal mines.

Ok...hey, some people have it lucky. We're only talking about people needing to work that NEED the money. If you need money, you need to work for it, not get a hand out from the government. Again, let's use a little common, real world, real life sense here, eh?

I mean, if some working class guy wins $20M from the powerball, no one expects him to have to work again. Again, some people get dealt a lucky hand in life, no need to begrudge them. That's just life.

Comment Re:That can't be right (Score 1) 338

The only way to make America great again is to get EVERYONE WORKING again, including children, retirees and slackers. Trump will add 92 million jobs!

Err...what's wrong with kids/students working?

I have been working a job of some sort since I was 16yrs old. I worked through High School and most all of college. At 16yrs i started off washing dishes in a restaurant, moved from there over the years to bus boy, waiter, bartender....also did some stints in retail selling clothing and shoes, all the way up till I got my first "real job".

And what's wrong with "slackers" working? No one that is able bodied should be given a free ride, hell yes get out there and work.

Comment Sorry but Apple Maps has already surpassed Google (Score 2, Insightful) 40

They don't have the engineering talent to catch up to Google's lead on maps

Apple maps at the outset did not have as good base data as Google. But even then it gave better directions than Google did - it directed me to my house via the route I already drove already because I knew it was the bast (that's the best way to judge map apps, but asking for directions for places you already know well and seeing if you agree).

Nowadays Apple maps data is every bit as good as Google has, and I would say they repair errors found much faster than Google. The past five incidents I've reported (bad roads or wrong information about places) I received a notification that the errors had been corrected in a day or two.

Apple also has surpassed Google in transit directions, offering directions that include how to go through the station...

Google may have started a lot earlier but you are totally forgetting the funk and lethargy that large organizations fall into over time. Apple has a very different corporate structure that is letting the Apple Maps team advance much faster than Google has been improving...

Apple may not be ahead with Siri but I don't think they are that far behind either. What makes you think Google has engineering chops no-one else does? The massive successes of Google Plus or Hangouts?? They are both pretty much at the start of a very, very long race there and it is anyone's game...

Comment Not thinning, gasping (Score 1) 35

The simple truth is that the smartwatch market is chocking, because of one reason - the AppleWatch is consuming all of the revenue. Unlike with phones companies simply cannot sustain losses as long on something inherently more niche like a smart watch.

Apple however is doing just fine, they've said sales are ahead of expectations. They have had a really good OS update and the watches are more usable than they were... Apple also pretty intelligently realizes that fitness users are currently a primary market and did some tailoring/partnerships along those lines.

Comment Re:A few hundred, or a few million? (Score 4, Insightful) 99

More to the question....

Aside from things like child porn, and mutilated there any speech or pictures that are so egregious that they will warp the minds and irreparably damage all the cupcakes and snowflakes out there?

Sheesh people..grow some skin.

Offensive speech and expression, and things controversial are exactly what needs to be allowed and protected...even by companies like this...if people actually depends on these sites for news and info (I still can't imagine this, but apparently so)...then you need to allow a full fun spigot flow of stuff to go through, just so people don't get complacent and thing the world is a warm and fuzzy place.

I think if more controversial stuff was disseminated you'd not see people freaking out so badly when something offensive-nature some how accidentally gets published or expressed.

Seeing a naked hoo-hoo, or hearing a deragatory term (honky, chink, nig-g-er, spic, etc) (NOTE: When did slashdot put in a lameness filter on words here like these??? Did I just seriously have to put symbols into a word, that's new!! The other ones are ok, but this one isn't?) , or an image of some religious NOT the end of the world and it won't destroy the world.

On the contrary, let it be said and expressed, and soon, it won't be perceived as such a big deal.

Its kinda like how kids in the US are kept so far away from a simple thing like alcohol thoughout child hood....its a "forbidden fruit"..and when they leave the house, they binge on it, etc.

Same thing with offensive expression....if you make it the forbidden fruit, well....people go apeshit over things that really shouldn't occupy ones attention for more than a passing glance.

Comment U.S. is more land than three states (Score 1) 441

"3 large states" wouldn't be controlling everything. The people in those states would be, and they represent a majority of our national population.

So then if the people in those three large states say they want to fill all of the rest of the states with garbage dumps? Or maybe cut down all the trees or Oregon... That would be fine right, because after all the majority wanted it? It didn't affect the majority states...

The reason why we have mechanisms to ensure equal representation from all states is so that we have responsible stewardship of lands that mean something to the people who live there, not just some remote place to dump on.

Are you saying you don't like democracy?

Indeed anyone who thinks about it should realize Democracy is terrible, majority rule is always a poor plan. That is why we have REPRESENTATIONAL democracy so that reasoned responses can occur instead of a few millions poeple's hot take on whatever.

Are you saying you hate the environment? Because massive environmental issues would be the result of a handful of states calling all the shots. My virtual signaling outweighs yours.

Comment Plex vs Kodi for Audio(interface, FLAC, playlists) (Score 1) 79

Maybe you and others can help me. I'm debating which of the two, Kodi or Plex to use.

I'm setting my living room home theater again. I'm cutting the cord.

I'm using Amazon FireTV boxes near each tv for streaming (netflix, amazon and PS VUE for 'cable channel streaming'). I have Tivo OTA Roamio in living room and Tivo minis in other rooms to DVR and stream local HD channels.

In my living room, I'm setting up my good stereo again...THIS is where I'm looking mostly for Plex or Kodi.

I am wanting to put all my good, high end rips of music in FLAC on a computer in my house somewhere...and be able to access that through my Amazon FireTV that hooks HDMI into my new Marantz AV preamp/decoder, which I'll then enjoy to my speakers for when I just want quality music time. I figure this would be one of the easiest ways to have lossless music set up and play. I'm hoping Plex or Kodi would work for this?

Which one would have the best front end, for just playing music (I know they both do other media)...can you make play lists on them both? Playing and choosing songs next to play in real time, etc?

Is one better than the other at this? Is this functionality built in to ether..or are there plugins required..if so,w hat's the best plug ins?

I know both can do video and other media and of course I'll use that too, but right now, ever since I get my good stereo up running again with the new AV unit, dual SET Tube amps and Klipschorns...I like to just jam to good music too and am trying to figure the best set up to do this with my equipment I've put together so far. Again, ONLY playing FLAC for lossless music.

Comment Obvious proof (Score 1) 180

Did you head Buzz Aldrin was going to the south pole? Neither did I.

You know what this means - aliens are real, they are here, and Buzz was taking a clandestine trip to visit the secret diplomatic base we have set up for them in Antartica. The combination of his age and certain exotic gases they use to acclimate to our atmosphere led to an unfortunate reaction so they had to rush him back home for a cleansing.

It's ironic that will all of the advanced technology the aliens have and all of the information they have obtained by probing and dissecting enemies of the state, they still don't know enough about human physiology to fix Buzz there.

Good luck Buzz!

Comment Re:Calculated values can always be hacked. (Score 1) 203

Normally most businesses are too lazy to go that far. If you abuse the system too much you will probably get caught. However minor tweaks. Such as closing the ticket then follow up, and complete the job. You probably will not get noticed.

Comment Re:Nature varies (Score 1) 238

Mapping our historical universe is a bit different than defining our observable universe.

Not at all - because they are one and the same. Even looking as close as the Moon, the finite speed of light means we're seeing the past. Looking out to (say) the Andromeda galaxy, it's both observable and millennia in the past. (And M31 is far from the furthest object we can see in distance or in time. We can see much more than "a tiny sliver of our own galaxy".)

We're still doing a lot of this work in the dark, both figuratively and literally.

No, not at all. "This work" is either being done by direct observation, or extrapolated from direct observation. (Which extrapolation is then proved or disproved by further comparison to direct observation.) It's not guesswork.

Comment Re:Don't give him ideas (Score 0) 545

Well I would quit about all this doom and gloom. Trump is set to be a horrible administration, and I am still POed at all those people who got hooked on Clinton's Emails (After he look to hire someone who leaked information to a journalist he was sleeping with)

But I besides his big mouth I doubt he is going to use the American Alert system as his personal toy. He has so many more ways to address people then abusing the alert system.

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