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Comment Re:Rights vs consequences (Score 1) 104

HOWEVER that does not mean the rest of us have to accommodate you

You are wrong, yes you do... Or do you not understand what rights fucking are?

Are you really this stupid?

But I also will insist that you remain in quarantine until it is safe to be around you.

You don't have that right, it would violate mine...

So frankly, go fuck yourself you worthless pile of dog shit. Really, you are, and probably don't even know it.

Comment Re:Never was a reasonable conversation (Score 1) 104

The anti-vax crowd is not spouting off reasonable viewpoints based on considered evidence.

They don't have to, it isn't for you to say they are unreasonable...

You are actually the unreasonable one for not understanding there is a third position here.

I don't think vaccines cause autism, I simply have the right to decide what I put into my body, regardless of what you think about it.

Comment Re:On a sober note (Score 1) 104

Amazes me that after eradication of smallpox, victories against polio, typhus, measles, mumps, fucks knows what else, there are always people trying to drag us back to the stone age.

You're amazed because you can't see past your own nose...

I don't doubt the effectiveness of vaccines... I just expect the choice of what to put into my body and frankly I don't trust any government to be honest about these things...

Comment Re:Weird definition (Score 0) 104

crazy anti-vaxxers

Calling people you disagree with "crazy" shuts down any reasonable conversation.

The only reply to you for saying that would be "fuck you, do what you want with your body and stop telling other people what to do with theirs, you worthless fucking slime ball"

That is mostly what your comment deserves as a reply.

Comment Re: So are we... (Score 1) 489

It's clearly not theirs.

It sure as hell isn't yours however... thus the problem at hand, it has to be someone's and the people who might have any claim to it have been dead for a long time.

You just want to take that which isn't yours. That makes you a pile of dog shit, but you'll never see that, so do us all a favor and kill yourself and remove your worthless waste of existence from this otherwise nice planet.

Comment Re: So are we... (Score 1) 489

The problem is that you *think* the land is theirs to begin with.

I don't *think*, I know... It is their land... Unless you don't give a shit about the rule of law and respecting rights...

Sure, you can be a thug and steal, but then you're just a thug who steals...

The land has been theirs for a thousand years, short of a revolution and war, that isn't (and shouldn't) change.

Comment Re: So are we... (Score 1) 489

You are uninformed on how the Royals work and how the money works...

If the annual money paid to the Royal family were cut off, it would cost the British taxpayer hundreds of millions of pounds, not save them anything.

If you don't know why, you need an education, go learn about how all that works and be amazed...

Comment Re: So are we... (Score 2) 489

But their absence would not mean no tourist dollars. Tourists don't avoid Versailles because the French got rid of their monarchy.

No, but their absence would mean no income from their lands, which goes to the British people, not them.

Go ahead, cut them off, learn something in the process how you'd have to raise taxes to cover the loss of income as they get their lands back.

Comment Re: So are we... (Score 2) 489

I would send the British monarchy, only because I think they are a giant waste of my tax money.

Then you are uninformed, because getting rid of them would COST you money, to the tune of hundreds of millions of pounds.

If you don't know why, you should learn, because you're completely wrong.

Comment Re:Anti-Hillary is not Pro-Trump (Score 1) 852

No, but this response only supports my original assertion.

No, I was speaking down to your level since you wouldn't understand or bother to try and comprehend an informed response, it would have been wasted on you...

The response you received was accurate for you, you're an asshole, no more or less...

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