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Comment Re:It's just a power grab (Score 1) 126

It might be. I've not looked into it so just throwing out a theory, but I would assume that most people don't bother putting the time and money into appeals that they're guaranteed to lose...

If there's also some sort of pre-review to further knock off ones that the appealer thinks might have a chance but the court doesn't, again the ratio pushes in favor of cases that get overturned.

Your theory is correct. There's a good discussion of the issue here.
From the link:

This would give an approximate breakdown of 84.7% of cases weren't even considered by the Supreme Court, 15.1% of cases were declined by the Supreme Court, 0.12% of cases were overturned, and 0.03% of cases were confirmed."

Comment Re:This is going to be interesting (Score 1) 430

Came here to to say this. When self-driving trucks start rolling out (har har) en masse, we're going to need to find new jobs for a LOT of people. A large percentage of the 1.3 million truck drivers will need to find new jobs or else. What they'll do, I just don't know.

Funny how the map of the most common job per state looks similar to the map of the 2016 presidential election results when you compare "Truck Driver" states and red states. I wonder if this will play out during Trump's presidency or his successor's and how they'll handle it..

Comment Loopholes (Score 1) 310

Talking about this law, my friend said that he'll just change the wording of his listing to the effect of, "I'm renting this apartment, except for the closet. I reserve the right to enter the apartment and sleep in the closet. Please note that I have never actually done this."

I don't know enough about the new law to know if this is a viable loophole, but I'm sure there are plenty of other good ideas.

Comment Re:Why should commercial be different from private (Score 5, Interesting) 239

The FAA's stance on commercial operations long predates drones. I, as a non-commercial pilot, am prohibited from accepting compensation for flying people or cargo and the FAA has a very wide view of what constitutes "compensation". The theory is that if I am being paid, that might impact my decision-making process and change (for example) "it's too windy to fly today" to "I can probably land safely in this wind". To get a commercial pilot's license I would need to 1) accrue more flight hours 2) pass a harder written test and 3) pass a more strict practical (skills) test. More experience and training translates to better decision making and increased safety.

This rationale holds true for drone flights, with perhaps a decreased risk factor. A hobbyist might look at the weather and say "I don't want to fly in this wind, my expensive toy could end up in the neighbor's tree" when someone being paid could say "I have insurance". Multiply that by the number of expected drones in the next few years and it becomes a rather large problem.

Personally, I have no problem with the way the FAA is handling the situation. They're putting safety first, as they have always done and being professional by putting a lot of thought into their new regulations rather than hastily pushing a poorly-written, loophole-ridden set of regs that need revision every 2 months. Imagine the confusion among drone pilots whether the new maximum altitude was 300' or 400' this month, and imagine the nightmare of writing, rewriting, and deploying new regulation-compliance software for the drones if the rules kept changing.

Comment Linux and Windows (Score 2) 599

Which one is my main computer?
I'm on my work computer 8+ hours/day; it runs Linux (Ubuntu) natively and Windows 7 in a VM.
My home PC runs Windows 7 and Ubuntu in a dual boot configuration, but I'm usually in Windows because games. Counting evening games/browsing and off-hours/moonlighting work, it's probably a close 2nd to my work computer in terms of hours of use.
My personal web server/NAS/SSH computer runs Ubuntu, behind a BSD firewall. I can get to this machine from anywhere I have internet access, including from my phone...
My phone runs Android. I have it by my side near 24/7, but I'm not using it all that time.

Comment Re:Complete overreaction, TSA style (Score 1) 170

I'm a glider pilot too, and I think the FAA & DoI are being completely reasonable. The margin of error for these fire fighting aircraft is very small; they do their drops at 140kts and 300' (source). How much time do you think the pilots have to see and avoid something the size of a drone at those speeds? Even if they decided to hit it, it's still an unnecessary distraction from them doing their job.

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