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Comment Re:Dilemma Solution (Score 1) 371

who says that as a business you have some sort of a right not to have competition?

Nobody does, but we haven't even gotten to market yet, we're still discussing the relative costs and benefits of our staffing decisions. As it stands the opportunity cost of choosing to hire humans over purchasing robots seems to be quite high. Maybe you can "compete on the fact that you hire humans", ask the "Buy American" people how that worked for them?

automation is not an immediate thing

Neither is hiring a human, they will have to be trained in whatever innovative process you've dreamed up. Except that every human you hire will have to be trained, while the robot would be trained once and that programming replicated as many times as necessary.

Comment Re:Dilemma Solution (Score 1) 371

So it will run at reduced efficiency and productivity compared to a robot-staffed company because hiring three shifts of workers plus spares for each position is less capital-intensive than buying a robot for each position? Keeping in mind, of course, that robot-built-robots will theoretically be as inexpensive as everything else robot-built (ie cost of raw materials plus whatever margin the bot owners can eke out as profit), plus the added overhead of having to outfit your place of work for human occupation eg lights, bathrooms, potable water, etc.

As for "processes", at this point, just about any assembly process is well understood and well automated. The ones that aren't are waiting for computer vision to finish baking. Which, like everything else, will remain 5-10 years in the future until one day it isn't.

Comment Re:Survey sponsored by company reveals (Score 1) 83

water is wet

This is a key piece of knowledge that companies often overlook. I once asked a CEO over a round of golf whether or not he knew water was wet and after reviewing his reports and whitepapers he acknowledged that he really had no idea.

That was when I decided to leverage my synergies in the dashboard paradigm to develop our Wetnss Information-as-a-Service product. Utilizing our proprietary moist dashboard technology, the C-suite can be kept up-to-date in the latest advances in the critical business infotech field of how wet water is. We're looking for investors willing to get in on the first wave of this groundbreaking new service. Act fast, we're planning to hit the ground running with a big IPO next year!

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