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Comment ULA: Please give us good press! (Score 1) 79

Their whole marketing department has probably come down with depression over the last few years, so it's clearly time to trot out the interns doing something fun and not particularly consequential. Maybe next year they'll do a viral video.

(For the record, I'd like to see them doing well again. The more competition at the cutting edge, the better. But they got complacent, and it looks like SpaceX is about to eat the rest of their lunch, with Blue Origin possibly stealing a bit, too.)

Comment Re:Third option - don't care (Score 1) 403

I lost my account password for years - same issue with dead email. I eventually recovered it because I remembered that early period slashdot did auto-login by storing your password in your cookie. Double BASE 64 encoded! I dug out my old PC that had died around that time and was able to pull my cookies off the hard disk, decode the slash ones and finally regain access to my account after 4 years. This probably doesn't help you, but it might work for someone else out there....

That's actually pretty cool.

Comment App requests way too many permissions (Score 3, Informative) 66

My wife was at the conference where this was unveiled and she came home excited about it. When we went to install it on our phones, though, we discovered it requested a surprising array of permissions that you wouldn't think it would need, like information about your contacts list. I think I'll hold off till they scale that back to something more reasonable.

Comment Re:Article or press release? (Score 1) 135

A fair point. I guess I'm used to it copying the first few paragraphs of an article about the topic, so there's at least some analysis involved. For instance, I thought these two articles from yesterday were much more helpful than a press release-type article like the one in the OP:

Comment It's still cheaper than war (Score 4, Insightful) 356

The oil industry periodically requires wars to secure its supplies, and a lot of its profits accrue to countries with interests inimical to those of the U.S. To give you an idea, Operation Desert Storm cost $104 billion in nominal 2014 dollars. From a strictly cost/benefit perspective, the U.S. is underfunding these companies.

Comment It formed during the Holocene? (Score 2) 293

Please forgive me for hijacking this thread with a question related to the Larson B Ice Shelf rather than global warming, but I was hoping someone could shed some light on how this ice shelf formed during the current interglacial. I would've thought more or less all of the major ice shelves and glaciers around the world were relics of the Pleistocene, but it sounds like this formed during the hottest part of the Holocene (with the possible exception of today).

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