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Comment Well, duh (Score 1) 88

A good rule of thumb is that if a large telco thinks a major business decision is good idea, it's probably bad for consumers.

There's obvious exceptions to this rule... building out and maintaining telco infrastructure is usually a good idea, but even there you have to scrutinize the fine print or you'll find your copper landlines left degrading while they roll out fibre and wireless.

Comment Re:Holy flamebait batman! (Score 1) 894

Thank you for "giving me the chance" to repost the link to my research that you never bothered to look for, and was sitting right there, out in the open for you to find, simply by looking at my original post.

You just tried to support the argument of one blog by ... linking to another blog. One was partisan on one particular issue, the other is simply partisan in its all-encompassing goal of defeating anyone with the wrong letter after their name.

Yet neither provides any factual information to support your earlier claim about global warming data.

Man, when you lefties don't want to understand something, you really go all out pretending not to see it.

I'd love to know how you can possibly imagine this conversation to somehow be supporting that claim. I have now multiple times asked you for factual information to back up your arguments and the best you have done - which is not in any reasonable approximation a qualifying reply to what I asked for - is to link to more partisan blogs.

Besides...communists being associated with unions is hardly a surprise at all, on any level; they are fundamentally communist organizations to begin with.

No, although that is the closest to a factual statement I have seen from you in this entire discussion. Actual Communism - as opposed to whatever strange nonfactual version of communism exists in your nightmares - indeed is about organizing workers in a revolution against the controllers of industry so that workers get a fare shake. The closest we have to that in this country is the labor unions, but they have very little power remaining in this country.

The Communist Party USA and the Socialist Party USA have both endorsed her.

The first half of your statement Is wrong and exists only in the conservative blogosphere. Intelligent people who actually read up on what happened here know that the CPUSA chairman gave a statement that he will vote for her, but never gave an endorsement of her on behalf of the CPUSA.

The second half of your statement is an outright lie, as Socialist Party USA has their own presidential / vice presidential candidates.

I'll say to you what I have said to other fact-lacking slashdot conservatives - there is plenty wrong with Hillary Clinton, why do you feel the need to spread lies about her? You could take a much more sound path by sticking to actual facts about her.

Comment Re: Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 3, Insightful) 324

... as of October 6th the number of endorsements for Donald Trump among major American newspapers sat at a big fat zero.

That's a bit of a no-brainer, really.

One thing Trump has said (and stuck with) is that he wants to open up libel laws. No news organization anywhere on the political spectrum wants their job to get harder or more expensive.

Comment Re:If the point was ... (Score 4, Insightful) 324

There's no proof that it has anything to do with Wikileaks, but in a world of IoT devices with no thought toward security, anyone who cares to do so can mount DDOS with the power of a national entity.

What's the point of doing what Assange and Wikileaks have been doing without any moral position? He isn't helping his own case.

Comment Re:Legal? (Score 2) 276

No, of course it is not legal to set a trap to intentionally hurt someone, even if you expect that the trap could only be activated by the person committing property theft or vandalism. Otherwise, you'd see shotguns built into burglar alarms.

Fire alarm stations sometimes shoot a blue dye which is difficult to remove or one which only shows under UV. Never stand in front of one when pulling the lever! But they are not supposed to hurt you.

And of course these booby traps generally are not as reliable as the so-called "inventor" thinks and tend to hurt the innocent.

Comment Re:Is it really a war? (Score 1) 134

But it's a pretty minor league attack against the "internet". Twitter is down? The NYT?

I was just reading a Facebook comment from a friend about a hospital basically shutting down... presumably they had a dependency on something "in the cloud".

Now, I'll certainly grant that said hospital fucked up beyond belief by having that dependency, and I'd hope that heads will roll over it, but the impact seems to go beyond mere entertainment.

Comment Re:we need more disenfranchisement (Score 1) 40

It definitely has been devastating that more people than normally would go to college are pressed in to it.

It doesn't surprise me that you would say that, as denying education to people is a standard conservative technique to ensure the continued stagnation of economic mobility. You also over-focused my statement of "higher education", which includes things like trade school that are also vastly beneficial to high school graduates who otherwise find themselves with no path into jobs that pay a liveable wage.

And Leftism is so extreme and ridiculous, it's indistinguishable from a parody.

For whatever "Leftism" means to you, I suppose. If you were to actually look at people who are actually involved in politics in the US, you would find that your idea of "Leftism" describes exactly zero elected federal politicians.

Comment Re:we need more disenfranchisement (Score 1) 40

The part I find most amusing about the usual north-south divisions (I've heard others suggest a straight extension of the Mason-Dixon line as well) is that then the Mexican border becomes entirely the responsibility of the south, but they won't have the economic resources to make it happen. Although as they won't have any jobs for the Mexicans to venture north in pursuit of, it might become a moot point. They would really have to worry more about their northern border, as they would need to reinforce it to keep people from fleeing to the north in hopes of jobs, education, and health care.

And the border bit becomes even more interesting if secession starts with Texas... They have the largest part of the Mexican border of any state, if they go first they suddenly find themselves with a bill and not enough income to cover it.

Comment Re:we need more disenfranchisement (Score 1) 40

it's been so fundamentally changed by you guys at this point.

Yeah, it really sucked ass when people started to be credited as full time workers when they worked only 40 hours a week. It was awful when average workers started to get the weekends off, that really was havoc for our economy. The devastation of people being able to put their children through higher education is incalculable as well.

By our dogma, taxes would be low here but entrepreneurship would high and the economy would be booming

That plan has been tried many times over, and not once has it ever come even the slightest bit close to something that could be approximated as a vague resemblance to the promises that it came with. It has been tried in many different parts of the world, at many different times, and every time the result has been the same - it has been an abysmal failure for everyone who is not in the top one-tenth of one percent of the economy.

Meanwhile your parody of what the non-conservatives in this country want for a plan is so far removed from the truth that it isn't even worth quoting.

Comment Re:we need more disenfranchisement (Score 1) 40

I would ask how you see your opinion of people who "hate" America as being somehow connected to reality, but I don't see any reason to expect you to answer such a question. The notion however of you not being on "a mission to fundamentally change the country" is a lie in and of itself. You most certainly are trying to change the country, even if it may be that you aspire to change it back to the 18 50s.

my peeps would certainly need to build a wall to keep you people out from nagging us about everything from the weather to the size of our Cokes

In what alternate universe are there cross-border issues about such things?

I suspect the Right-wing side would need a massive defense appartus, and a DMZ might also be apropos.

First of all, if a division occurred along political majority lines (red states v blue states), the red zone wouldn't be bringing in enough revenue to build a "massive defense appartus" (sic). If you applied some even stranger Reaganomics to pretend that you somehow could do that, what on earth would you be defending yourself from? Your construction would almost certainly need to be done to hold back the exodus from your territory.

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