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Comment Define "bargain" (Score 5, Interesting) 403

I don't think anyone out there is saying that from a $/GB perspective that SSD's are a bargain.

But here are two key points:

1) Not everyone needs 1TB of storage (about $100, and practically entry level now for hard drives). Especially on laptops, a $350 32GB SSD (also entry level) can get you quite far, especially if it is reserved for the OS and applications. You can pick up a 32GB SSD for a reasonable price, and get the really good performance, and use a big, cheap HD for media files.

2) Many people view the extra performance + lower power consumption + greater reliability as worth the premium price, and that makes them a value. Just because they can't compete on a $/GB basis doesn't make them a bargain to some people.

Comment Manufacture or design? (Score 4, Informative) 202

There's a big difference between manufacturing a chip and designing one. Unless Apple suddenly acquires the capital and know how to run a fab, manufacturing is best left to foundries like TSMC.

I'd even be surprised if they did the design completely in-house. Most likely it would be a collaborative effort with an already established low-power design house like ARM.

Comment Organ enlargement, etc. (Score 1) 713

I'd like to see a follow-up book on all the crazy shit that's out there like the penis enlargers, the motorized belts that vibrate your fat away, oddly shaped ergonomic chairs and desks, ionic air purifiers, the automatic muscle exercisers, yadda yadda yadda.

Flip through a SkyMall catalog on an airplane some time and you'll find tons of examples of devices like this that supposedly improve your body or health. (Also, a magnet stand that magically ages your wine collection 100 years in minutes!!) This industry is even less regulated that alternative medicine but can be just as dangerous, if not more so. At a minimum, they lend credence to the saying, "a fool and his money are soon parted."


Submission + - GPS III to No Longer Have Selective Availability ( 2

Cobalt Jacket writes: The U.S. Department of Defense has announced that Selective Availability (SA) would "no longer be present in the next generation of GPS satellites." (referring to GPS III) Existing satellites have had the feature disabled by President Clinton since 2000, but SA can be activated at any time. SA was one of the principle stated reasons for the European Union and European Space Agency's backing of the Galileo program. This will not affect the GPS IIF spacecraft which will be launched over the next few years, though it is unlikely that SA will ever be utilized on those satellites.

Submission + - iPhone has Arrived

teknopurge writes: "AYBABTU, but seriously now, the much anticipated iPhone is here, and first impressions show that they hype leading up to the device came up short: it's pretty and has multiple spacial sensors. Check out the play-by-play at"

Submission + - Apple unveils new iPhone and Widescreen iPod

poser101 writes: "According to breaking news from ABC News, Apple has unveiled their new iPhone and Widescreen iPod. ABC has not posted much information on the two devices yet, but according to the "Breaking News" headline, the iPhone will deliver music and videos and will also take phone calls. The iPhone will apparenly feature buttons that change according to the context in which the phone is being used."

Submission + - Apple's Phone Uses Touchscreen, OS X

necro81 writes: "As reported by Engadget's blow-by-blow of Steve Job's keynote at Macworld Expo, Apple's new phone (still called the iPhone, despite that name already being taken) is a smartphone-PDA that runs OS X (embedded), has a 160 ppi 3.5" screen, has a full-szied touchpad (no stylus), syncs via iTunes to OS X or Windows and, of course, is an iPod. The phone communicates to the outside world via GSM, EDGE, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, and Dock connector."

Submission + - cheaper dvr services?

bofh1234 writes: I subscribe to the dish network top 60 pack and local channels. I have 2 625 dvr receivers, but am only paying for 1 ($5) because they are both hooked to the telephone line 24/7. I am also paying $5.98 for each receiver for the dvr service. The brings the total to over $55 per month. I want to stop paying $17 per month (lose the equipment rental fee and the dvr services). I have 4 tvs.

I like the dvr service, but can I do it on my own? Can I buy a couple of receivers, move the smartcard from the current receivers to the new ones? Can I install a tv distribution system in my home (i.e. something like a hotel setup? satellite comes in, gets decoded, and sent to each room) I already have the wiring just need the equipment (any recommendations?). This would also get rid of the dish network remotes and allow me to go back to using the remotes that came with the tv. Any other ideas?

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