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Comment Re:if only... (Score 1) 235

I'll concur with Galactic Dominator - I used Linux emulation for almost a year as part of my backup strategy, before switching to duplicity. I still use dump (and yes, I'm doing dumps of live, mounted, read/write filesystems - all of them - nightly.

I also use ZFS on my system, and have never had corruption or a failure of any kind. As for double parity mode - I'm not sure what the status is, but as of version 8.0, ZFS is no longer considered experimental.

Comment What is a copy? (Score 1) 352

[A record label lawyer] approached me and asked if I knew anything about flashing a Nintendo DS for their kids so they can play copies.

By "copies", do you include homebrew games that implement the same rules as a non-free commercial game? Would Lockjaw, for instance, be considered a "copy" of Tetris DS?

ObTopic: I've seen torrents of just homebrew. I imagine they'd go away too because Nintendo would object to including them in "Content Distribution" on patent grounds.

Comment Re:Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,Christmas gifts,Is he (Score 1) 190

    I've seen a few in the last few days. Since Slashdot doesn't delete any posts (yet), it's a golden place for them to be. Those of us reading at -1 see them, but obviously we won't buy from them. It'll should (I believe) help their pagerank though, which hurts everyone else.


Submission + - Google "Interstitial" Knows Better Than Yo

Benjamin Cherry writes: "Apparently Google has teamed up with the folks over at to provide what they've termed an "interstitial" between their engine and web pages that have been deemed unsafe by, where you are informed that "You landed on this page because members of the public reported this website to as hosting or distributing badware." They go on to define "badware" as "software that behaves in malicious and/or deceptive ways and is commonly referred to as spyware, malware, and deceptive adware." An example page can be seen here: Google search for 'dc boot cd utilities.' Google does not provide a hyperlink for the desired page, apparently meaning that its users need to be savvy enough to cut and paste if they wish to knowingly put their machines in harm's way. There is currently no option to disable this feature in Google's Search Preferences."

Submission + - Homebrew running on Wii

Hexxeh writes: "Okay, I've been messing about with a Wii and I've finally managed to get my own code running. My Wii has managed to boot uClinux and I've laid the path out for other hackers to continue. Here's some instructions on how to get your Wii running your own code. Instructions: 1) Run DNS server and point shop to local Apache server 2) Run Apache server with index.tmd added as an index. 3) Place TMD file, which is not being distributed at the moment, in server root. 4) Use your DNS server on the Wii internet settings section. 5) Go to the Wii shop. 6) A channel will be added that boots your custom content.bin 7) Profit. Don't ask me for the TMD file, I'm not sending it around as I don't know the legalities of this. uClinux works fine and I've even got a USB keyboard working. The next step is to get drivers for the Wii which isn't my area so I'm going to be leaving the Linux train here. Later, Hexxeh"

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