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Comment Re:Pogolobotog monkeys win the slig?! (Score 4, Insightful) 87

Parent post and TFA made equal amount of sense.

After all, there is a vast difference between a shipment (sending the product to a warehouse or store) and a sale (customer actually purchasing the product).

It's nice that Samsung shipped more phones than Apple, but how many of them are sitting in a stuffed channel, as opposed to sitting in customer hands as a sold item?

Apple only reports actual sales, so until/unless Samsung reports actual sales, TFA means absolutely nothing at all, and looks awfully the same as Microsoft's old Xbox channel-stuffing antics.

Comment Re:Who wrote that headline? (Score 1) 88

(company name) launches (product name) [missing "a"] Windows 10 laptop featuring [missing "a"] 1080p display, starts at $520.

So, two missing "a" and you can't parse a title? I've seen much worst right here on Slashdot, especially because of the english-style "word case" where common words with an uppercase first letter just confuses things even more.

Comment Typos (Score 1) 15

If you're referring to the book, I took great pains to leave the stories as close to how they were presented in the magazines as possible, leaving typos in. One story I got from Gutenberg had typos edited out, I re-inserted them. Five of them were printed in the bound versions of the book and PDF from cleaned-up scans of the original stories. I saw three in Leinster's story.

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