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Comment Definition Request (Score 1) 1

I'll admit I am not a part of the larger LGBTQ community, so I am missing something here.

Can you please tell me what a "straight transsexual" would be? When you use the term

straight transsexual women

(which you mentioned in the context of a "repressed gay man") does that mean someone who is born male, identifies female, and then as a female has sex with males? I just want to make sure I know what is being discussed. I don't dispute the legitimacy of the label I just want to understand what it means.

I once had a grad student (who I guess would qualify as a Q-female) try to explain all these to me and I was left somewhat puzzled. All I understood in the end was that she was describing one particular event that was upcoming at the time (has since passed years ago) where I - as a "cis-male" - was about the only person not welcomed in the crowd.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 7

There is no spite here. This is about preventing the end of our democracy and perhaps the end of democracy worldwide. We have just inaugurated not only an arrogant ignorant dickwad who is less informed than a typical high school senior of the workings of our high school government, but we have done so at a time when the world needs logical and intelligent leadership.

We have failed the world

And it would be one thing if the US were a smaller player on the world stage. Regardless of your take on what "American Exceptionalism" means - and whether or not it matters - the US still has one of the largest nuclear arsenals anywhere and now we have an angry orangutan sitting at the button. This would be a small mistake if we were a small country without these weapons at our disposal but we are not. Even once he sinks our economy we will still have our weapons and his temper.

And once his administration collapses in a giant inferno we are then stuck with either President Pence or President Ryan - both of which are terrible realities. Being as Trump gets to appoint the head of the CIA we'll have a hard time expecting them to take care of this for us.

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 7

I can not imagine a reason to wish him success. As far as I am concerned he is a terrible human being. As I already stated pretty well his entire life is one giant lie after another. It is nearly impossible to imagine a scenario where his success could possibly be good for me, and I can imagine many scenarios where his success would be terrible for me. I am hoping that he quickly gets exposed as being part of a giant administration-ending scandal, and hopefully it includes both Pence and Ryan as well so we can sweep them all out early as they are - as hard as it is to imagine - even worse.

I think one thing this has really confirmed is that indeed there is no God. I cannot imagine why any "benevolent higher power" would want to allow this to happen to his "Creation".

Comment Re:Sigh (Score 1) 7

The point is that basically Trump's entire life is a series of lies. He even lies about his physical traits, apparently because he is so used to lying that he can't seem to bring himself to be honest on anything. He willingly shits on the truth any time that he expects doing so will bring him more wealth and/or prestige. As we all know, even his last name is a lie.

Comment Re:May I suggest ... (Score 1) 64

That's pretty expensive. There may be some prepaid plans that are worse ($30 for 1Gb+unlimited V&T is probably hard to beat), but once you get to the regular subscriptions from the big four, especially family plans, it's really poor value.

I was always surprised Google structured Fi that way, it struck me that building a phone service around a price schedule is doomed to failure. Sooner or later everyone else changes their prices (or what you get for those prices) and suddenly your innovative pricing doesn't look so great any more.

Comment US vs Sweden (Score 2) 66

US: 10 Mbps down/3 Mbps up, 250 GB cap, $59.95/mo, including $10/mo modem rental. (Xfinity)

Sweden: 100 Mbps up/down, no cap, ~$40/mo (495 SEK), no modem needed since it's fibre to the door. (Bredbandsbolaget) (We could upgrade to 300 or 500 but why?)

The cap on the US service is plenty for us, since we've never used more than about 95 GB in a single month (we don't confuse the Internet with cable TV).

Comment Which is why... (Score 1) 69

...we need the ability to disable permissions right upon installation of the app. When android says the app requires wifi password, camera, SD card access, your firstborn, address book access and more, there should be a box next to the permission to disable right then. I know there are apps that allow you to do that, but you need to remember to run them afterwards, you need root, and you need to redo it in case of upgrade.

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