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Barney Frank is hilarious

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    • What is the big clue here that you are missing or ignoring? Why don't you take a guess at what a good criticism of this video would be? Can you give me two good criticisms?

      • It doesn't show where the Republicans were lax.
        It doesn't offer more historical context on how the entire concept of Fannie/Freddie is rooted in farce.
        • Very good. A few more - the video is obviously edited to tell a story from a perspective. Watch 60 minutes and you'll see the same effect.

          And, the video doesn't mention that the objection that Franks had to the entire thing in 2003/2004 was that it was an effort to move oversight of Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae from Congress to the Treasury Dept. - the executive branch. Nor does the video mention that Barney Frank had his own bill for regulation in 2007 which was designed to address the mortgage problem.


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