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Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 1) 603

A bunch of moving cars in close proximity is inherently more dangerous than cars which are spaced out. If the passing lane is kept empty, it provides a space for emergency swerving if something unexpected happens (tire blow out, turkey in road, etc). When two people form a wall, you have two lines of traffic with no leeway.

Comment Re:Proof! (Score 1) 603

It would have been an extra second or two to react. Since the guy was a moron and not looking, would have made no difference, but a person using it properly would have hit the brake.

Also I've never seen an area with 65MPH speed limits and cross streets, seems like a dumb idea to begin with. US-15 and NY-17 drop the speed limit to 55 whenever you're outside the limited access parts...

Comment Re:74 at time of crash (Score 4, Insightful) 603

It's not just the one guy behind you, it's also the entire line of people going reasonable speeds behind him. There's also the chance the guy you're passing will speed up as you attempt to overtake, resulting in you two slowpokes creating a wall. *That* is when the guy behind you will tailgate. As the guy in the passing lane it's your job to break the stalemate, either by committing to the pass and speeding up, or "cancelling" and slowing down to go behind the other slowpoke. Otherwise, you create a far more dangerous situation than exceeding the speed limit would create.

Comment Re:Non-sequitor (Score 3, Interesting) 147

RSA has software tokens too. The app prompts for a pin and regardless of what you enter, will generate a token code. The catch is, the resulting token code will simply not work if the wrong pin is entered. No way to brute force that, you'd have to take the software token and submit that to the login form to see if the combination was correct (which after 3 tries will still lock you out). Pretty ingenious, the app doesn't need network access and will still work when you change your PIN.

Comment Re:Not just at the border... (Score 4, Interesting) 318

What's even sillier is the one in NY.... I87 / US 9 have one in the middle of Adirondack park, 90 miles from the border... basically there's no way you're getting around that without adding a massive amount of time to the trip. It's also only there randomly, presumably to tempt anyone interesting into taking the direct route. But seriously what are they worried Canadians are going to do, bring us decent healthcare? Make us speak French? Kill us with delicious poutine? Most of the people on the road are just Plattsburgh residents trying to get the hell out of there and to somewhere interesting...

Comment Re:A way out of this for VW... (Score 1) 123

Have you seen some of these SUVs? Chevy Suburban might as well be a bus. The "heavy duty" pickups like the Ford F350 and Ram 3500 might as well be tractor-trailer cab units. Some of these pickups have four rear wheels.

There's also visibility issues with the heights of these vehicles if you are behind them. Since you can't see what's going on in front of them you have to leave more space.

Comment Re:A way out of this for VW... (Score 1) 123

When people purchase these they should be treated as trucks as well. Which means:
1. Commercial license plates (here in NY you have the option to not get commercial plates on them)
2. The higher toll on toll roads (heavier vehicles cause more wear and tear)
3. Restricted from parkways, the Brooklyn bridge, the car lanes of the NJ Turnpike, the "no trucks" lanes on regular highways, etc

I'd imagine you'd have a lot fewer people buying giant SUVs... "crossover" models would probably still fit under the 'car' emissions standards so the need would still be filled for people looking to avoid the extra restrictions.

Comment Re:Can't let the money fall into the wrong hands! (Score 1) 260

Sounds a lot like the city I grew up in, below the poverty line. Here was my secret to success:

1. Get scholarship to private high school, because otherwise I'd have ended up at "gang ridden public school" (Mom knew how to motivate with fear).
2. Drink tap water. No Brita either, just run the water for 2 minutes at the beginning of the day to get the brown out (and 30 seconds before drinking it the rest of the day).
3. Use public transport. There's a stigma that it's just for poor people, but (1) it's for everyone and (2) even if you don't believe that, YOU'RE POOR
4. Lunch and dinner were anything I could get for under $4. I shared cafeteria fries with an equally poor scholarship winner.
5. Use financial aid to go to a state university in a cheaper part of the state, work part time through school (thanks Dad for those drunken rants about "why the hell haven't you gotten a fucken job!" all freshman year!), and get a useful degree. Almost done paying that off. Only party when there's free beer.
6. Establish life in cheaper area where a modest size house costs $140,000. Live with a roommate in a college-quality apartment and use public transport for years after getting a real job.

Granted none of that was planned but by simply looking around and realizing how easy it is to end up poor and destitute, the right motivation and decisions should just come to you!

Comment Re: Can't wait (Score 1) 416

I'd agree except Congress forced DC to do the opposite; when they legalized weed they were effectively forbidden to come up with a way to regulate sale. So it's a strange world where you can grow your own weed, possess weed, buy weed, and give weed away, but you cannot sell recreational weed (thereby completely cutting the government taxation out of the loop). It's like if prohibition were repealed but only homebrew was allowed...

Comment Re:loyalty is a two-way street (Score 1) 765

Where I am it has been customary to actually give 3 weeks notice. Every time I've left a job I have given that 3 weeks notice, but only because the companies always treated me well.

If they had treated me like crap, I would have been out the moment I heard "you're hired!" from the next place.

Comment Re:Better to stick around... (Score 1) 765

Oh absolutely. And I would classify the guy who told me this as a potential problem employee, if you get on his bad side :). The advice, though, is still sound. It also is only a good idea for people who are competent at their job - by doing good work in *some* areas you still have people at the company who will give good references, and by producing work that adds value to the company (even if it's not the work they want you to do) it puts anyone who pulls the "fire" trigger in a difficult position. Being a self-serving sociopath is not only for upper management. If you're miserable, quitting means you've allowed them to beat you or kill your spirit.

Comment Better to stick around... (Score 4, Interesting) 765

Seriously, if they don't boot you the moment you give notice, the two week "lame duck" phase can be the best part of your time working there. Spend a day finishing your leftover projects and writing some halfassed documentation, bullshit by the watercooler 7 hours a day for 8 more, and turn in your work on day 10. The next guy can deal with any do-overs needed.

And if you hate your job due to your immediate boss but don't have another one lined up, never quit! Turn it into a job you like until they fire you. Do the projects you like and completely ignore the ones you don't like. Boss complains about 1 hour lunches? Take a 2 hour lunch instead. If you work for a large enough company there's enough red tape and "protocol" to keep you employed for at least a month while you do whatever the fuck you want. Bonus, if you play by the rules they won't even be able to fire you "with cause".

The man who told me this secret managed to "work" a full extra year while giving 0 fucks at a job he would have hated, had he cared.

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