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Comment Re:So Hillary's account got deleted? (Score 1) 201

That is the rule in New York (though it is closer to 1 year), and locked a lot of Independent and Republican registered folk from voting for Sanders in the primary. It also prevented the Trump family for voting for him in the primary because they were registered Democrat!

Comment Re: The first to quit are the good ones (Score 1) 300

Have the employees who work from home write out a weekly summary of all they've done, and a rough estimate of hours for each task. A freeform bullet point list is enough. I worked in a place that made all employees (even the non-remote ones, as well as management) fill such out. I jumped at any opportunities to do more work simply so that I'd have a lot to put in the report. A side benefit is, if your team is understaffed, the reports make it easier to illustrate the problem up the chain.

Comment Re:Stealth Layoff (Score 1) 300

Voicemail requires more time to obtain the same amount of information that a quick glance at an IM would provide. It also puts the onus on the listener, the one who is being asked something, to figure out what is being asked from a rambling thought stream. When people are forced to put their desires in text form, they will subconsciously organize it coherently and completely before sending it off to you.

To discourage people from leaving me voicemails I check them only when the system starts emailing me warnings that the box is full. And because the red light has been repurposed in my mind to mean "the telephone is working," I usually pick a short one to not delete so that the light remains on after I've deleted the other ~50 messages.

Comment Re:Time To Invest In Infrastructure (Score 1) 469

There is a fix; if your city has such congested freeways during rush hour, a light rail, S-bahn type commuter rail or subway that serves the CBD with park and rides sounds like the answer. Bus is *not* an answer because it will simply sit in the same traffic as the cars, bus lanes cause frustration, and bus service is too easy to alter at will to be any meaningful metric. The bus that goes from my apartment to my office does not run for any work schedule other than 8AM-4:30 PM. When I first moved there, the span of service was 7AM-7PM. No one would dare do that to a light rail, subway line or even a commuter rail.

Comment Re: Time To Invest In Infrastructure (Score 1) 469

The US Highway System unfortunately runs at the whims of the states it passes through. I try to use it where possible, but US20 through Massachusetts takes twice as long as I90. There are sections where the speed limit drops to 20, or the number of lanes drops to 1 each direction. The Interstate standard of:
* grade separated
* 2 lane per direction minimum
* 55MPH speed limit

Are what make them better.

The worst of these is US15 in VA. Through MD and PA it is a breeze. The section in Virginia is a 1 lane/direction hell, likely by design. I *wanted* to stop and eat but feared never being able to merge back onto the road; I can't be the only one. All those businesses who have to put up with the passing traffic don't even get to benefit from it.

Comment Re:Really? To lower pollution? (Score 1) 119

You can put the natural gas directly in the car to solve that issue.

Unfortunately CNG cars never really caught on, about the only places you can fuel them are airports and government facilities (and perhaps your own house if you make the needed modifications to your gas lines assuming they are affordable and legal in your area).

Comment Re:Pharmacists can be replaced now (Score 1) 369

Pharmacists also help in another area - suggesting cheaper options. I had a medication which was not covered by insurance. The pharmacist suggested asking the doctor to prescribe a specific higher dosage, and the resulting pills could be divided into fourths. Same quantity of medicine for less than half the price. Sometimes the reverse is true, for example five 1mg pills is cheaper than one 5mg because there is a generic for the 1mg.

Another benefit: for elderly people, finding pills that are easier to swallow.

A robot *could* find such options for you, but probably wouldn't be programmed to (certainly not the pricing ones).

Comment Re:Basic ettiquette pays I guess (Score 4, Interesting) 113

"You're welcome" can come across as slightly arrogant. As in, "you are right to show gratitude for the generosity I have shown". Conversely, "no problem" and "no worries" can be interpreted as "no need to thank me, any reasonable person would have done the same" and conveys humility.

I suspect I'm not the only one who feels some variant of this, whether it is conscious or not. probably due to people of the previous generations using "you're welcome" pointedly when people forget to say thank you.

Comment Re:Anchor admits to lies on RT (Score 5, Insightful) 405

That's quite interesting, though the anchor did not reveal anything I did not already suspect. With RT you know what you get - news with an extra helping of bias, just like everyone else. It's actually easier to see through RT's because the bias is focused on Russian interests, but everyone does it. Fox's is deeply conservative, CNN's is deeply liberal, and BBC is close to neutral but still very western-slanted. The best approach is to read / watch news from different sources and form opinions then, especially while keeping in mind the biases of each one. For internet news I cycle through CNN, MSNBC, Fox News, BBC, the Sydney Morning Herald, the Straits Times, Asahi Shimbun, and yes RT.

My complaint is the way the original article threw "Kremlin backed" out there, as if that were unusual. BBC is backed by the British and Al Jazeera is backed by Qatar. Yet the same people who decry RT espouse these two as bastions of truth. While I do trust BBC more than the average US-based news site and certainly over RT and Al J, I recognize that is an opinion shaped by being Western rather than some magical knowledge. Both sides of US media bought the "we have proof Saddam has WMDs!!" rhetoric hook line and sinker for years. Either they suck at their job or pressure was put on to avoid digging into that.

Comment Re:Sprint is great... (Score 1) 78

Actually Sprint is great if you do travel internationally. They have unlimited global data (though only 3G speeds outside US/Canada) and texting at no additional charge. There's also some sort of $5/month pro-ratable plan that upgrades you to unlimited full speed data/talk/text in some countries, if you ask for it they'll automatically add/take it off during your stay. It ended up being their saving grace for me because their in-store customer service is abysmal.

Comment Re: Cool story, bro. (Score 1) 78

There were some winners and some losers for that. For about two years, I had the same discount applied twice by accident (came out to about 34% off). When some audit system finally caught it, I got a form letter apologizing profusely for the 2 years of billing errors "I had to endure". It's true, the extra cash in my wallet was little heavy to carry...

Comment Re:Radium Water (Score 1) 59

SSRIs don't turn you into some kind of psychopath that doesn't give a shit. That sounds like something straight out of "reefer madness".... Please don't perpetuate bullshit about SSRIs that may prevent even more people from being helped by them. They may not work for everyone, but the picture you have painted here about both kinds of drugs is completely absurd.

I didn't say that. People still care about things (work, friends, their own self being). FTR l've found them quite helpful for OCD at a low dose. But I've heard from a few people who take higher dosages that intense feelings of love for their children or s/o simply disappear over time (yes I know plural of anecdote is not data, but you can find internet corroboration). To say they are devoid of side effects that some find undesirable is a bit disingenuous. An artist friend of mine stopped because she thought it changed her brain such that she was a different person - except that is kindof the point of taking them. OCD me is an environmental activist/SJW who freaks out every time his roommate puts recyclables in the regular trash, and triple checks to make sure doors are locked. SSRI me gives 0 fucks.

And yes I know regular usage of benzos is bad - that is why I was advocating it as the "spot" solution not the "pop one every morning" solution. Any drug that has fast acting psychoactive effects can be abused. But for some people who only have depression cycles once or twice a month, a spot fix is all that is needed (not to mention requires less pills, so cheaper).

Comment Re:Radium Water (Score 2) 59

Except the best one (Diazepam aka Valium) is super controlled. You cease to give a shit about anything bad, and enjoy anything good, for quite a few hours. It's a spot solution that can turn a mood around that doesn't require regular dosage. The ones they like to prescribe instead (SSRIs) require regular dosage, have intense withdrawl symptoms, and at higher doses have a troubling mental side effect: you no longer 'love' anyone or anything, and even those who notice this will find they are not troubled by it.

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