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Comment Re:Latin lover (Score 1) 87

If Trump gets in, the house, the senate, the speaker, everybody is going to be against him. Not much will get done.

Most of Trump's big ideas don't require Congress at all. He can blow up trade deals, withdraw from NATO, deport millions, ban certain religions from coming to the US and it will not require one bit of congressional approval.

He'd also be traveling with nuclear launch codes. I don't want a guy who is rage-tweeting about Miss Universe's sex tape at 3am to have access to that stuff. Sorry, not sorry.

Comment Re:Colossus (Score 1) 185

Reality is though artificial intelligence is far more likely to go into an effective coma (cyclic loops) rather than plot anything. Failing in the case of artificial intelligence means actual failing, not naughty algorithms. So more along the lines of attempt to perform, fail, attempt to perform, fail and those attempts and failure spreading through out the system. So rather than AI on a plane attempting to crash on purpose, it will simply go into a spreading series of infinite loops, lock up the controls and as a result the plane crashes. So AI would be an extremely bad idea on any critical systems and single controllers are also a stupid idea. Many parallel specific appliances working together is much safer, whilst in conjunction they might appear like AI, whilst in reality they are just carrying out their really tied down functions.

AI's only real use in reality is communicating with us mud monkeys. Conveying out intents to each other, no matter the language and of course allowing us to communicate with the many parrallel appliances (if one appliance goes down you lose one feature, if a central AI goes down you lose everything). So you only really simulate AI with many appliances working together for most uses.

The reason why the AI for communications, well, have you tried telling a computer what to do, have you tried much voice to type, how about using translation services and for the majority just trying to communicate at all with computers. So yeah, he is technically right, AI for most applications is a really bad idea not because they will be naughty, but that they will lock up, leading to system wide failures. We do definitely need AI for communication purposes though (that can also be very badly abused, not by the AI but by those controlling the AI, so hmm).

Comment Re:Wow... (Score 1) 169

Shhh but there is a scam buried in all fast chargers. The hotter a lithium battery the shorter it's life, the shorter it's charge time, the more often you fast charge it and the faster it fails. So fast chargers are really kill you fixed in place battery and your phone along with it. Due to the nature of the failure, the decrease in performance starts of slow and then increases over time, you can pretty much design failure straight into the system, at the other end that final die off is going to be pretty fast and guaranteed.

Really legislation should come out to force specific battery sizes, shapes and safety features. This bullshit has to stop.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 149

However although is it quite reasonable to limit immigration and have some pretty stringent testing requirements (physical health, psychological health, employability, ability to communicate), religion is most definitely not one of them, that is really stupid, for one they do not come with a label and two the dangerous ones will lie anyhow. So testing for religion, just plain dumb, mind bogglingly dumb (keep in mind religious fundamentalist will fail the psychological tests and the communications test also tends to exclude problematic individuals). Excluding individuals who are likely (and that is enough just likely no proof required, just the balance of evidence ) to not effectively contribute or have a negative impact upon your society is sufficient reason to exclude them. People who jump the queue should go to the back of the line and those who stuck to the rules should get in first (otherwise the message from you government to potential immigrants is, you stick to the rules and you are a bloody idiot). What should not happen is all the ugly screaming about it.

Facebook can censor whom so ever they wish, as long as they are public about it and do note their political bias and the source (name the individuals) behind that political bias. If they are deceitful about it and intend to push lies as the truth, then their actions should be reviewed by the electoral commission so that their contributions to the campaign can be properly valued to see if they exceed campaign contribution limits.

Comment Re:I don't agree that these are "conservative" vie (Score 1) 150

Objecting to immigration over concerns about jobs is not intrinsically xenophobic: wanting to build massive walls, banning all Muslims and similar measures, is. That there are sympathetic arguments for specific low immigration policies doesn't change that large amounts of the anti-immigrant attitude are coming from xenophobia.

As for discrimination, you playing language games rather than ignoring the fundamental point: if you prefer, simply add the words "based on race or religion" after the word discriminate and you get the point.

Comment Re:The three debates (Score 1) 87

Proof of that rigging came with the latest claim from the corrupt current administration. Real typical misinformation stuff Why that story because the US administration is going to hack the election and they wanted to pump out some propaganda about Russian hackers in case they fuck anything up and it is exposed. That's what the bullshit polls are all about as well, main stream media in collusion with the US administration, trying the create the public image of who should win to align with the digital hack of the voting system (they know full well if Trump wins he will have a field day forcing the prosecution of all those who attacked him, the more he can prosecute the happier he will be and he can pretty much decimate the corporate democrats).

Will they fuck it up, of course they will, which is why the story and hence any irregularities will be blamed upon Russian intelligence services (reality the Chinese government are actually doing more hacking but they are sticking to the old system of extorting acceptance of bribes but the US government ain't picking on them because the Government of China are keeping secret their evidence of corruption in the US government, for the time being, they are seeing how much fun exposing corruption and every now and then you do need to demonstrate you will destroy those who fail to obey their instruction when paid to do so, forcing the issue by paying less and demanding more).

Oh my, the current US administration is squirming so bad under the current global spotlight, the mistakes, the clumsiness, all being forced by their panic at the thought of finally being prosecuted for their high crimes, this spreading into both sides of the Congress and Senate, it is all becoming a total farce (those hacks have an extremely high risk of all being exposed by US intelligence services with integrity and that is the real cause of the current panic). The fear is thick in Washington, going through their minds right now, why the fuck did we stick with Clinton, why the fuck did we stick with Clinton, over and over and over again ;D (dudes it's not like you weren't warned, the soft landing would have been so much easier for everyone, would have taken longer but less harmful all round).

Comment Re:Latin lover (Score 1) 87

I'll ask the question again:

Do you know Trump's well-laid-out plan for international trade? Do you know his well-though-out plan for dealing with the deficit? Can you name a single bit of legislation that Trump said he would push besides term limits?

If you could have answered any of those questions, if you could have made the case you would have. Trump would have. You didn't and he hasn't and that's why we're where we're at.

Comment Re: Wikileaks is a toxic organisation. (Score 1) 124

The propaganda runs thick in this thread. Wikileaks is a website for publishing secrets that should not have been kept, nothing more and nothing less. People either choose to send it information or not and obviously the corrupt hate it. This mind bogglingly dumb attack is pointless, Wikileaks can be replaced again and again and well, realistically tens of thousands of times over. Wake up to your bullshit, they can be a publishing branch of the entire worlds intelligence services or as in reality the publishing branch of government agents from all over the world pissed off with their own governments.

Seriously this shit is so stupid, governments are clearly far more upset that foreign intelligence services are publicly releasing this information rather that in a collusive manner keeping it secret. It seems that corrupt politicians are quite amenable to blackmail for services, as long as a suitably large deposit in a tax haven occurs, for them just business as normal (the business as normal part is when corporate executives paying enormous multi-million dollar bribes throw sex and drug fuelled parties which corrupt politicians are required to attend to demonstrate their active corruption and evidence is retained to ensure compliance, they accept it).

That what all this Democratic party propaganda is about, it is not that the Russian Intelligence Services have this information, it's that they are releasing proof of government corruption to the US public. They do not give one crap, that Russia has this information, they are pissed off the same old, same old does not occur ie we have this evidence of corruption and we will publish it unless you do us some favours in return, the corrupt politicians reply, not a problem but you will have to pay me as well, I will not do it for free, so you can either lose me as an agent of your government or make pay me millions of dollars.

In the most disgusting fashion imaginable, this is exactly what the entirety of US main stream media is cheering on and what the majority of the unrepresentative US government is cheering on and what US Investigatory agencies are really, really pissed off about.

As far as I am concerned keep it coming the more the merrier and for those scum policing agencies who are not using this information to pursue and prosecute the corruption exposed, you soil yourselves and dishonour your service, you become less than nothing. In the most pathetic fashion imaginable you support the corruption of others earning millions upon millions whilst you collect peanuts in return to appear incompetent (you are not even being paid for your corruption, just your regular wage, even when as part of conspiracy that you can bring down, you in the typical corrupt fashion are entitled to a equal share of those millions, so pathetically lame).

Wikileaks should of course not issue instruction to anyone, that is a technical faux pas. The only thing allowed is an editorial with regard to how those working at Wikileaks feel about the digital conflagration. The only public response should be to send more secrets to Wikileaks to be exposed to the public, so the public can start acting upon them and investigate and prosecute the corrupt or at the very least embarrass the crap out of investigatory agencies failing to do their job, failing their oaths and failing their countries, shame, shame, shame.

In that light Wikileaks should send a copy of the information to the applicable agencies and record and display their response, each and every time, information is sent to them regarding corruption, so the public can watch as those agencies corruptly fail to act upon the evidence of corruption provided.

Comment Re:Address the issues (Score 2) 87

Both candidates have specific, well-laid-out proposals which anyone can find.

Yes, except Trump's proposals are all to women he's trying to feel up.

Do you know Trump's well-laid-out plan for international trade? Do you know his well-though-out plan for dealing with the deficit? Can you name a single bit of legislation that Trump said he would push besides term limits? The policy papers on his website read like one of those sample Powerpoint presentations written in Latin. And all he has to say for himself is that whatever he's going to do, it'll be, "tremendous". Since I've had four years of high school Latin, I happen to know the root of the word, "tremendous" and let me tell you, it's a disgrace, believe me. Sad!

Trump is a fraud of a fake of a fugazi. If you go to his website, not even that is real. He's got a ticker running across the top showing donations "in real time" and it turns out that it's just a loop that was put up weeks ago and if you look at the code for his site, it's a script that calls an XML file named, "Sample_donations". He's a fucking Potempkin village in a fright wig. He's a creation of the media and not one thing more.


[Note: since the story broke, the Trump campaign has taken down the phony ticker widget.]

Comment Re:For them theoretically hacking a private org? (Score 1) 352

You are claiming that 17 intelligence agencies have all colluded to deceive the American people? That seems like a much bigger claim than simply taking at face value that our intelligence agencies, men and women sworn to protect us, are telling the truth.

Or are you suggesting that I should have the actual intelligence data that intelligence agents used to make the decision that led to the statement: "The U.S. Intelligence Community (USIC) is confident that the Russian Government directed the recent compromises of e-mails" . Because if that is what you are claiming I should have before I decide to believe the intelligence agencies, that is frankly absurd. In what other highly specialized or classified field would you expect a layperson to have all the data before believing the specialist.. .

Look, I have a healthy skepticism about the truthfulness of intelligence, especially after the Iraq war, but when you do not have evidence, your default position should not be that there is a complex conspiracy. Occam's Razor.

"Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence" - Sagan

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