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Comment Re:wait, what? (Score 1) 206

They probably financed with that bullshit forced sale of another router email they sent out last week. "Buy a new garbage router from us, or we'll start tacking on a monthly fee for the privilege of continuing to pass through our old one to your actual, good router."

Fuck you, Verizon.

Comment Re:I haven't used my headphone jack in 3 years (Score 1) 533

And I used mine to plug into three different devices yesterday.

Cheapo 3.5mm jack speakers at my office.
Line in jack on my Honda Fit
House speakers have a 3.5mm plug to plug into.

We also have a set of speakers in the lab that anyone can plug their device into and play tunes while they work. 3.5 mm jack. Works with every current phone except the Moto Z, apparently.


Comment Re:Amazon cutting their own throat (Score 1) 205


Go on Amazon or newegg and search for your model cellphone + "battery."

Now go enjoy the cesspool of "OEM batteries" with blurry, photocopied labels on them. I challenge you to find a real oem battery for say... a Nexus 5 or an HTC One missed in with all that crap. A battery that doesn't have an initial capacity less than 80% of what the label says and isn't worse in life than the one you were replacing after a month or two.

Amazon + Newegg are now broken, IMO.

Comment Re:Returning a wet phone to functionality (Score 3, Informative) 83

I don't recommend the vacuum pump...

I dropped my phone in a 6' deep evaporative cooler tank and it took 15 minutes to fish it out. I ran up to the lab and took the rotor out of our vacuum concentrator and switched it on. Things looked fine for a couple minutes, but then the back of the phone started swelling and it was the battery bulging... I switched it off and it "deflated." The phone also worked (still using it now, in fact), but the battery life was halved.

It wasn't in there long enough to evaporate all the water, but the back was already partially popped so I took it off and stuck in an incubator at 42C for a day.

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