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Comment Re:Hey I thought all S7 phones were recalled? (Score 1) 117

Just to further clarify:

For consumer products, recall participation by consumers is often as low as 10%, for cars the numbers are 15-70%, depending how much publicity the issue has received.

For instance, for the GM ignition switch recall that was all over the news for a LONG time, GM has been touting a 70% participation rate. That means 30% of the cars which could lock your steering wheel at speed and kill you are still on the road in that state in spite of a free fix from the manufacturer.

I bet Samsung's rate for this phone is 40-50%.

Comment Re:Wrong Headline... (Score 1) 248

Wow, what a waste of space. They could have used that space to put in... a headphone jack.

I mean, my phone has a standard dinky vibration motor setup inside, but the slight vibration on hitting the capacitive home button works perfectly for feedback.

Apple takes away the headphone jack (truly useful) and puts in... a fancier vibrator? I'll leave the jokes about that to your imagination.

Comment Re:Advertising? (Score 1) 232

Just because it's a product, on Slashdot, doesn't mean it's an advertisement.

Someone finally making an ultraportable with solid Linux support out of the box (and the hardware IS different from the Windows version, for example the wifi card they swapped has excellent open source driver support) is certainly relevant to MY interests.


Comment Re:Does Edge do tab isolation? (Score 1) 132

You pretty much describe my Android FF performance experience in one shot.

It also gets into some kind of javascript loop a lot where it will stop responding.

And of course there's the dreaded blurry scrolldown thing. Something with the way it caches the rendered page, you scroll down and everything is blurry and you have to sit there and wait 5-20 seconds for it to suddenly render it properly.

I also have a "low" 2 gigs of RAM (Nexus 5).

Oh, and my favorite pet peeve: in the tab list if you close the bottom-most tab, the "undo" popup covers the close button on the next tab if the title is under a certain length. So when I close two related tabs, I find myself closing then reopening the last tab I just closed with annoying regularity. Possibly one of the dumbest UI choices I've ever seen.

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