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Comment Re:Manned versus unmanned. (Score 1) 190

It is very different, IMHO.

The Zeppelins were rigid, true lighter than air craft with bladders used to control buoyancy and maneuvering engines.

This is a heavier than air craft with no bladders, only using aerodynamic lift like an airplane. And it doesn't have a rigid envelope.

Basically "flies like a plane" vs "flies like a blimp" is the big difference and what makes this a hybrid airship. It should also make this thing MUCH easier to handle.


Comment Re:Sounds short-sighted to me (Score 1) 213

What makes more sense is:

1) Write an automated hack for some company's thermostats (I'm sure most of these companies have some report home feature that means you could get them all in one once you scoop up their list)
2) Wait till terrible weather time (January in the US)
3) Pwn all 500k of the units in people's houses
4) Set the ransom somewhere low like $5-10
5) Profit

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