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Comment Re: So that brings the successful login count to. (Score 1) 150

Look. Do governments always get things right the first time, or does landmark legislation, like the Civil Rights Act of 1964, and now the ACA, get tweaked over time and move towards single payer unlike the Romneycare the ACA was based upon? It is clear to me that you think a website is all that the ACA is. We can go on, but hey, have a good healthy life. Gotta get up manana and plug in some unprotected servers. Maybe President Obama can give me some tips? B-).

Comment Re: So that brings the successful login count to.. (Score 1) 150

As far as the Huff post, you knows how to pick em, doncha? You do realize that the website is NOT like it was in October 2013, right? But maybe not. Hey, I hope you never get sick and have to pay every penny you have and then some to get well. I would suggest you check out for better information about how the ACA has actually saved lives. Peace.

Comment Re:Better hands than GW Bush (Score 1) 150

No I do not. But all the "statements" made by the commenter could have been lifted from Fox News. Anyone who thinks that starting multiple wars is a loon, in my book. Democrat. Always was one and always will be one. Knocked on doors for then Senator Obama in Iowa in 2007-08. Fought crazy Ron Paul supporters who lied about streets that had been canvassed. I did not listen to them and got supporters to pledge for Senator Obama, Ran for delegate to the 2012 DNC and won - went to Charlotte, NC and worked on both campaigns - 2008 and 2012. Are we clear?

Comment Re:Better hands than GW Bush (Score -1, Troll) 150

Has /. Been hacked by right wing crazies? I thought nerds were too smart to believe Fox News. And yet it's always Obama's fault. Yeah, I am sure he personally patched in the server by mistake. #EverythingThatGoesWrongCanBeBlamedOnObama

That's risible. Nowhere is Fox, Bush, or Obama mentioned.

Gotta love the hilarity that ensues when the anything that implies just a smidgen of Obama administration ineptitude penetrates an echo chamber like Slashdot.

A factual account about a specific failure on a government program is labelled "hacked by right-wing crazies" by a "BLAME BOOOOSH!!!" loon.

AND it's modded up.

And yeah, Obama's inept.

Compare his response to Russians shooting down an unarmed airliner to Ronald Reagan's.

Compare Obama's response to a US citizen getting his head hacked off by an Obama-proclaimed "JV team" of terrorists (that has managed to take over 1/2 of Iraq and Syria - some "JV team"...) to the response from UK Prime Minister David Cameron.

Look at the situation in Russia - where Obama's minions were so prompt in making fun of Mitt Romney just 18 months ago when Romney said Russia was no friend to the West.

Look at Libya - where Islamist just took over the abandoned US embassy in Tripoli. Hey, but the bombs Obama dropped there weren't "hostilities".

Gotta wonder what the poster I'm responding to would say if George W. Bush had ever claimed dropping bombs weren't hostilities...

And let's not forget about "the dog ate our hard drives, blackberries, and backups" IRS bullshit.

You certainly sound like you eat drink and poop Fox News. And now you want us to start yet another war in the Middle East? So according to you, we should declare war on 1. Russia - no problem there - they will probably welcome us as liberators! 2. Attack ISIS - YES! this one is so easy - let's DO IT NOW! 3. Let's bomb EVERYBODY! That always works. Who got Bin Laden? Mission Accomplished Flyboy Bush? Done.

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