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Submission + - Mythbusters - Japanese Car Runs on Water and Air? (

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "Well, I was browsing another political web site, and came across what appears to the umpteenth version of energy from water.


"it appears that a Japanese company named Genepax may have pulled ahead of the competition with a prototype vehicle that runs entirely on water and air. Their new "Water Energy System (WES)," generates power by supplying water and air to the fuel and air electrodes using a proprietary technology called the Membrane Electrode Assembly (MEA). The secret behind MEA is a special material that is capable of breaking down water into hydrogen and oxygen through a chemical reaction."

MEA culpa! Can anyone here debunk or validate the science of this claim?"

Data Storage

Submission + - Would you buy a $2,400.00 80 gig Flash Hard Drive? (

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "Well, flash hard drives are coming. The question does not seem to be anymore about performance, as the new flash-based hard drives are speedy indeed. But at $30.00 bucks per gigabyte, the question for the average consumer or geek is — would you buy one?

from the TechRepublic article -

Utah-based start-up Fusion-io has just launched its first product, the ioDrive. It is a PCI Express-based flash storage card that can pack hundreds of gigabytes of flash storage into a single board, potentially replacing banks of high-performance hard drives.

According to the company, the ioDrive will be start at 80 GB and scale to 320 and 640 GB next year. Plans for a 12 TB card is also in the works by the end of 2008. Housing multiple cards in a single computer for extra performance and fault tolerance will also be possible.

Just how fast is the ioDrive? According to Fusion io's CTO, David Flynn, the card has 160 parallel pipelines that can read data at 800 megabytes per second and write at 640 MB/sec. In a benchmarking test with a worst case scenario of 4k blocks and eight simultaneous 1 GB read and write operations, the ioDrive clocked in at 100,000 operations per second.

"That would have just thrashed a regular hard drive," said Flynn.

Your wallet takes a thrashing as well!"


Submission + - Techies - "Early Adopters" in Politics for

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "If you fall into the geekster category, which includes 99.9999 percent of /. readers, the rest being mistakenly drawn here when they google "OMG — PONIES!, you have always been the first to buy that 1G iPod, etc. and don't forget yadda yadda. But do techie types actually stay at the bleeding edge when it comes to politics? At least one blogger thinks so.

Slashdot Editors — please note — although this is my blog at Blogspot, I do not have any click-through ads on either of my sites. I am genuninely interested in finding out the answer to this question — but as always, please do your job and edit away!

Jim Lyons
East Stroudsburg, PA"

Submission + - Pentagon to Cyber Attackers - bombs away!

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "I almost fell off my chair while reading a story in Network World reporting this worrisome scenario...

"In the event of a massive cyberattack against the country that was perceived as originating from a foreign source, the United States would consider launching a counterattack or bombing the source of the cyberattack.... But he noted the preferred route would be warning the source to shut down the attack before a military response."

I would hope that they are really, really, REALLY certain that they have identified the correct geographical source of the cyber-attack. Also, even if the source of the attack can be absolutely verified without any chance for error (which I doubt), if the cyber-terrorists are located in a populated area — does the order to bomb still go through, regardless of probable loss of innocent life?"
Operating Systems

Submission + - Bucks for Bugs - No More Mr.Nice Guy

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "The New York Times reports that thanking researchers for discovering bugs in software is no longer enough, and a burgeoning market is developing where so-caelled "bounty hunters" sell flaws in software, including Vista, Microsoft's newest flagship operating system, to the highest bidder, for better or for worse.

From the article -

"Companies like Microsoft do not endorse such bounty programs, but they have even bigger problems: the willingness of Internet criminals to spend large sums for early knowledge of software flaws that could provide an opening for identity-theft schemes and spam attacks.

And some hackers have little ethical compunction about who buys their research, or what they use it for. In a phone interview last week arranged by an intermediary in the security field, a hacker calling himself "Segfault," who said he was a college-age student in New York City, led a reporter on an online tour of a public Web site,, where one forum is provocatively titled "Buy-Sell-Trade-0day."

Segfault, who said he did not want to reveal his name because he engages in potentially illegal activity, said the black market for zero-days "just exploded" last year after the damaging Windows Metafile attack.

He claims he earned $20,000 last year from selling his own code — mostly on private chat channels, not public forums like Ryan1918 — making enough to pay his tuition.

Although he conceded that Microsoft had made significant strides with Vista's security, he said underground hacker circles now had a powerful financial incentive to find its weak links.

"Vista is going to get destroyed," he said.""
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Cisco Sues Apple over iPhone Name

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "It sounded too good to be true — that two corporate giants could work out a deal behind the scenes to help each other.

The other shoe has dropped, and Apple is being sued by Cisco over the use of Cisco's already trademarked "iPhone" name.

From the article...

"Cisco entered into negotiations with Apple in good faith after Apple repeatedly asked permission to use Cisco's iPhone name," said Mark Chandler, Cisco senior vice president and general counsel, in a statement. "There is no doubt that Apple's new phone is very exciting, but they should not be using our trademark without our permission."

Cisco is seeking injunctive relief to prevent Apple from copying Cisco's iPhone trademark.

"Today's iPhone is not tomorrow's iPhone. The potential for convergence of the home phone, cell phone, work phone and PC is limitless, which is why it is so important for us to protect our brand," Chandler added."

Submission + - Electric Guitar Goes USB!

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "Behringer has just released an electric guitar with a USB port, allowing direct digital recording. It comes with software for a Mac or PC, and looks pretty nifty!

From the site -

You have a great song in mind and want to record it straight to your PC. You want all your amps and effects in your workstation so you can jam like you're in the studio or on stage. With the BEHRINGER iAXE393 USB-Guitar you're just a cable away.

The high-quality electric guitar comes with a fantastic maple neck and its screaming tone sings through 3 single-coil pickups with 5-way switching. A built-in connector allows you to connect your headphones straight to your guitar so you can jam with your favorite band. Cool, isn't it?

For only $149.00, I want one!

Submission + - Nerds getting buff on a Geek-A-Cycle!

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "As someone who's dropped 64 pounds since last November, and with still another 130 to go, I'm always looking for ways to lose weight.

As the recent "South Park" episode on World of Warcraft pointed out, it's real easy to become Jabba The Hut-like due to excess time behind the keyboard.

The words buff and geek are usually never seen in close proximity to each other, but if you absolutely MUST spend most of your time pointing and clicking instead of cardio and resistance training at the gym, Geek-A-Cycle has the answer. Now you can have your MM0RPG's and ripped abs at the same time! This one might be on my gift list."
Technology (Apple)

Submission + - Geeksters - Train to be like Al Gore!

PoconoPCDoctor writes: "If you've ever wanted to "be like Al Gore," and present his Keynote slide show on global warming, now's the time to sign up to be trained.

From the site — "The Climate Project will host seven training sessions between late September and January 2007 in Nashville, Tennessee. The two-day program is designed to familiarize trainees with the climate change science, equip them with new presentation skills, and develop a new dynamic online learning community for ongoing activities.

The training is open to individuals of all ages, educational and technical backgrounds. Prospective trainees are expected to have a strong commitment to the well-documented fact that human activity has created a climate crisis, and that we have a moral obligation to take dramatic steps to reduce the gaseous emissions that cause global warming."

So get your geek on and train, and you too can be like Al!""

Submission + - Best Sound Card for MP3's

PoconoPCDoctor writes: So my now ancient Audigy Platinum EAX, state of the art not too long ago, has bitten the dust. It held up in three different systems, one Abit board and two Asus boards. My question is now, what do Slashdotters recommend for a premium sound card if the primary use is ripping MP3's?

I am looking seriously at The Soundblaster X-FI XtremeMusic, mainly due to the good experience I've had with Creative and the now-defunct Audigy.

So what does the average nerd use? I'm waiting for your input!

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