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Comment Re:Somebody mod this story down (Score 1) 146

No, not every piece of right wing journalism is fake, but enough that stories from them should be suspect.

Further, neither did I say anything about Russian spies. I said Russian trolls who, as you pointed out, deliberately try to insert enough fake "news" or falsify factual stories to divert attention or obscure facts. As I pointed out in my original post, Russian trolls will mod me down to try and prevent people from seeing the truth of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. When confronted with the truth they go into overdrive in St. Petersburg in attempt to do everything to discredit the facts, most specifically going after either the person posting the facts (me) or where the story comes from.

Even when Putin admitted he sent Russian troops into Crimea to steal it, Russian trolls still denied their dear leader's own words. They made every excuse for why the story was fake EXCEPT for the fact those are Putin's own words. In other words, even facts coming out of Putin's mouths are lies in the world of Russian trolls.

And that is what this about: countering blatant lies with the truth. Using facts to pummel trolls, get them to twist themselves into such a ball of anger they climb over themselves in a vain attempt to extricate themselves from the ball of lies they've spewed. It's quite funny to watch them first deny the facts, then attempt to deflect, then finally come full circle and deny their own words. What's especially funny is they're so simple minded it's very easy to get them to admit they're Russian trolls. Since they're all using the same script handed to them from their handlers, they use the same words and phrases in every post so their comments stick out like a sore thumb.

Comment Somebody mod this story down (Score 1, Troll) 146

This story presents facts about Russia's troll factory in St. Petersburg, just as I have done in numerous previous postings and got hammered by the Russian trolls. Go ahead, check my most recent postings to see how the trolls mindlessly mod me down for reporting facts about this troll factory, about the continuing shipments of cargo 200 from Ukraine (i.e. dead Russian soldiers), the terrorists in Ukraine who openly admit Russian soldiers are fighting there and supplying them with arms and munitions, or the Russian soldiers who state they have been sent to Ukraine and have fought there, and finally, the law which Putin signed which bars Russian mothers from talking about their sons who have died while fighting in Ukraine or even talking with other mothers about these deaths. Or course the graves of these dead Russian soldiers say otherwise, as do reports from eyewitnesses and families.

This story need to be modded down in like fashion. Wouldn't want the Russian trolls to have to see the facts of their dear leader's propaganda industry.

Comment Re: Onwards to victory. (Score 1) 307

And in other news satire dies as an art form.

Sorry - I sympathize with your feelings, but the death of satire has already been announced. It was about 40 years ago when Tom Lehrer (someone well qualified to comment on the subject) remarked that

"Political satire became obsolete when Henry Kissinger was awarded the Nobel peace prize."

Comment Re:Sooo (Score 0) 307

What part of " to lead government-wide efforts to identify propaganda and counter its effects." don't you understand?

They are not restricting anyone's right, even foreigners such as the Russian troll factory to lie their asses off.

What they are doing is the same thing anyone else would do if repeated lies and falsehoods were put forth: countering the lies.

Oh, and speaking of the Ministry of Truth, Putin has that covered. He has made it illegal for Russian mothers to speak out about their son's deaths in Ukraine, including contacting other mothers to form groups and compare notes on how many soldiers Russia has lost during its invasion of Ukraine.

Comment Re:Look up laws on booby traps (Score 1) 223

Hence what I said about "overly literal geeks". You think so long as you can find something that you consider to be logically consistent, that'll work and you are out of trouble. I'm telling you that is NOT how it works in a court. They very much take the "reasonable man" approach and factor in intent. Doesn't matter how clever you think you are, what matters is what the law says and how the judge applies it.

Comment And yet once again, they'll learn. (Score 4, Insightful) 119

You can't put a back door in something, and only have certain people able to walk through it. If there's a vulnerability in the encryption that can be used to crack it by the service provider, someone else can do the same.

If this were implemented in the UK, it would totally kill Web commerce there. Who's going to put financial details across the Internet when it's as good as sent unencrypted? And if actual encryption is permitted for that purpose, well, then it can be used for any other purpose too.

I don't know why it's so difficult to understand. If you deliberately make something insecure, then it is, by definition, insecure. If it's designed to be secure, then even the designer can't break in, because if they can, someone else could do the same.

Comment Re:UK import grade cryptography (Score 2) 119

I used to travel to the UK regularly. I have not been in well over 15 years and have no plans to ever visit the UK again. sad, as it was a nice place, once (at least to a visitor). now, I'd avoid going there unless 100% necessary. and so far, no travel has ever come up to be 100% necessary.

That's funny - in a sad way - because I live in Britain and I feel exactly the same way about going to the USA. In the 1930s my parents - both teachers of French and German - used to visit Germany regularly every summer. I'm not as brave as they were - or perhaps I have benefit of hindsight.

Comment Redundant verbiage excised (Score 3, Insightful) 119

"At the end of the day, will the U.K. security services be able to read your email, your messages, your posts and private tweets, and your communications if they believe you pose a threat to national security? Yes, they will".

At the end of the day, will the U.K. security services be able to read your email, your messages, your posts and private tweets, and your communications if they feel like it? Yes, they will.


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