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Comment Re:Innovative! (Score 1) 39

Not stopping with TV, how cool would it be if Amazon made recommendations to be based on my past purchases?

Indeed. It looks as if you bought an 8GB USB flash drive. Have you considered this other brand of 8GB USB flash drive? What about this 16GB USB flash drive? I've been using Amazon since the late '90s and they have yet to recommend anything that I actually want to buy. You'd have thought 'you bought books 1 and 2 in this series, would you like to buy book 3?' wouldn't be too hard, but apparently it is.

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 809

Why would humans create a weapon like that? :(

Mostly because of other humans.

Nobody in their right state of mind wants it to be used.

Of course they want it to be used! You're just confusing its intended purpose as "killing millions of people" when everyone knows its real purpose is "threatening to kill millions of people". Just like most people who have a gun for self-defense consider the ideal use to be showing it to a bad guy and asking them to go away.

I think that if it weren't for atomic bombs, we'd already have fought World War III and probably World War IV by now. It's quite likely (but sadly not certain) that we won't have another world war ever again, mostly because of how terrible things would be if we do. The future of war might be state-sponsored terrorism "what us no we didn't attack you".

Comment Re:Why? (Score 1) 809

Game Theory is nice, but it also has to account for psychology and has to be based on accurate data. For example, in one of the games we played in my game theory class, almost everyone chose to cooperate in a game where "theoretically" we should have chosen to betray. When the game was repeated anonymously, everyone but one idiot chose to betray. The difference is that the first game's score included public reputation, which was valued more than game points and in practice changed the game from an adversarial game to a cooperative game, and the second was the adversarial game based on score.

Comment Re:Aren't they too power-hungry? (Score 1) 62

It's Intel. When most people say IoT, they mean 'embedded thing that can run a network stack, low power, probably powered by batteries'. When Intel says IoT, they mean something subtly different: 'computer, plugged into the mains, probably running Windows'. The overlap between the two is that they're both talking about insecure systems connected to the Internet.

Comment Re:Least worst (Score 1) 809

Voting for a third party candidate who might get 2% of the vote is a waste of time. It just is.

No it isn't. The difference between winning and losing is often not much more than 2% in these races. If a candidate next time around looks at your candidate and says 'if I adopt those policies, I can pick up another 2% of the vote,' then you're likely to have a lot more impact than voting for whatever they claimed previously.

Comment Re: Hmm (Score 1) 809

While mostly true, for a medical doctor she still willingly hinted at buying into standard anti-vaccination stupidity (whether sincere or not, that's a problem).

That's not at all what she said. She pointed out that there's a lot of regulatory capture at the FDA and that, while the anti-vax hysteria was nonsense, the approval process for drugs needs a lot of reform. This then somehow was spun as 'she's an anti-vaxxer'.

Comment Re:Simplicity can only go so far (Score 1) 487

Apple has always supported control-click for right click. It's over a decade since all Apple-supplied pointing devices have included a right-click interface (two-finger click on laptops for the last 6 years). It's built into most of the standard Cocoa view classes to produce a context menu and anything that involves text editing has a default one wired up, so all applications support it without needing any extra code.

The Apple HIGs tell you not to rely on right click being possible, which turns out to be a really good thing if you need to use a touchscreen.

Comment Re:How is everyone supposed to use Emacs? (Score 1) 487

Somehow, you post has made me really want one of these: a 15cm square escape key, with 'Escape!' written in large letters across it, that I can hammer with a fist sounds like an excellent idea. You just need another one that has control-Z (or command-Z) next to it...

Comment Re:Reminder: CO2 is good, not bad, for environment (Score 1) 357

LMAO. you just described the denialist swill like yourself perfectly.
The facts are readily available, but you ignore them, propounding a mix of conspiracy paranoia, and plain old lies. The science is plainly completely in cotradiction of your silly claims.
This is you usual modus operandi. Thats why you are utterly irrelevant, and an object of scorn for genuine thinking people.

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