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Comment Re:Note to self (Score 1) 208

Lots of current models of printer can print JPEGs off memory sticks -- compute power has returned to the printer. But even then, an open-source printer with an open source driver would be in the same place.

I'm sure it would start as a niche geek item, but there would be sectors that would quickly see the benefits -- small language schools, tutors etc.

Not to mention the number of manufacturers in China that would quickly commoditise the thing.

Comment Re:Parity? Really? (Score 1) 370

Do you think the lawyers reading the ACA legislation and the children reading Harry Potter are equal?

I'm pretty sure lawyers' reading skills outpace those of Harry Potter-age children.

Plus, the lawmakers are being very well-compensated to read legislation. It's like their one fucking job, you know?

If Trump and the GOP couldn't unravel the 3500 page health care law, how are they going to pull off reforming the tax code, which ran like twenty-three volumes (without addendums) back in the 1990s? That's not counting the judicial precedents which are now law. Hell, there's like several hundred pages of law that just governs the taxation issues related to owning racehorses.

Comment Re:Take whoever came up with this (Score 1) 109

I've seen IT directors who drive Teslas but who still pocket RAM sticks from the lab.

The problem is, there is zero probability that this new corporate surveillance will be aimed at IT directors.

Because if there's one thing we've learned, it's that if you are rich and you steal, it's considered, "smart". If you're making $35k/yr and you make an unauthorized copy of your tax return on a company xerox machine, you're going to get frog-marched out of the place.

Late-stage capitalism is a cancer.

Comment Re:Note to self (Score 4, Interesting) 208

PSA: Canon printers (at least the cheapo models I've bought at walmart) will use whatever cartridge and let you bleed them completely dry, instead of suddenly refusing to work when they hit 10% full or whatever like some models. IIRC a warning light turns on when you're low on ink but you're free to just ignore it.

Plus you don't need a color cartridge installed if you only want to print b&w.

As I recall it, back in the 90s, clogged nozzles were a huge problem for inkjet printers. Canon addressed the problem by making the print-head assembly part of the cartridge, so if there was problem with the heads, new ink sorted it -- it resulted in a more expensive ink cartridge, but it was a selling point for a lot of customers. I believe Canon still have the heads on the cartridge (or at least for some models), although now with the massive profit margins on cartridges, theirs don't seem to be much different in price from other manufacturers'.

This has also meant that with Canon, you can run ink cartridges as low as you like without risking damage to your printer -- with Epson etc, if you run the ink too low, you risk getting an airlock in the print head, killing the printer, so the devices are set to avoid letting you do that. This is also why Epson printers run so much ink through the heads after a cartridge change -- to clear the heads just in case the user had left it lying a week or so between changes.

But if printers were designed to be maintainable, with modular heads that could be snapped out and replaced, this wouldn't be a problem....

Comment Re:Note to self (Score 1) 208

never buy anything Lexmark.

There's more to it than that though -- the entire printer market is a mess that's good for manufacturers, but bad for consumers, the economy and the environment.

There has been no major innovation in printing technology since the start of the century. Ink dot sizes are limited by physics and as small as they need to be for most consumer uses. Manufacturers basically sell us the same thing every five years. To encourage us to upgrade, they make the cartridges harder to buy locally... but that strategy is now useless as all they've achieved is that it's now a practical impossibility for any average-sized shop to stock ink cartridges, and you can only get them from superstores or order them online, and in the process they've killed off stationers, as they can't supply the office consumables you're mostly likely to want to buy at short notice. As a result, we're dumping otherwise serviceable printers at an unsustainable rate (and in the process, we're ditching working scanners, too). And the custom firmware on each one means that you have to ditch a working wifi printer and spring for a new one because that new tablet you got for Christmas only uses a particular protocol.

It is time that someone stepped up to the plate and produced an international standard for serviceable inkjet printers with a standard head assembly that can be easily pulled out and replaced on breaking, featuring refillable ink reservoirs, and with a standard firmware that can be updated when new protocols like Airprint come out.

A modular design that means you can upgrade from A4 printing to A3 by buying a bigger case with a longer print track. Where upgrading from mono to 4-ink or even to 7 ink isn't a matter of buying a whole new machine, but just swapping out the head assembly.

Not only would this reduce waste and long-term running costs, but local shops would be able to stock ink and printer supplies again. Everyone wins. Except HP, Epson and Lexmark.

Comment Re:Neglect is more likely (Score 1) 102

Nearly right. The "South Vietnamese" government was an illegal and illegitimate device conjured up by Washington to justify its violent intervention. There was a nation called Vietnam. After international talks, an election was scheduled for Vietnam. Washington decided that the Communists were certain to win the election, so it engineered a "rebellion" by a newly-invented entity called "South Vietnam". Insofar as it ever existed, South Vietnam must have seceded from Vietnam, just as Washington maintains

That's a very good summary.

Comment Re:Poor business (Score 3, Informative) 385

Back to the Beach (1980s reunion movie)

Roger Ebert gave that movie a rave review. It was like 3.5/4 stars and he compared it to Little Shop of Horrors.

The James Bond film at that time would have been The Living Daylights, starring Timothy Dalton. It worked out well for you. The Living Daylights isn't bad, but Back to the Beach is a cult classic.

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