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Comment Re:Competitors don't get it (Score 1) 107

It is use cases.

The pie is not a cheap computer. It is for camera, robots, sensors, and IOT type devices.

The original design brief of the Raspberry Pi was as a cheap computer. If it was intended for cameras, robots, sensors and IoT devices, it would have battery management onboard -- all the use cases you mention are much better server if the device can be powered without wires.

Comment Re:Hardware better? Matter of judgment (Score 1) 107

Onboard battery management with standardised support would make the Pi a real prospect to me. Battery management daughterboards for the Pi are almost as expensive as the device itself and block up GPIO pins other hardware might need. I'm also unclear on whether I'm going to have to roll my own operating environment to take advantage of it.

Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 1) 185

I'm not saying it's a bad thing -- quite the opposite: redundancy is often a good thing. But the justification seems half-hearted, because it doesn't eliminate redundancy, so it's not about eliminating redundancy. It's a block_start token, even if some people choose to play semantics and claim it's part of the command syntax: a block is always preceded by a colon. I don't like the explicit start marker without the explicit end marker. Yes, start marker only does seem a little more like human language, but computer languages aren't human languages.

Comment Re:Security expert? (Score 4, Informative) 305

if the laptop has any information about him or his accounts or logins, then the theft of the laptop could lead to identity theft and fraud. Dude didn't encrypt, so he's not a computer expert, so he's probably employed under false precincts, and should be fired.

it's false PRETENCES not precincts..
you are here under the false pretence you know what words mean ;)

Comment Re:They took the worst part of Python (Score 2) 185

>There is no reason that indentation levels couldn't be automatically displayed based on the parenthesis data

Yeah, but nobody does that and even Apple and other huge companies have created horrible security bugs because they extended a branch of an "if" statement to two statements without adding the parens around the two statements that one would need then. Huh.

Yes, but automatic indentation in the editor would have automatically highlighted the mistake, and the programmer could have fixed it immediately. Why are computer programmers such luddites? We try to fix other people's problems with technology, but insist that our jobs should be carried out using 1970s technology.

Meanwhile, you can just have the indentation signify blocks which is how every human alive understands it anyhow and which require no special editor support and no weird manual fixes by the person editing it.

Humans may not vary much, but computer screens do. Consider that the whole point of things like HTML is to abstract out formatting in order to allow the same content to be rendered on various devices, including print.

I really think it's time we started getting smarter with our coding environments. Customisable display doesn't just mean indentation levels. Maybe you want to see an argument list in one line: result = functioncall (size=1, number=2, somethingelse=3)

but maybe I want to see it tabulated, with the arguments lined up on individual lines, and both the parameter names and values lined up in two columns. Or maybe just the arguments on different lines, but within setting up columns.

These sorts of differences exist today as "programming style", even in Python (indentation is meaningless in continuation lines in Python). But because the style (rendering) is an integral part of the source code, the programmer is forced to adapt to the chosen style of the team, project or company they work with. This is inefficient and distracts the programmer from the main goal: writing the code.

I'm more efficient when the information is laid out in the way that I find clearest.

But even that may change with time and with what job I'm doing. Maybe I want to be able to "unfold" a single line into a tabulated form for closer examination, or "fold" a tabulated form into a single line to get the "bigger picture" of the code.

But what I shouldn't have to think about is how anyone else is going to see the source code.

Comment Re:Go Wireless (Score 1) 71

How many competing standards are there for wireless charging? You can be an early loser (the 67% + accurate spelling of "early adopter") on this. I'm perfectly content to let you waste your money on a system that gets dropped. I'll wait until I can't count the number of global "wireless charging innovation" billion pound bankruptcies without taking my shoes off.

Comment Re:Whitespace takes the most space (Score 1) 185

doesn't sounds all that unique. Lots of languages let you muck with memory allocation. For example C++

But C++ doesn't have a garbage collector, and more generally most languages have [i]either[/i] implicit garbage collection [i]or[/i] explicit memory management -- Nim has both, allowing you to ignore memory management completely until you're ready to optimise -- that's a very useful thing. I'm no expert on languages, so I don't know which of the more advanced multi-paradigm languages have similar options -- but it's something that's still missing from mainstream languages.

Comment Re:Just a guess.. (Score 1) 192

It's amazing to see something totally off the wall. The silver could be a conductivity thing? It's about 10% better than copper I think,

You think that you can get better than 10% cross-sectional area consistency when soldering something by hand? Without having to do an individual test on every component made, and re-work on ... well, rework on any of them would probably destroy the cost saving from whatever solution your peculiar solder was trying to achieve. There's a reason that, for example, you build voltage divider networks from k-Ohm or M-Ohm components linked by connections with joint resistances of fractions of an Ohm - it reduces the effect of soldering errors.

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