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Comment Re:Also, hustle? (Score 1) 243

My contract had a clause stating that any development innovation I made on my own time was to have its ownership, copyright and all other benefits given over to the company. I refused to sign unless that was taken out and warned them about the breach of employment law they were committing if they had it in someone else's contract. Not that it was enforceable anyway.

Comment Re:She seem like a commie... (Score 2) 227

And when these taxes are introduced as a temporary measure, to pay for Napoleonic wars and the like as income tax is, but remain enacted for perpetuity, that right is abused and should be rescinded. It has turned into a tithe, which was considered A Bad Thing centuries ago when it was conducted by the Church.

Comment Re:"The cloud" (Score 1) 465

So would he. Apparently there was a "violation" but Google aren't saying what it was, which is part of his lawyering up; to find out. I'm betting some easily offended idiot stumbled on his stuff and reported it, at which point Google weilded the SmiteHammer. No, they won't give a chance to rectify the issue, the content is purged, no they won't tell you why, apart from fuck you.

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