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Comment Re:OMFG HE HAD A SERVER IN AMERICA?!!? (Score 1) 77

Not just that. As "secondary copyright infringement" had only been ruled on, incorrectly, in a civil case in US and such a concept doesn't exist in Poland or indeed anywhere else, there is no criminal case in the first place. There is no extradition for civil "offences" (quoted because the offence doesn't exist except in mealy-mouthed law twisting Hollywood asshole imaginations), so the request is invalid.

Where is the extradition request for Google Ireland board members for doing the same thing? They have servers in US as well...

Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 1) 474

1 is a lie, using events after the fact to support it.

2 Fuck that prosecutor. There was no legal obligation for him to return. Would you willingly travel to a foreign country so you could be arrested? No, didn't think so.

3 They were perfectly happy to interview suspects in other countries as well as UK, so why not Assange?

Comment Re:Seems like common courtesy to me (Score 1) 196

Unless you're travelling to some backwater where the locals don't speak anything other than their native language, then there's no particular reason, save an attempt to be polite but ending up mangling sentences, to learn much beyond "please", "thank you", "good morning / evening", "goodbye", and, most importantly, "two beers, please".

I've witnessed plenty of examples where people have tried asking questions in halting Greek in the islands, only to be answered in English. Perhaps a German response wasn't even considered as they blame Bundesbank and Merkel for their economic state, plus that sticky war business last millennium still rankles with the older generation, but the assumption is that someone garbling "where is the nearest post box" speaks sufficient English to understand the reply.

Comment Re:Does anybody ... (Score 0) 474

Not a supporter, but he didn't "flee" to UK, he went here after having been told he could leave Sweden as there were no obligations for him to remain after the initial investigation into the rape (Sweden's legal interpretation of the term) allegations. Whilst in UK he was under effective house arrest. Then, a grand jury was convened in US, while the Swedish prosecutor decided (on her own and aided by false testimony) that more questions needed to be answered, but rather than travel to UK (as had been done for suspected murderers) issued a EAW instead. This then gave "legitimacy" to UK police to arrest him. He then sought asylum in the Ecuadorian embassy, where he has been for over four years. During that time, there have been repeated requests for the Swedish prosecutor to question him in the embassy as a guest of the Ecuadorians. She refused every single one and never gave a reason why, something that got her censured by her own people for basically fucking around over what, on the face of it, was a simple and straightforward case.

If you had been accused of a crime, released without charge and assured that you were free to leave the country, and then a continent-wide warrant is issued with every possible legal avenue taken to question you again (plus an illegal one, a threat to storm an embassy. That last happened in UK to Iran's, where they had hostages) except the *easiest*, wouldn't you think there is possibly some hidden agenda?

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