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Comment Re:Cart before the horse? (Score 1) 167

That's why I queried the phrase as it, on its own, raised doubts. Anybody who has had actual dealings with horses instead of Lazeeboy ACs posting from the all-knowing reclined position in their mother's basement whose closest interaction is watching Champion The Wonder Horse on rerun would have them.

Comment Re:Suspicious figures (Score 3, Interesting) 150

"The researchers determined that only 11.6 million square miles (30.1 million square km) of wilderness is left, which equates to just 20 percent of the Earth's total land mass"

So, not including Antarctica, humans occupy 80% of the total land mass of the planet? Doesn't look like that from the light pollution pictures that were recently released. The taiga (boreal forest) alone is larger than 20% and as they are including other areas like deserts and prairie / veldt in their "calculations" they must have missed some decimal points or the planet would look more like Coruscant.

Comment Re:KEEP CALM (Score 2) 58

One of their pissy little rules is you can take two (yes, 2!) items of hand luggage per person into the cabin like you always used to before the shitty low cost airlines came along and dictated you can only take one and thus have to cram a camera case into your "I'll keep this with me as it has essentials should my baggage get lost" undersized bag. Undersized because they shrank the maximum dimensions with zero publicity so you only found out you've had to pay extra to put your flight bag in the hold when you check in.

I'd fly BA any day over the likes of EasyJet. You get a snack even on a short flight, like Gatwick to Schiphol, the seats are more comfortable with somehow enough leg room even though there's the same number as a budget airline, the weight maximum for hold baggage is higher and the cabin crew go through one of the most rigourous selection procedures in the world.

Or I could save fifteen quid and get nickel and dime'd by the Big Lemon bus companies of the sky.

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