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Comment Re:What about in a accident? (Score 2) 114

A quick google will show dozens of videos of people trying to break glass out of car windows using hammers. It's clearly not as easy as you seem to think, nor is breakable glass considered to be a safety feature. Sure there may be a few edge cases where it might come in 'handy', but overall it's better to have stronger glass than weaker, not even by a little bit.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == mental illness (Score 1) 789

The guy that is the leading contender for Trumps 'national security advisor' which is arguably a major position of trust is perhaps the most notable of many Republican leaders who pushed this story and even claimed that it would end in an prosecution. This is common knowledge that anyone who has followed this story has seen, yet you choose to ignore it. In fact Flynn's son (been called his 'chief of staff') has even recently doubled down on that very statement. The simple fact is that you and other republicans have chosen to ignore the party leadership's direct complicity in spreading these dangerous lies.

Comment Re:"self investigate" == mental illness (Score 1) 789

Sure, but only if you in turn 'accept responsibility' for the kid who shot up a black church, or the other that shot up a school, or the others that shot up another school, or that other one. Or the dozens and dozens of times every day that the GOP has lead America in the gun culture which hands dangerous weapons to unstable people. Oh, wait, right wing lunatics only talk about 'personal responsibility' when pointing at other people.

Comment Re:how about barcodes? (Score 0) 109

A blockchain is nothing more than a log of all transactions, including splits which would need to be 'attached' to a physical unit for the use described in this story. It's very much like a bar code, but individualized for each package and inclusive of the blockchains of ingredients rather than a pre-registered number dependent on individual company database for context. If properly done there are clear advantages in tracking ingredients from farm to table especially when it comes to recalled food, but it will take a tremendous effort throughout the supplier chain. However, Walmart has used its position for such leverage before.

Comment Re:TRUMP TRUMP TRUMP (Score -1, Offtopic) 209

So exactly which vague unworkable promise do you think that the public would notice that Trump won't complete first? Perhaps it will be the 10% growth or the promise of more manufacturing jobs, but I bet the first of his, nay the GOP's, great disappointments might be the wall mexico will pay for. Next up will likely be the deep recession in part caused by a trade war he picks with a tweet.

Comment Re:breaking news (Score 4, Insightful) 190

What are you even talking about?
These systems have been around forever, SpaceX is (once again) doing nothing new or special. They only work when there is forewarning, and that is unlikely to be had during a fueling mishap. This isn't a cartoon or action movie, you can't just outrun an explosion in progress by jumping fast and wearing cool shades.

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