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Submission + - Via launches 64-bit architecture (

jangel writes: "Via has unveiled a 64-bit, VM-enabled x86-compatible architecture expected to debut this spring in pin-compatible chips targeting green PCs, home servers, and mobile devices. Chips based on the "Isaiah" architecture promise to outperform Via's current C7/Eden chips two-to-three times, within the same power envelope."
The Courts

Submission + - Hans Reiser Muder Case Evidence Mounting

xocp writes: Here are the latest developments in the Hans Reiser murder trial:

A bloodstain on a sleeping bag sack found in Reiser's Honda CRX matches the DNA profile of his missing wife, Nina Reiser, Oakland police criminalist Shannon Cavness testified in Alameda County Superior Court. Bloodstains found on a pillar in the living room of the computer programmer's home on Exeter Drive in the Oakland hills contain DNA belonging to him and his wife, Cavness said.
More details are provided in the article...

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