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Comment Re:Because everyone driving has a license. (Score 1) 70

Because no one has ever driven without a license. Especially those 'high risk drivers'.

Probably in the next few decades car manufacturers will have to implement a new standard, where to drive your car, there's a "slot" you have to insert your driver's license in, and a computer in your vehicle will verify the status of your license and your facial ID before allowing you to take the vehicle out of park.

Comment Re:Captain Kirk says... (Score 1) 157

So maybe all that minor stuff on your list would take 20 years. Maybe. Lets triple it and say 60.

you still have infinity more years. What will you do for the next thousand? the thousand after that?

I mean many writers have touched on this. For me, I often can picture of the "apathetics" in the movie Zardoz. Who just kind of froze up one day.

"First they stop by a colony of outcasts called Renegades. These are Eternals who, through boredom, malice or discontent, repeatedly violated the rule of law and as a result were punished by being aged, gradually, into senility. They will spend eternity in feeble-minded old age.

The next group they visit are the Apathetics. These Eternals stand around staring blankly in a catatonic, vegetative state, having lost the will to live but, like the Renegades and all other Eternals, unable to die. Friend tells Zed that this is the main reason Brutals are now forced to farm crops for Zardoz-- someone needs to feed these unproductive members of Eternal society. Death is an impossibility in the Vortex because anyone who kills himself is simply reincarnated by the Tabernacle."

I saw that movie when I was a kid and it always stuck with me as a great example of the necessity of a finite life.

Comment Re:RAID is not backup (Score 5, Insightful) 208

Say with with me: "RAID is not backup!"

Indeed. There is also a difference between backup and archive.

RAID = This is running live, and I need a duplicate that is instantly available so I can keep running in case one drive fails. The trick is that if there is an operation that destroys data (e.g. ransomware infection that encrypts your stuff) then you lose all disks. This is why RAID is not backup.

Backup = Just in case the machine dies, or I accidentally delete a bunch of stuff, or a virus hits, I can restore from the backup. This generally follows the 3-2-1 rule: At least three copies, at least two media, at least one off site. Businesses often use D2D2T systems for this.

Archive = I will probably never look at this again, but I absolutely need to keep a copy around for historic or business reasons. Think about services like Iron Mountain or Amazon Glacier. Tape archives that are quite cheap and almost certainly never reviewed again. This is along the lines of "show me the obituaries from a newspaper published 7 May 1957", or similar.

For the original story, it seems like he is looking for an archival solution rather than a backup solution.

Comment costco (Score 1) 283

I have heard costco has a legendary refund policy. That they will take back things after years of use.

Those are physical things that use real resources. No mans sky can be copied and deleted a billion times effortlessly, but only a 2 hour refund window? Why can't we have refunds whenever the hell we want on intangible property?

Comment Re:More political redirection (Score 3, Insightful) 528

Here's the problem -- Clinton deleted these emails AFTER they were requested from the House as part of an official investigation. She chose to print out everything she claimed was relevant (probably to avoid giving away metadata in headers, etc.)

In other words, she willingly destroyed information she was required to hand over.

The full Headers and all Metadata are part of the Record and part of the E-mail; If you are requested to hand over the e-mails: you have no right to exclude or remove headers, even if your standard e-mail software does not normally display the headers when you are reading the message.

Comment Re:More political redirection (Score 1) 528

This isn't mud slinging. This is technology news about obfuscating forensic evidence in practice on a technology website.

Disk sanitization of destroyed files is also standard in corporate IT with systems containing personal data or highly confidential data to safeguard against hackers recovering data and using for ID theft....

Many people concerned about their privacy want to make sure that files they've deleted stay deleted.

Comment Re:WTF are they proposing to improve exactly? (Score 3, Informative) 93

When they talk about the "user experience" they mean someone who is buying ads, not the person who is posting "Look what Hillary Trump said last night" every day. Think in terms of Facebook's customers.

Knowing who is talking to whom is an important part of Facebook's marketing. Look at how Facebook targets and consider item #19 in that article. It's not just about who you are, it's about who you know. Whether you think this is a good idea for Facebook or not, it is what they do.

User A and user B are friends in real life, use Whatsapp, and have Facebook accounts -- but they're not "friends" on Facebook (maybe they only use Facebook for work, or something like that). (Or maybe they don't have Facebook accounts, but Facebook has profiles on them gathered by "like" buttons, and has some way to deliver ads to at least one of them.) They communicate with each other using Whatsapp. This lets Facebook connect the two profiles, even though within Facebook alone, they are unconnected. The result: Now user A can see shopping ads for user B's upcoming birthday.

The advertiser has a good products experience.

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