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Comment Re:Outsourcing vs Inhouse (Score 1) 210

This, and the tendency for company leadership to feel outsourcing means they can offload all responsibility for project success.

Something I've seen firsthand is companies that are pathologically incapable of making important decisions internally, and that is why they bring in a consultancy. Consultants go around to the various stakeholders (who can't agree on anything), gather requirements from each, then make recommendations. Despite the fact that the recommendations are basically a micro-model of the stakeholders' existing points of view and the result is the same no-win scenario the company was facing to begin with, the recommendations are acted upon, either in whole or in part. When the result is the same mess that would have inevitably happened even before the consultancy was brought in, at least now it's the consultants' fault that their recommendations didn't work out. Managers can then stir up a big stink when it's time to renegotiate the contract, they win some petty, unimportant concessions from the consultancy, and it's time to rinse and repeat.

Comment Re:Trust busting (Score 1) 256

It is far worse than AT&T bundling free phones with their service, and that got them split up into multiple companies.

If by AT&T you mean Ma Bell, then free phones? When did that ever happen? Under Ma Bell you leased your phone equipment from the phone company. Ma Bell got split up into multiple companies because it was a massive monopoly that maintained this and other predatory pricing practices.

Comment Re:spoon feeding censorship? (Score 3, Insightful) 157

Alcohol takes away inhibitions and the fear of consequences, but it doesn't radically alter the things you're already feeling inside.

I've known people who get violent when they're drunk. Hell, it's happened to me. Doesn't mean a propensity for violence is part of your "true self." Generally, people who lash out at their friends when they're drunk usually feel ashamed of it the next day.

Alcohol alters your thinking. Some of the ways it alters it might be positive. Others, not so much. True, it doesn't take your entire personality away and turn you into a different person, so of course the things you think when you're drunk will be your own thoughts, and the things you say will be things that only you would think up. But to say that drinking reveals your inner self is a romantic notion -- the kind of thing that wannabe musicians and failed novelists cling to -- that doesn't jibe with reality.

Comment Re:Declutter an OEM install (Score 2) 177

One of the benefits of using a Microsoft account is that the computer can automatically back up all her documents to OneDrive, which offers 5GB of free storage, or (naturally) paid plans if she needs more. If you don't want to do this, will you also take responsibility for setting up the computer with an alternative backup service?

One more time: cloud sync is not a backup service.

If I can delete my files on my PC or have them corrupted and my "backup" also gets automatically deleted or corrupted, that is useless as a backup service. Cloud sync is very useful for making sure I have access to my files on my multiple PCs and my Android phone, but it is not a substitute for doing proper backups. The only reprieve OneDrive gives you is that when you delete files on one PC, they only get moved to the Trash on your other PCs, rather than being completely deleted.

Comment Re:Reliability (Score 2) 209

Reliability is not so great an issue with raid systems being what they are today.

At the scale Backblaze is talking about, I would say it's an issue. Somebody has to keep all those drives in stock and walk back to a cage to replace them. It's not data loss we're worried about here, it's costs.

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