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Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 1) 230

I'll grant you restaurant variety will suffer the smaller the town. That said I live in a place with a population of less than half a million and we've got several Thai places, numerous Korean joints, at least one Japanese eatery I'm aware of, and a couple Indian places.

That describes one side of a single city block in downtown Vancouver, if you add a Vietnamese Pho, a Starbucks, two decent coffee shops, and a superior French bakery.

Comment Re:Skepticism and denial (Score 1) 373

i do??? not really. I believe that the climate is changing and that humans may even have a slight play into it.

what I do have a problem with is laws being written to "fight" the "war on climate change" because as we all know, anytime there is a "war on..." it isnt meant to be won, its a pork project. war on drugs war on poverty. none of them have any end goal. I see the same thing happening here

there is a huge difference between denial and what i feel we should do about things (or not do)

Comment The old fashioned way (Score 3, Insightful) 307

Scientists do science (hypothesis, theory, test, publish repeat). Engineers apply science and business.

That's the old fashioned way.

The new way is:

1) Do a study with lots of measurements
2) Crunch the numbers looking for an interesting trend
3) Create a plausible explanation for the trend
4) Publish!

Comment Re:"video game category was weak" (Score 1) 109

maybe its difference in the states vs where you are? we dont have a VAT so i cant speak on that. i can assure you that the cex is reasonably priced in my local store for those impulse buys, sure i can save a few ordering online, but when they sell a used game for 20 that new is 65 and used at gamestop is 55, its reasonable for an impulse buy. plus they still have vintage carts.

Comment Re:Just the start (Score 1) 109

I found my CEX paid more out than gamestop (and charged less for the used games)

also i am more of a collector than a gamer. I play but im not the target demographic for the gamestop type. I buy a game, generally i keep the game and i want it new not used (or at least if i buy used i want the original case not just a sleeve)

Comment Re:Just the start (Score 2) 109

just 2 days ago i went out to find a used PS3 (brother in law gave me a few dozen games but his system broke) went to the 2 game stops in my area (only about 1 mile apart, one in the mall other in a strip mall) they wanted 180 bucks for a 160 gig slim model. went to this place called CEX in my mall which seems pretty much like what funcoland used to be, and got the 250 gig slim model for 90 bucks.

gamestop will never survive on its model, they give you pennies on a trade in and keep the resale way to high on used games.

another time i remember trading a used AAA game in and got maybe 10 bucks for it, only to see them selling it used for 56.99, new 64.99. The place is horrible for gamers

Comment More options (Score 3, Funny) 324

Your house is on fire. Do you:

A. Call the fire department?
B. Accuse the neighbor of telling you your house is on fire that "Fire is just somebody's religion!"
C. Convene a study to determine if the house really is on fire, and if so, if it was due to spontaneous combustion or if there's a arsonist about?
D. "Blame Liberals!"
E. Post to Facebook or instagram?

F. Call the police to report a drunk/delusional hippie running around the neighbourhood who thinks the houses are on fire?

Comment About 1/3 is directly attributed to mankind (Score 0, Troll) 324

As the climate is always changing, and Mr. Hockey Stick says it's man doing it. how much is man doing it and how did he prove that?
If climate change is accelerating because of what man is doing, how much acceleration can they account for? In what way did they come up with their numbers?
Rather than telling me all about the end of days, tell me about real science and hard numbers please.

This is an interesting question that a lot of the evangelists don't know. In interviews and debates, it's a good question to ask.

The answer is: about 1/3 of the noted increase in temperature is directly due to humans, about 1/3 is the result of natural variation, and 1/3 is unaccounted for.

Of course this is a statistical measure, sort of like trying to determine whether throwing 4 heads in a row was a fluke or an indication of a trend, but it's the best answer we have with our current understanding and datasets.

It's interesting to point out the differences between science and, for example, religion.

How does religion typically deal with sceptics and dissenters? Usually with scorn, derision, excommunication, and occasionally death. In the bible it says "shall not suffer a witch to live", and so on.

Science is the complete opposite of religion. Scientists would never ostracise, belittle, or spew hatred on sceptics, would never blackball, blackmail, or threaten other scientists, would never cause them to lose income or hold an undergraduates' opinions hostage as a condition for getting a degree.

So when you read that 97% of scientists believe in global warming, you can tell that they come to that opinion honestly, and without coercion from other scientists.

Science is completely unlike religion.

Comment Re: APFS is modern? (Score 1) 175

And I have run HFS and HFS+ since 1984 or '85, on several dozen machines. Never failed once.

Now what?

Have you recovered 100% of your data from a 6 our of 10 drives failing within a 48 hours window?

Can you yank the drives out of one machine, put them into a pile, and then randomly plug them into another machine and access your data?

Can you do that while the OS is running?

How about in the middle of writing data?

Without running chkdsk or fsck?

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