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Comment Income distribution (Score 1) 157

Do you really want a gaming company to sell its games to an oligarch in Russia at roughly 3.7 times less the price of what they would cost in the US? Besides, it's not like a game is a vital piece of software to own. And in poorer countries, it's not like everyone owns a computer fast enough to run the latest game, or owns a computer at all.

And where it comes to non-gaming software, there are other ways a company can make sure its software goes to people who can afford it. It can create student licenses, language localized editions, versions for non-profits, nagware software, software which produces watermarked assets, web hybrid applications, open source software with various levels of support, etc. There are thousands of options, but ultimately the company making that software has to make this kind of decision for itself based on its own capabilities and based on what it thinks the market can bear.

In some countries, making payments can be so difficult as a consumer, that selling a piece of software at a fraction of the cost based on a country's gdp wouldn't necessarily work. And in other cases still, a company could easily cannibalize its own local customer base by providing competing foreign customers with cheaper software.

Comment but wait; there are markings (Score 1) 124

The abos are not so innocent as the liberals want to portray them after all.

Here's the thing: the upside of inventing a writing system is world domination; the downside is finally having to admit in public that you are a real ass (and always have been).

In the above, "you" is a set of nesting dolls, innermost being the fifty-year-old white male technocrats of western European origin who treat Wikipedia as their private, personal playgrounds (thence to aging white European males, white European males, white males, whites altogether, etc.)

Here's the second thing: after a society invents writing, soon the society has written myths (with serious legacy entrenchment) that innocence preceded the current sad state of affairs (how-far-I-have-fallen porn, not that the larger consequences can't be remedied by kneeling under the right cumulus cloud for a thoroughly abject sixty seconds).

Society will re-invent writing over and over again (movable type, Movable Type) before the reversal of true illumination makes the least headway: that the human asshole apogee was attained circa the advent of the original edged weapon.

As far as the abos go, they all need to repeat to themselves "there but for the grace of God go I", unless they think their ancestors truly enlightened enough to not have had even the most remote possibility of inventing any form of written record, whatsoever (best if you're not much past the wreathie leafy loin cloth, because any loose thread threatens to quipu a long record, and then immediately you're on the outie asshole train along with every other post-prehistoric posse of mugs, pugs, and thugs).

Comment Re:Their fault (Score 1) 124

That explains why they left the other nasties alone. After all Australia still has all of its 50 pound worms, 100 pound spiders, mosquitos the size of baseballs, snakes the size of oil pipelines, golfball sized versions of those fish that swim up your urinal tract, etc. All poisonous, spiky, slimy, smelly, and very very pissed off.

Comment Re:Important milestone (Score 1, Flamebait) 140

Google's AI is literally leaps-and-bounds ahead of the game in that respect as the search space is so much unbelievably huger than chess that chess is laughable in comparison.

Most people are too nice to point this out, but what you just wrote here amounts to waving a bright red "I'm an idiot" flag.

Consider this: the search space of Go 25x25 is so much unbelievably huger than Go 19x19 that Go 19x19 is laughable in comparison.

But wait, I'm not done.

Consider this: the search space of Go 37x37 is so much unbelievably huger than Go 25x25 that Go 25x25 is laughable in comparison.

Just two strides, and I'm already breaking into a Cantor.

Consider this: the search space of AES 512 is so much unbelievably huger than AES 256 that AES 256 is laughable in comparison.

Are you still laughing?

Check out Game complexity. By your chosen criteria, Connect6 19x19 two decimal orders of magnitude more manly than mere Go.

Really? That's the standard you judge by?

Comment Here's a good example (Score 0) 414

You are a fucking idiot. The problem is people like you who have no fucking clue about reality, but seem to think your worthless fucked in the head opinion means something. The problem with the right is their base is the most gullible, uneducated, self serving, anti-American, anti-Christian pieces of shit around.... and their politicians are all lying sacks of shit.

Here's a good example of my point. This post adds nothing to the conversation, it's simply a leftist vomiting insults at the other side.

Look, I want there to be competition among politicians. I want the left and the right to compete against each other for best policies, best governance, and best leadership.

I'm an independent, so I'm free to vote for whichever side I want in any election. The left has several positions I agree with, such as abortion rights for women, universal health care, and social safety net (and others).

I'd really *really* like to support your side, and have sided with these issues in the past, but your group is just so toxic right now that no one wants to have anything to do with you.

A recent poll showed that about 5% of Trump voters regret voting for him, but almost twice as many (9%) Clinton voters now regret voting for her(*).

Your group is protesting the outcome of fair elections that you participated in, it's whining and cursing about unfair rules that everyone agreed to. Your group is breaking windows, smashing cars, and lighting things on fire. And because of it, people are regretting having supported you.

You lefties just don't get it. You could get your way by earning respect, being smarter and better than your opponents.

You don't look to yourselves as a way to succeed, your only action is to make other people look worse.

(*) Which, BTW, erases and reverses the popular vote that Clinton won.

Comment All about the fight (Score 1, Insightful) 414

Or more accurately, a backlash against subsidies - $10 per megawatt hour.

It's a middle finger to progressives.

This is the problem with the political right at the moment. They're not trying to correct the market or protect local jobs, they're trying to rile up their base by pissing off people concerned about global warming.

And the problem with the left is that they can't compromise and won't evolve.

I was just listening to Bill Maher from last night, and all the liberals encouraging the audience to fight, disrupt, oppose, insult(*), and combat everything the right wants to do.

Nowhere did anyone say "we have to become better". Nothing about making better policies, making more intelligent arguments, doing things voters want, making the country better, or anything that could be considered noble.

The fundamental difference between the left and the right, through the campaign and after, is that the right has tried to make themselves the better option, while the left tried to make the *other side* the worse option. Trump's speeches were warm and inclusive, saying essentially "we're in this together, we can win, we can do better". Clinton's speeches, delivered by others during campaign rallies, were essentially throwing insults at the other side.

I don't think anyone on the left has a clue how ineffective their campaign of crying, whining, and insulting is. Their actions are not turning minds and swaying the voters they will need if they want to win future elections.

I have no idea how they can continue with this ludicrous behaviour, but I'm sure the right will continue to laugh at them while they do it.

(*) One of the panel members was saying "always call racism".

Comment Re:Misused access rights (Score 1) 48

They're asking about access to the external sdcard (not root access to the entire phone).

Because while every app has access to internal memory, if the app deals with any large amount of data like pictures, videos, mp3s, or games with lots of graphics, it could easily fill up all the internal memory on your phone.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 293

That's a good point: the banks in Europe did appear to need some help with their reserves. But at some point, the object was no longer to save the banks from collapse, but to improve their reserves so that they could start lending money to businesses and individuals again, thus kickstarting the economy. But proponents in favour of helicopter money argue that the effect of such QE on the economy is slow and limited, and that giving cash in the hands of people directly is a far more effective way to aid the economy.

Comment Re:How large?!? (Score 1) 293

Living on Mars is certainly not impossible, we have the technology. We just need to deal with risk, accidents and deaths, health issues, the incredible expense of getting a colony set up, and the idea of going without iPhones, health care, toilet paper and any form of luxury so we can pay for the ongoing resupply missions. So sure, it's a little impractical at the moment. But not impossible.

Comment Re:What complete nonsense (Score 1) 293

It's actually not a bad idea if you want a little inflation, and there are cases where you'd want it. This is Friedman's "helicopter money", where a central bank increases the money supply by giving every person a bit of cash, instead of the usual quantitive easing where they buy government securities. The idea behind this method is that it turns out that money generated through QE doesn't make its way into the real economy all that quickly, where it is expected that a one-off payment to citizens will (even if they decide to save or invest most of it). It was actually briefly considered in Europe, but naturally the banks oppose it since it means the helicopter will not be flying over their lawn anymore,and thus Draghi (president of the ECB and former Goldman Sachs exec) is never going to allow it.

Of course it wouldn't be a million but perhaps $1000 or a $300 Tricky Dick Fun Bill.

Comment Re: What complete nonsense (Score 3, Insightful) 293

You can't realistically adjust minimum wage for productivity. Productivity measures the output of a system vs. its operational cost. The productivity of a person isn't simply the productivity of that system divided by the nr. of employees in it. Else they'd have to pay the one janitor left in Amazon's fully automatic warehouse a couple of million a year, probably.

Comment Re:It's a way to hail a cab (Score 3, Interesting) 26

Can someone explain to me why this takes billions of dollars and a building full of PhDs???

If you're using UberPool, the app needs to match riders going the same way. For that, it needs to take into account distance and traffic conditions. The same thing goes when an Uber driver is trying to get home and sets the destination filter, so the Uber driver doesn't ride back in the general direction of his home without passengers.

There is also supply and demand to consider. Uber needs to predict which areas are going to have higher demand and then it needs to provide enough incentives for Uber drivers to alter their daily routines to go to those areas with higher demand. And of course, that demand will fluctuate from year to year based on different events, different weather conditions, Uber marketing, public transportation outages, and other unknown factors...

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, all this work may show no result. But in cities like San Francisco or New York, where you absolutely can not hail a taxi downtown during rush hours (even if you happen to be white and well dressed), this makes a huge difference and usually means the difference between taking your car to work and paying $60 in parking for the day, or taking a combination of public transportation and Uber to work and paying a total of $20 a day.

Comment Re:Thank you Donald! (Score 1) 219

I seriously hope Trump gets rid of H1B visa completely. (full stop)

We have decades of empirical data showing who H1B helps and who it hurts. It helps the business owners, and hurts the non-executive workers. For many decades we've had a government helping owners at the expense of workers. Let's try doing things the other way and see how that goes.

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