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Comment I live and work in silicon valley (Score 1) 21

and see google bubble cars and lexus wagon vehicles from google everyday. i drive between palo alto and santa clara on central everyday and that's where they're testing these things. i'm always tempted to get close to one to see how it reacts. i'm sure the safety measures are dialed up pretty high.

Comment IMHO the embargo was unconstitutional. (Score 1) 185

IMHO the Cuban Embargo was an unconstitutional usurpation of power by the Federal Government.

Think about it: Telling US citizens that they can't go to some place the government doesn't like because they're forbidden to spend US currency there (or spend other "hard" currency they bought with US currency), and going there requires spending money? Shades of the Iron Curtain and Catch-22. (If the US government wants to forbid such a thing and have even a chance of finding a Constitutional authorization, they need to DECLARE WAR against Cuba - and then actively fight it.)

If a law is unconstitutional, it doesn't exist, and hasn't from the moment of its passage. Why should The Donald obey a non-law?

But even if you don't believe the law is unconstitutional: The hypocrisy of anti-trump forces zinging him for dealing with Castro just floors me. These are the people who have made - and still make - heroes and heroines of Castro, Che Guevara, Bill Ayers, Angela Davis, and "Hanoi Jane'" Fonda, and a virtue of "Civil Disobedience" to laws they don't think are right, politically correct, or convenient. Do they REALLY think Trump's supporters would be swayed by this argument from THEM? B-)

Comment I'm all for Audio over USB-C (Score 2) 70

It opens a lot of possibilities. Standardised docks, single-connection car charging+audio, powered Bluetooth receivers, that sort of thing. It's a great option to add to our toolset.

But only as an option - not if it means removing the headphone jack too. If it catches on, everyone starts using USB headphones and audio jacks fall out of favour, then we can talk, but it's insane to remove such a popular connector while it's still so wisely-used.

Comment Not My Experience (Score 1) 95

I get one email asking how packaging or service was. And I ignore it. I don't get repeat emails. What are these people buying?

FTFA: “I buy literally everything on Amazon, from hangers to batteries,” noted one disgruntled shopper.

Oh. So "Shoppers" don't "slam the spam". Some extreme Amazon shoppers slam the spam. Gotcha.

Comment Re:You don't need to go offline. (Score 1) 154

Slashdot isn't really social media. It's more an anti-social network.

Facebook is called "social media". I don't think Slashdot is any less social than that. In fact, it's even better because it doesn't pretend to be anything "social". Having "friends" here is a bit of a stretch, though.

Comment Trump's a D-Bag, but... (Score 1, Insightful) 185

Trump's a D-Bag, but if there's literally no evidence that the DDOS came as a RESULT of the article (only that it came after the story), then why are we strongly insinuating causality?

There's no need for that. Trump's already shit stain and everyone knows it. There's no need to jump to conclusions and tie him to something that he may not be associated. Because if it turns out that he's NOT associated, this will just be conspiracy theorist and Trump pariah bait.

Comment Re:There is no such thing as 'vaccination'. (Score 1) 238

If the speeches support anything you wrote, then it isn't worth my while to read them enough to rebut them. If what you claim was anywhere near true, the medical world would be vastly different. If vaccination doesn't work, explain to me why smallpox has been wiped out, polio and measles eliminated from very large populations.

Comment Re:There's a bigger issue here (Score 1) 238

You seem to think, without any justification that I can tell, that allowing governments to mandate vaccinations, or restrict the non-vaccinated, is tantamount to allowing governments to haul dissenters off the streets. Do you realize that there's a large gap there? That it's easy to keep as a gap?

Treatment of the mentally ill is the real problem here, since involuntary commitment is awful close to locking up dissenters. Mandatory vaccination is not a blip on the radar compared to this.

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