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Comment Re:Thanks, I'll pass on all of them (Score 1) 213

I'll grant you restaurant variety will suffer the smaller the town. That said I live in a place with a population of less than half a million and we've got several Thai places, numerous Korean joints, at least one Japanese eatery I'm aware of, and a couple Indian places.

That describes one side of a single city block in downtown Vancouver, if you add a Vietnamese Pho, a Starbucks, two decent coffee shops, and a superior French bakery.

Comment Amazing ... (Score 2) 77

10M massochists volunteering to play with that?

I have to use it at work since 6 weeks ... you can not even properly grab the edge of the window with a mouse to resize it.

Dragging a window from one screen to the other or releasing it to close to the edge ... then it will go full screen automatically ... the search function in the explorer is not working properly ... since windows 7 I think. And people "volunteeringly" use this pile of crap?

I close my Dell Laptop, unplug it from the docking station.

Next morning I plug it in again.

All windows are now on the screen of the laptop and not where they have been before: a nice set of chat and mail tools on the laptop screen and all the programming tools on the "external/main" screen.

Helllllllllo? That worked 1987 on a Mac just fine!!

And it is impossible to have a window overlap screens, the sizes get distorted ... and trust me, the resolution of the laptop is just fine, bullshit like this never happened on a Mac.

So the 10M people have no clue how a computer should work but are masochist enough to beta test ...

Comment Re:People are missing what it is that is now allow (Score 1) 288

What really puzzles me about attitudes like this is why. What is it to you if someone identifies as nonbinary? Why do you insist on knowing the genetic makeup, or at least the genitalia, of someone before talking about them? "They" has been in common use as a third person singular gender-indeterminate pronoun for centuries, and it seems convenient for those who don't identify as male or female.

Comment Re:Isaac Asimov (Score 1) 288

English already had gender-neutral pronouns that work just fine, in the form of "he" and "his". It's rarely difficult to tell from the context when they are being used in a gender-neutral way.

In my experience, it's often confusing. It sounds weird when describing a member of a predominately female set (nurses, say). It brings up the idea of a male human rather than a gender-indeterminate human.

Comment Re:I'm not sure this is progress. (Score 1) 288

The presumed acceptance that transgenderism is the new normal is obscene.

Huh? Most of the people I've known have been cisgender. I just don't see that anyone's gender besides my wife's and mine is really any of my business, and it seems only polite to address people by their preferred gender.

reaffirmed my perspective that being transgender is a mental disorder.

Or a physical disorder. The essential thing about gender dysphoria is that it's a mismatch between body and mind, and you could blame it on either. Right now, though, it's a lot easier to change someone's body to more closely match their gender than to change their gender. There's a lot of things about the mind that can come up that simply can't be changed by current medicine.

Also, DNA does make mistakes.

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