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Comment Re:Death to publishers (Score 1) 41

"You are not allowed to advertise our business without paying us for the privilege"
"Oh, and you are obliged to advertise our business"
Patently absurd when applied to any business, except publishing apparently. It's a brilliant plan, really. The EU values a healthy, independent press. Even though I use the term independent very lightly, it wouldn't be good if government were seen to subsidise the perss directly. So instead they give them the power to tax private parties with deep pockets.

Comment Re: America = lame (Score 1) 255

Jedidiah, you're normally pretty astute, but on this issue I must inform you that with all due respect you have not got a single fucking clue.

*Neither* of those things happened to me when I was hospitalised in China a couple of years ago.

What I did get was prompt, professional, and effective treatment by very qualified doctors and staff using the latest equipment in a very modern and well-maintained facility.

I also received a bill for 1600RMB, because I'm not a Chinese citizen and I informed them that I was able to pay.

Can you remind me which US hospital it is that only charges $250 for ER admission + overnight stay? I can't seem to recall...

Comment Re:Logic Says It Should Be Legal (Score 1) 255

Ever had a big-mac in another country? Not the same... Heartbreaking shit : (

No. I've had many Big Macs/Whoppers/etc. in about 20 countries.

In many of these places, the food's actually *better* than at the same chains in the US due to local food safety/quality regulations.

The lone exception being that I've yet to find a KFC outside the US that serves biscuits instead of replacing them with bread rolls. *snif*

Comment Re:IP law has nothing to do with logic. (Score 2) 255

...[Y]our real problem in this world isn't actually the FDA, it's the insurance industry. The FDA may be able to shut down businesses which don't comply, but, by and large, they let an awful lot of stuff get through. It's the insurers who are deciding what actually gets used in our medical system...

Tell me about it. My mother has cancer. Her physician-recommended treatment isn't covered by insurance because they consider it "experimental", despite the fact that it seems to have worked quite well for Jimmy Carter.

Comment Re:You have no rights when applying for entry to a (Score 1) 141

If you're flying via Beijing and you don't already have a Chinese visa, the Chinese authorities will issue you one that's good for 1 day so you can move about the airport freely. Or, if your layover is long enough, you can take a cab into the city and mess around for a few hours.

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